Common Misperceptions about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

The days are gone when optimization was a good to have stuff because it is transformed into a necessity now. There is always room for improvement. Conversion rate optimization is the thing that brings you victory in this competitive world.  As it says, ‘Optimization is generally detrimental to present success, but it is the best way to design future success in competition with others who are equally interested in both long-term as well as short-term results.

But there are certain myths about conversion rate optimizations that are in vogue in the market and myths are, after all, a never-ending story. But now it is the time to put the full stop. Here with this blog, I came up will all the required information to murder your myths and untrue folklores about conversion rate optimization. So let’s talk about the major myths about this subject to take your business beyond this and make it fruitful.

1. You Can Magnetize People with Tricky Call to Action

You Can Magnetize People with Tricky Call to Action

It is the biggest myth that business owners think that they can attract people with tricky and charming buttons and changing color or red color call to action. Your low conversion rate can never be reasoned by light or any other color call to action buttons. NO! Not At All! It might help you a bit, but it is not the panacea for real problems. ECommerce Conversion Rate Optimization is not about changing elements or redesigning your call to action again and again on your web page, have a thought that you can be wrong also.

Utmost certainly there are limitless reasons that can be restricting you from getting conversions, nevertheless you should figure out loopholes in your eCommerce store that are draining your converts. But the major let downs of your conversions are as under:

  • Using your website is a tough task. It is difficult to handle.
  • Your website is boring or heartless or who knows might be confusing as well.
  • You ask for too much of steps to checkout.
  • Buyers don’t find any reasons to trust you. Your content lacks faithfulness and credibility. Your visitors don’t believe the claims and commitments you do.
  • Traffic that you are getting for your website is not appropriate or must be doing window shopping and you are just getting useless clicks.
  • Your website is slow and your presentation is also not proper.
  • Your visitors think that you are not providing the ‘best’ and they should find it from somewhere else.
  • There is a huge list that goes on and on. Use of eCommerce consulting will help overcome these conversion culprits so you can enlarge your conversions.

2. Making Bundles of Guesses

If you don’t believe in doing surveys then you won’t be able to succeed. The Survey is very important. If you think that you can optimize your conversion rates with guess then it is the time to change your thinking because it itself is a big myth. Such illusions will never let you realize what your users want? What changes you should commit to run faster in this competitive world? How should you present your products?

Now to optimize your Shopping cart conversion you must do surveys that can let you know what your visitors need, how your website should be, to what kind of traffic you can sell your products in more quantity. Surveys will help you in knowing behaviors of your visitors and will guide you to assist on the importance of pages and elements of your web page.

3. Work on Your Website

Work on Your Website

Your website represents your business and it is going to generate revenues for you. It should have a want to sell nature in spite of having an ultra-fancy looks. Your website design creates a lot of difference on your sales. If it is simple but attractive, easy to navigate, user-friendly, interactive and creates a connection with visitor’s mind, then you would be driving your visitors to buy your products and services. Keep your web pages easy, short, impressive, sober and less most busy to make your visitors visit your online store with interest.

If you use a nasty design with a lot of floating images, busy from everywhere, pop-ups all around the pages and intensive colors, shoppers surely going to freak out and they will end up losing interest in your website. Always remember that you are an eCommerce website, not an encyclopedia. So you should make a note of is that you don’t use big texts on your web page. Nothing irritates visitors more than this! Provide product information only when a visitor wants to read it.

4. Replicating Success Will Also Make Me Succeed

Replicating Success Will Also Make Me Succeed

If you are in a thought that you will follow the instincts of some successful websites and copy their design, theme, site map, navigation, and its appearances to succeed, then a keep this word of an advice, kill this thought. Replicating can never bring success! You will end up losing credibility and faith of your customers. Think out of the box and create your website, never copy it.

Keep your website simple and short, you have no such needs to implement any ideas that are already in use and working on other websites. Try to create your own ideas using the vision of yours along with your employees as well. Any third party development company can also help you.

5. Conversion is a Just Metrics

If you are thinking that Shopping cart conversion is just metrics and your concentration must be only on getting maximum numbers of visitors on your page then rethink. Numbers of visitors can never work out for you, but visitors who are interested in your offerings will always make you sell. Even if you get a lesser traffic then also it is fine because it would be productive as they all are really looking forward to buying your product or services. But if you get visitors who are not looking for your services and came to you by mistake or who just came for window shopping, they are not worthy at all.

Conversion is a Just Metrics

So these were the major rumors and myths that are in vogue about conversion rate optimization and I believe that this article will help you in resolving your doubts and dilemmas about CRO.

This article is written by Yogesh Trivedi, an eCommerce consultant working with M-Connect Media, Magento Agency. He approaches every eCommerce projects with full dedication and professionalism. He has contributed towards superior work quality and maximum client’s satisfaction. Significant experience in presenting eCommerce strategies of planning, designing, development and marketing to various clients projects. Follow him: Twitter | Linkedin.

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