25+ Best Payment Gateways for Your eCommerce Website

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When running an eCommerce business, you need a way to accept payments. The importance of payment gateways is increasing as more and more people are looking to do business online. Many potential customers are being lost if the businesses have not integrated any payment gateway.

The payment gateway for an eCommerce website is considered a tool, and it holds your online store’s success. People buy different items that your online store offers, but it can be possible with a proper payment gateway unless you’re using the option of cash on delivery. However, it is not a preferable choice for most merchants to pay the money for the services.  Most of the electronic commerce stores offer the facility of paying the bill through different payment options.

What is a Payment Gateway?


Payment gateways are said to be the technology used by merchants to make money transactions to buy products online. This method of sending money validates the user’s credit card information securely. It also ensures that funds are available and make the merchants able to get paid. It plays the interface between a merchant and a customer and makes the credit card details secure at the time of making transactions.

The gateway clarifies that information is used through a secure channel from the customer to the bank by the trader. An online payment gateway is a secure option for making tractions and offers so many benefits.

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List of Top 25+ Payment Gateways


We have gathered the top payment gateways in a list, which you can use as per your business requirements. Each payment gateways has its unique characteristics. Examine the list of best payment gateways which is right for your business here.

1. PayPal


PayPal is the more secure and authentic online payment gateway that lets your clients the unmatched performance of paying on time. Make necessary online payments wherever and whenever with a simple set of options by making timely payments.

PayPal was established in the year 2002, and in the present time, it is one of the most commonly used platforms for making transactions globally. It accepts international as well as multi-currency payments. PayPal is the first choice of most eCommerce businesses, and the reason behind this is its reputation, secure transactions, and easy-to-use interface. This service is used by millions of brands and almost used in every single country of the world. If you want to figure out how much PayPal has charged on each transaction, then use the online fee calculator tools!

2. Amazon Pay


Amazon Pay is an online payment processing service that was launched in the year 2007 and owned by Amazon. The service uses the amazon website’s consumer base and gives the facility of paying the bills wither amazon accounts through the external merchant websites. Right now, the facility is available for US, UK, and Germany users. This gateway enhances the customer experience by facilitating an onsite checkout point.

Amazon uses Alexa to provide further recommendations to the purchasers and help them to improve customer service.

3. Authorize.Net


Authorize.net payment gateway provides secure credit card transactions to clients. Make the payment process simple with easy steps. Using this payment gateway, the customers should not be worried about the credit card details shared. This proves it to be secure and safe.

This payment gateway has been in the market since 1996, Authorize.net is a highly reliable and customizable payment solution for small as well as large businesses. If you are looking for an international payment tool that can help you make/withdraw transactions then this is the right platform for you. Now it is important for you to note that Authorize.net can only help clients who are having businesses in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, and other developed European countries. This means that it may be a less viable option for people of third-world countries.


4. Stripe


Stripe makes online payments easier with easy integrations, recurring billing, support for international payments, and credit card storage. It gives secure and cost-effective processing services. Also, the need for this payment gateway varies from smooth integrations, credit card storage, recurring billing, and failed transaction management to handle payments automatically.

If you compare Stripe to other international payment gateways then you would see that it provides a huge range of APIs. This means that the registered user would have full access and control of the tool and can easily integrate a new payment method into their online store whenever they want. This feature of Stripe would help them in receiving payments after discount. You must also know that Stripe can easily accept payment in over 150 different currencies. It also offers extensive support for local payments.

5. 2Checkout


Handle payments easily by your clients with the 2Checkout (2CO) payment gateway. The payment gateway allows making or receiving payments for customers in a very straightforward and handy way. Avail all those necessary elements for making perfect online transactions supported with 15 languages and 40 shopping carts.

2Checkout is a reputed global service that allows eCommerce businesses to receive online payments from buyers worldwide. It makes the payment process more streamlined by offering amazing features and localized payment options. 2Checkout is a US-based company that provides multiple payment methods and transactions globally.

More than fifty thousand merchants use this service due to its reliability. The best thing is that it supports eight methods with 15 languages and 87 different currencies.

6. Paysafe


Paysafe is another good payment solution for online business. They provide end-to-end payment solutions worldwide for businesses as well as for consumers. Their solution comes with many great features like digital wallets, pay later options, remittance, mobile solutions, online marketing, and much more. They have many other value-added services along with dedicated customer support.

7. PayPal Payflow


It is a very simple technique to make online payments in a very convenient and faster way. Selecting PayPal Payflow from the list of payment gateway options will take you directly to the payment gateway website. The payments can be transferred easily from the client’s account to the own account.

8. Skrill


The Skrill payment gateway (formerly Moneybookers) is a well-known online billing solution around the world. When it comes to payment processing & transferring, then Skrill understands the modern payment requirements. It was launched in 2001, and in the present time, it is considered the top company for making online transactions. Skrill supports thirty different currencies that allow the users to buy the products from anywhere. Email & credit card transactions, quick access, and free account signup are reasons for its success.

Also known as the First Data Global Gateway SM Virtual Terminal. Make online transactions at great ease and with increased security for merchants. Just enter the data and track enough functions like recurring transactions. It is an ideal option to take orders and process transactions.


9. Google Pay


This is another digital wallet that is powered by a well-known organization named “Google”. This wallet is designed for eCommerce stores, mobile apps, and in-person checkouts. Most of the merchants use Google Pay to manage their billing transactions. The application programming interface provides a fast and simple checkout system on your website. It allows you to get access to millions of cards that Google Accounts save.

10. PayPal Payments Pro


The PayPal Payments Pro is one of the biggest online payment gateways in today’s market. This is used by the US, Canada, UK, and also the direct checkout methods for transmission of funds.

11. Worldpay


Worldpay is another payment processor gateway that can help a user process debit as well as credit card payments directly from the application version or website. Play is no doubt the most famous and popularly used international payment gateways in England.

The world play works in dozens of different languages and the best part about this platform is that it supports over 120 currencies from all across the globe. This makes the collection of payments easier from customers located all over the world. You have to register yourself with Worldpay if you want to enjoy its complete services. At the time of registration, you have to pay a small fee. This fee is non-refundable and would go to waste if you choose to close your account.

12. Forte


Earlier known as ACH Direct, Forte is an omnichannel payment gateway that allows payments to be made through multiple channels. It accepts all major credit card payments tailored for various industries within the security standards. It helps to achieve smooth functioning and delivering a high success ratio to your business.

13. Moneris


Moneris is an effective option that needs to accept customer payments with one of the largest processors and acquirers of debit and credit card payments. The right processing capabilities acquired through the point of sale hardware, e-commerce solutions, and payment processing software. Concentrate on online payments to meet the business needs.

14. NMI


Make the online payments more secure and convenient, more reliable, and trusted with NMI. It is an ultra-reliable web payment gateway that provides secure links between the website and the acquiring bank. The credit card details are totally safe and receive payments without any hindrances.

NMI allows customers for secure, efficient, easy online payments to its users. The ultra-reliable payment gateway becomes totally safe and does not lead to any hassle. It helps to manage performance and payments with a great workflow that leads to hassle.

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15. iTransact


iTransact is an efficient payment gateway with excellent credit card processing services. iTransact ensures security and boost confidence including a feature called Call-A-Charge. The feature focus on a merchant makes a telephone call to the virtual terminal and process sales or industry-standard voice authorization fees. It provides a comfortable online payment facility.

16. PSIGate


PSiGate provides reliable and secure online transactions. The servers of this payment gateway provide credit authorization, tracking, and reporting of all transactions. It is really an enjoyable experience for online transactions through PSiGate. It can easily be supported by an SSL transaction protocol that allows client’s transactions processed through the internet. Save your valuable time processing multiple transactions at the same time.


17. Bambora


Bambora facilitates electronic transactions for customers, financial institutions, and merchants. It provides credit card processing, electronic funds transfer, recurring billing, authentication services, automated clearing house payment processing along the selected transactions to the third party processors and banks for authorization and settlement. Bambora provides a suite of tools to identify and reduce online fraud.

18. eWay


The payment gateway eWay accepts credit card payments in real-time from clients. Grow your business by processing credit card transactions 24/7 from anywhere anytime. Confirm the validity of the credit card used and available funds for real-time processing. eWay offers security for you and your clients.

19. Worldline


Worldline is one of the leading multi-currency European payment gateways that manage electronic payments in several domains including e-commerce, ticketing airlines, and travel in both business-to-customer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) environments. Also, it offers cardholders to pay in the home currency.

20. Clover


Clover occupies all merchant’s processing needs with extensive industry experience. It provides complete solutions for credit card processing at competitive rates.

21. Braintree


Braintree is a very competitive and transparent and feature-rich payment gateway that meets all the business requirements. It helps businesses to accept credit card payments providing features like recurring billing and credit card storage.

22. Razorpay


Razorpay is a reliable Indian payment solution for accepting payments online with developer-friendly API and hassle-free integration. It accepts international payments, safe and secure options. It is currently only available for Indian businesses.

23. WePay


 The reason for WePay’s popularity is its crowdfunding services. Its application programming interface is more inclined to the crowdfunding portals and more streamlined for the payments. It was established in 2008 to collect the money without any hustle. In 2011, the company shifted its focus on accepting money from credit cards to facilitate small businesses.

24. Blue Snap


Blue Snap is a global payment service specially designed to facilitate businesses to send & receive money without facing any issues. This service enables the businesses to accept the transaction from local to international customers. A fraud prevention system secures Blue Snap to avoid the risks. It is linked with more than 30 banks that ensure the client’s trust, increase conversion rate, and also improves company revenue.

25. SecurionPay


SecurionPay is a different payment gateway from others because it supports multiple operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linus, Android, and iOS. It’s a one-stop solution for various companies that accept online payments and offer the paid subscriptions. SecurionPay provides fast and secure integration to your e-commerce business ecosystem, such as embedded payment forms, advanced checkout features, etc.

26. SecurePay


SecurePay starts its services by providing online shopping carts, and later on, it turned into mobile & other payment options. It acts as a flexible solution that offers various payment options to the business with comfortable, easy registration.  You can easily integrate your online store with the existing shopping carts. They offer you a free trial plan with different paid plans for your payment management.

Working of Payment Gateway


There are many more payment gateway options but for now, we would suggest you try these and focus on their working steps listed below!

The payment gateway plays an important part in the processing & authorizing of the payment. The gateway collects sensitive information and the details of the payments. The information is passed between the merchant and customer via a secure channel. Here are some of its basics:

  • 1st Step:  A client places the order on a website and checks out from the shopping cart.
  • 2nd Step: The merchant transfers the information to the gateway by a secure source, and the client pays the bill for their product via a payment method.
  • 3rd Step: The payment gateway sends a message to the merchant after the verification.
  • 4th Step: The bank receives the money from the digital wallet and sends it to the merchant’s account.

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Best Payment Gateways for Your eCommerce Website - Conclusion

 In this article, we have discussed a payment gateway, its working process, and the top digital wallets that help manage the transitions of money. If you cannot get paid, then your eCommerce website is useless. This is the time in which you can realize that all your clients have not the same preferences. The popularity of digital wallets is increasing day by day. It is very easy for clients to use the payment method alternatives when manual typing is considered.

The payment gateway is not just a medium to receive, store, and transmit the customer’s transaction details. It helps to ensure the clients that this website is secured to use. You need to make sure that the brand is well-reputed at the time of selecting the payment gateway. People will use the payment gateway on your when they find it safer. Well! You can choose the digital payment wallet for you from the above list.

We have written this article in association with Viktoriya Sten and Veronica Tondon.

Veronica Tondon is a Marketing Manager at Invoicera. Invoicera is an online invoicing system which supports 25+ payment gateways solutions to increase your business cash flow. Start accepting online payments for smooth and clear payment processes. Understand your business better with payments reports and more! Get paid quicker with online invoicing and billing software like Invoicera with the benefits like integration with International Payment Gateways, integration with US/Canada Payment Gateways and integration with Indian Payment Gateways.

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