Things You Should Know Before Developing a Travel App

Every business organization, either a well-known brand or a startup should have its business app if most of the customer traffic is from mobile devices, to fulfill the needs of their mobile customers. Being in the travel business, it is more important to have a travel app for your business this is what customers are expecting from you and if they are expecting something, then they should get it. You like to develop a travel app for your business and have no idea where to start? Don’t worry about it, this article will help you to all the aspects to be considered before developing a travel app.

Advantages of Travel app


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Make Everything easy and instantly

Things You Should Know Before Developing a Travel App - Point 1Having a travel app for your business makes it easy for people to instantly access all the available information without coming to the office or explaining on the phone. Travel applications provide information such as location details, Ticket, and accommodation booking facility, Taxi and weather update about location.

Most attractive offers

Things You Should Know Before Developing a Travel App - Point 2In present, there is a rapid increase in the use of mobile phones and tablets that brought an evolution in mobile apps. Competition has increased in every business sector. So the travel app helps you to provide attractive offers at the right time to customers that encourage them to buy offers. You have to be smart enough to promote offers.

Real pictures of the destination

Things You Should Know Before Developing a Travel App - Point 3The main advantage of a travel app is that travelers can view the pictures and videos of the destinations that help them to plan a better trip for vacation. In the survey by Google, it is stated that more than 60% of people watch videos of destination before visiting.

An excellent marketing tool

Things You Should Know Before Developing a Travel App - Point 4Travel apps are also a good tool for marketing. Travel apps help you to promote your business by creating information-rich content on travel ideas and share them by push notification on the app. It also gives you the opportunity to directly interact with your customers and promote your services.


Things You Should Know Before Developing a Travel App - Point 5Customization is another valuable advantage for users provided by travel apps. Users can customize their tour package according to their needs. They can filter their packages on the basis of purposes like cooperative trips or family holidays and also for domestic tours or international tours. This makes your travel app more effective.


Things You Should Know Before Developing a Travel App - Point 6Collaboration with your business travel app with every transport service like railways airways and seaways makes it easier to book for the users.

Reduce paperwork and easy transaction

Things You Should Know Before Developing a Travel App - Point 7One of the most important advantages of a travel app is that it offers paperless work and easy transactions to customers. People may forget the tickets but if you have a mobile app for your business then they don’t need to worry about that. A mobile app can carry all the tickets online including flight tickets, hotel reservations, and other documents required while traveling.

Feature of Travel app


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Travel plan generator

point-01If you want to develop a travel app for your business this is the most important feature you should include. The generator only asks the user to mention the destination that they want to visit. Then it automatically generates the travel plan for it. And also give your users to check their trip from start to end, so the user has the whole picture of the trip.

Weather forecast

point-02Most people plan their trips according to the weather conditions of the place. So a real-time weather forecast in the travel app is a great option to plan. People also do unplanned journeys which were highly affected by weather condition. To prevent this, the travel app must have this feature just to alert the user about upcoming weather. Check out apps like Accu Weather and Weather App to get some ideas while developing a travel app.


point-03According to Piyush Jain, Founder of Simpalm, Geolocation is the most essential feature required in travel apps. If you want to hit the goal in travel app development then you need to successfully integrate the GPS based location services. Include navigation and maps in your app that can work offline so that the user cannot switch to a different navigation app. This feature may affect the cost of developing a travel app.

Booking services

point-04According to Angela Beklemysheva market researcher at Steelkiwi, Booking services are also the most important feature that should be considered while developing a travel app. There is no use of travel apps without booking services. Users can book hotels, restaurants, flights and other local services through the app. Local transportation is also important within the trip so your app must have cab booking services.

Language translator

point-05Language translator is also an important but complex feature that one should add in their travel app. If you consider that, then your app will be the first choice of user. People are traveling across all over the world and are not familiar with regional languages that make communication more difficult. So to overcome this, an In-app language translator is the best solution. Apps like Google Translator will give you an overview while developing a travel app.

Emergency services

point-06Every travel business includes emergency services in their app. An emergency situation could arise irrespective of time and location. It should be considered to include emergency numbers and services based on the current locations while developing a travel app so that the user can access them whenever needed.

Currency convertor

point-07The currency converter is an important feature that should be added to your travel app to impress users who mainly travel at different locations across the world. If users want to exchange the currency then this feature helps them to check the rates of different currency. While developing a travel app for your business developers must integrate this feature so that users can track current and past variations in the rates.

Social media integration

point-08Integrate your app with Social media so that people can easily share app content on social media that helps your business to grow. You can get the attention of more people and they become the permanent user of your app and business. It also helps in spreading your brand awareness by mouth publicity done by your potential customers.

Make money from travel app


There are many options to make money through your travel app even though your business is not offering any money-oriented services such as hotel booking, tour packages or transport services. Some of the options are mention below:

  1. You can display banner ads and sell ad space on your travel app. It can be to the direct advertisers or through an ad network like Google Adsense.
  2. Adding other travel services and products on your app to earn money.
  3. Running sponsored video ads on your app to earn money.
  4. Used In-app purchase option in app stores.
  5. Create a subscription plan, monthly or annually.
  6. Make a paid version of your travel app.

How much it cost to make a travel app


After considering the features and advantage of the travel app to your business here is the final question in your mind that how much it cost to create a travel app for your business. The cost of making a travel app for your business depends on the number of points and features you want to be in our travel app. If you want to add more and more features, the cost will be high.

Following are the factors that affect the cost of developing a travel app:

  1. The most important factor is that you hire an app development company to develop your app or you develop it by yourself. If you have a basic knowledge of development, there are numbers of software available in the market to develop an app without writing a single code. So instead of outsourcing, you can develop your own app it will be cheaper.
  2. The platform on which you want to develop your app like Android, iOS and on both. If you want to develop an app on both platforms then choose a hybrid app. This will reduce your development and maintenance costs as compared to a native app.
  3. The cost of developing a travel app directly depends on how many features you need in your app. Such as Payment gateways, Geolocation, booking services, and other features mentioned above. More of the complex features, increase the development cost.
  4. In how much time you want to launch your app in the market also affects the cost. If you to develop the app in a limited time duration it will cost higher. Because you need to increase the manpower to complete the project in a limited time.

The average cost of developing a travel app by a professional app development company is between $1000 to $50000. Price is depending on the number of features mentioned above.

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If you are in the travel business then a travel app is essential to fulfilling the needs of your customers. It is an easier, faster, and convenient way to communicate with your customers. I hope this article would give you some ideas on the Advantages and features of the travel app.

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