How to Create a Family Event Website Using WordPress?

Are you planning to create an event-based website that will receive the attention of a huge audience? Then you need a perfect Content Management System (CMS) that can offer you the right alternatives. When choosing a perfect CMS platform, make sure you do sufficient research and analyze key features of every CMS properly. WordPress is always rated as the best platform for creating any form of an event-based website. However, before getting started with such an amazing CMS platform, you need to make yourself well versed with the nitty-gritty of WordPress. Missing out on any small detail may create a severe impact on your website.

Below steps will help you to understand how to create a family event website using WordPress:

Why Choose WordPress to create a family event website?


WordPress is considered as the most preferred platform over all other alternatives for its scalability, control, and flexibility. It is an open source platform that will help you to develop highly creative yet professional family event based website. Here are the reasons why you must choose WordPress over other platforms –

  • A free of cost platform with an option of using so many features without paying any subscription charges.
  • Provides out of the box visuals with several creative effects. This includes adding slide shows, videos and sound effects to your website.
  • An opportunity to promote your events using SEO by applying it to all website pages.
  • A facility to perform social integration and promote your business on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.
  • An ability to create a responsive website which is compatible with different devices such as Smartphone, tablets, laptop and desktop computers.
  • Constant support and the free upgrade option to keep your event-based website always updated.
If the family event is a wedding ceremony and still you are not keen enough to use WordPress, you can try any of these wedding website builders to design your creative wedding website.

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Choosing Right Hosting Service:

Create WordPress Family Event Website - Right Hosting Service

The objective of any family event website is to make people aware of the services you are offering. You need to increase your reach and bring a higher audience to your website to give a boost to your business. However, most of the local hosting service providers are not capable of handling multiple users in one go. Though they provide cheap hosting services, they also put a lot of limitation on your website. This is why you need to choose a hosting service provider who is specializing in offering managed WordPress support through fast servers. This way you can easily scale your website and keep it running without any interruption.

Selecting the Perfect WordPress Theme for Event Website:

WordPress Theme Template Tutorial

Though there is a variety of free and paid themes available online, you can find several built-in event-based themes for WordPress CMS. You can download a theme of your choice and install it in WordPress platform very smoothly. However, before choosing a particular theme make sure you check out the compatibility and features of your selected theme very well. You always have an option to watch a demo of the chosen theme to get a glimpse of how your website will look. After choosing a specific theme, you still have to do a lot of customization to avail all the features of your selected theme. Doing proper customization will also help you to give it an original look and enhance its quality. This is exactly where your designing and coding skills come into the picture.

Choosing WordPress Plugins & Extensions for Event Website:

WordPress eCommerce

WordPress is less complicated when compared with other CMS platforms. It offers a lot of plugin integration alternatives which other platforms fail to provide. You can find several free as well as paid extensions that will work smoothly for your family event based website. An event management plugin will do a lot of multitasking for you as it can add several features to your website in one go. It can add an event calendar, manage sign-ups and also send you regular reminders whenever you needed. Here is a list of plug-in options to choose from – Modern Events Calendar, EventOn, My Calendar, Event Espresso 4 Decaf, WP Event Manager, Event Organiser, All-in-One Event Calendar and many more.

Apart from these, you must consider installing backup plug-ins that will take regular back of your website. It will make sure all the data of your even based website will remain secured from different kinds of malicious attacks, hacking attempts and DDOS attack. There are some free and paid plugins you can consider installing. These plugins will take a backup of your website on a scheduled basis. You don’t need to run any code to keep your data safe. They will also help you to store all your important digital records such as articles, images, calendar, videos, client information and much more. You can easily restore all your data from the cloud can get your website running well again.

Creating media for an event website:


The WordPress theme you are using for your website may be having some already installed demo images. You can consider using them or you can replace them with your images. You can allow your website to stand out in the competition by adding some highly relevant images, photos, slides, and videos. Also, you can add pictures of your organizers, speakers, participants, and destination. While uploading images, make sure you are choosing the right size and resolution so that they will not slow down any of your pages. By adding attributes to your media files you can make sure all your posts are meeting SEO guidelines; thereby increasing their chances of getting ranked in the search engine like Google.

As far as event media is concerned, you can also consider using external services to create media and embed it in WordPress. Vimeo or YouTube can be used for videos while SlideShare works perfectly for slides.

Creating Social presence:

Create WordPress Family Event Website - social presence

Most of the modern WordPress themes feature a built-in facility to add social networks. So you need to create your profiles on different social media platforms and integrate those into your theme. Email lists are another affordable way to boost the interest of the audience into your occasional based events. You can also add signup forms to create email lists.

Pricing of WordPress Platform:


The WordPress CMS is available absolutely free for users and most of the key features are offered without any cost. One doesn’t need to pay anything for downloading, selecting, installing, using and customizing it. However, you need to do decent investment in basic things; such as purchasing a relevant domain name, web hosting, buying paid plugins and downloading premium themes. You may wish to opt for additional services that will help you to launch a fully featured event based website. The add-on features will make sure that it will not get exposed to unsafe integrations. You can keep promoting it without any hesitation. WordPress is considered as the most reliable CMS platform. It not only offers you strong customer support. It also gives you exposure to do brand customization.

Adding testimonials on your website:

Create WordPress Family Event Website - testimonials

One of the effective ways to promote your business is by allowing people to talk about your business on your website. You can reach out to industry experts, attendees, organizers, sponsors, speakers, and customers to get feedback about your product or service. Your satisfied customers will be more interested to share their feelings with you. And you can post those comments on your website in layman language. WordPress themes let you add several testimonials on your even based website with proper sliding effects. Going forward, you can also consider adding real images of your speakers and customers with their positive comments about your services. This way you can increase credibility about business in the minds of new visitors; it will also send the message that your services are highly reliable.

Is my Website Running Fine?

WordPress Rocks

The last step involves rechecking whether everything is working fine and whether your website is ready to get launched. An ideal way to do this is by testing user interaction. You can create a query or user ticket through the contact form. Also, try to subscribe to all social channels. If everything is working as expected then your website is all set to hit the market. If any of your pages still require final touches, you can see the preview to check out how those pages are looking in real time.

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The Bottom Line:

Create WordPress Family Event Website - conclusion

Building a family event-based website is often considered as a challenge. If you want to launch a project that will cater to all your specific needs, you need to look after its key nuances. WordPress is a worthy platform that offers you an opportunity to produce a high-end website without testing much of your programming skills. It is a perfect solution for beginners who don’t have any experience of website development but ready to invest their efforts and time to produce something creative. An outstanding CMS platform such as WordPress makes sure you don’t need to waste your valuable time on coding. You have all the readymade tools in hand. With WordPress, it is extremely easy to create a high-performance website at a low cost. This is the reason why it has become the preferred choice of people who are thinking of bringing their start-up business online.

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