7 Common Project Management Mistakes you should Avoid

Every year many creative entrepreneurs or a small team of creative individuals starts their own business to find a way to grow them as a large scale business owner for futures. But more than 90% of them fail to convert their goal and only a few succeeds to go to the next level. Do you know why?

In most of the cases, the failure comes as they fail to satisfy their clients and don’t able to create a good customer base. For any kind of business, the happy and satisfied customers are the main base towards success. Completing the projects of your clients successfully and making them happy to be a repeated customer is the key.

Managing projects efficiently can lead you toward success. Avoiding common mistakes in project management can help you to find a way to complete your projects successfully. This will definitely bring more happy customers to your business and help you to grow your business to its next level. Here I will try to find solutions of 7 common project management mistakes that can help you to reduce the number of unsuccessful projects. Let’s start.


1) Hiring imperfect project manager:

Avoid Common Project Management Mistakes - Point 1Project Managers are the key to any projects. Starting from the planning, creating flow-chart, assigning right peoples to right task, all depends on the project managers. Try to avoid an inexperienced or novice person for managing up your project. Because novice always learned from their works, and if you select them as a project manager then the chances of failure are always on the higher side. So recruiting someone who is much qualified in the field of managing the project in a successful way is the right steps for avoiding the chances of being a failure.

2) Imperfection regarding work, cost and time required for completing the project:

Avoid Common Project Management Mistakes - Point 2Yes! This particular matter comes the very fast even before the first point. Negotiating with your clients with the project details and knowing the amount of work you need to do is the beginning things. Then knowing about the work details, you will have to analysis the exact amount of time you will be requiring to finish up that work. According to that next coming is the time you will need to finish up that work and for that how many resources you will have to assign to finish it on time.

And then calculate the right amount of money for doing the job done. Calculating the right amount of the work is also a big deal which needs to be done correctly. So the total thing looks like this:

Amount of Work => Time needed for that => Total Manpower => Calculate the cost for that Work.

So follow the steps and bring out a successful project for your client.

3) Insufficient amount of resources and skilled can be the next mistakes:

Avoid Common Project Management Mistakes - Point 3Choosing the right amount and the right person or team for completing your project successfully is the next important look out for anyone. Filled with lots of people will not serve the purpose. Because quantity is not the factor, quality is the factor. So choose someone who is best in that work or field. Success will come automatically on your way.


4) Improper communications skills:

Avoid Common Project Management Mistakes - Point 4By the word improper communications skills, I want to say that you or your project managers should stay very much expressive and clear in their communications sections. As much quality time you will invest in communicating with your team members regarding your projects, the much better result you will see at the end of the projects.

5) Poor planning of executing the project work:

Avoid Common Project Management Mistakes - Point 5Poor planning regarding your whole project work can also give you a failure. In the planning section, you and your project manager need to plan properly according to the work received for execution. Every work needs some planning and programming regarding some matters. Like how they will start, how they will communicate with each other, when and how they will supply feedbacks about their works, etc… These are the important factors which need to be done at the begging of the work and also in between the work.

6) Wrong software or tools for managing projects:

Avoid Common Project Management Mistakes - Point 6You have to use a project management software or tool to put all project related staffs in a single place to make it easily manageable and accessible. All staffs like project works, team collaboration, clients, billing, invoicing, emails and communications and all other records you have to be maintained properly and if possible in a single place. Currently, there are many effective online and cloud-based project management tools are available. Tools like Basecamp, Zoho and WorkflowMax are very popular nowadays. But you have to take a look at each feature of any tools carefully before choosing the right one for you. You have to choose it according to your needs and project requirements.


7) Not being flexible can be negative for you and your project as well:

Avoid Common Project Management Mistakes - Point 7Always stay flexible towards new information or for new technique coming on your way. Because if you stay rigid towards new technologies or upcoming changes on your field, then you will not be able to improve your working quality and it will definitely going to hamper the quality of your project. So always look back towards your project and keep an eye on every aspect of it and search for making it much better than before.


Avoid Common Project Management Mistakes - conclusionThe above 7 pieces of advice are the basic golden rules, if when followed strictly can bring a successful project completing records. So those who are beginners in this field may found this article informative and useful. And of course please do not hesitate to share up your thoughts and experience that you have gathered from your own personal work experiences.

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