5 CRO Mistakes (Conversion Rate Optimization) you are Making

If you have landing pages that aren’t earning the conversions that you think they should, it might be time to take a closer look at what you are doing when it comes to conversion rate optimization. Without realizing it, you could be making mistakes that are impacting your bottom line. Check out these sneaky CRO errors that could be haunting you.

#1 Not Focusing on Performance

CRO Mistakes - Point 1Landing pages that load slower when a visitor arrives on the website or blog can lead users to feel frustration. The decreased load time could also incur page ranking penalties from search engines such as Google. There can be a correlation between page load times and consumer interaction. People have reported that faster page loads could lead to higher customer retention rates and thus increased loyalty.

#2 Using a Generic or Multipurpose Landing Page

CRO Mistakes - Point 2A business can provide each available offer and product with separate landing pages. Pages that have multiple offers can be more confusing for visitors who click on content expecting one specific promotion. Separating offers individually can enable more targeted marketing language and branding based upon the products unique features.


The home page of a website can be a used for introducing the company and as a way to guide potential customers to various content rather than showing an offer. A business could use this part of the website to direct customers towards different landing pages with brief pre-sale content. This can be more effective to move the customer through the sales process.


#3 Cutting Prices as a Sales Tactic

CRO Mistakes - Point 3When a business is experiencing decreased sales, they can sometimes look at discounting. Lowering the price of a product can seem appealing for a sales boost but could lead to less consumer confidence in the item or brand. Discounting could encourage one-time shoppers looking for bargains rather than developing loyal customers.


Finding unique ways to enhance product sales can be an important goal for a business. For poorly performing items, the company can look at how to reposition the product to new market segments or bundle the product with a complimentary offer. Decreasing the price of a specific product could achieve near-term goals while being detrimental to the overall brand of the company. Reviewing marketing data, the business can look at how to more effectively concentrate a consumer’s attention on the products relative value rather than the price point.


#4 Failing to Work on the Emotional Appeal

CRO Mistakes - Point 4When companies market their offers, they can use emotional appeals to strengthen the items positioning in a potential customer’s mind. Depending on what the item or service provides the company link their branding to an emotion. This can be a way to create a more approachable advertisement and make a more meaningful connection.


Focusing on product features in conjunction with marketing materials that evoke an emotional response can produce higher conversion rates. Discovering the intent behind a customer’s potential purchase can further aid the business in crafting their emotional appeal for separate offers.


Different offers can present separate concepts that speak to what a visitor might be feeling when thinking about purchasing. The company can ensure that all landing pages still retain the overall brand feel but speak to different mental concepts in an appealing writing voice. This can be more easily done for companies with a concentrated product line. Other businesses, selling nonrelatable items can work harder to maintain a common brand thread throughout their pages.


#5 Choosing Responsive Design Over Mobile First

CRO Mistakes - Point 5The company can prioritize designing pages that will display appropriately for mobile devices. As more people research and shop via phones and tablets, a business could be better served to provide mobile-ready pages. Reviewing analytics programs, they can determine the percentage of visitors arriving on their offers from mobile users.


Based upon their statistics, they can examine what design elements could enhance a customer’s mobile experience. They might find mobile users and their smaller screen sizes outnumber other visitors for certain offers. The company can work with web developers to provide mobile first pages and then move towards creating a responsive website that can display for most other screen sizes.


Final Thoughts

CRO Mistakes - conclusionConcentrating on conversions can allow a business to get more value from their marketing efforts. This could lead to higher revenue. They can identify conversion rate optimization mistakes they might have made and solve these issues.

This article is written by Samantha Brannon. She is an entrepreneur and freelancer. She is also a co-founder and writing editor at Trust Essays writing service. Samantha loves self-education and rock music. Follow her on Twitter.

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