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The robotic vacuum cleaner is an interesting invention, especially for those who have become sick of listening excuses of maidservants. After knowing about the functionality of a robotic vacuum cleaner I am quite impressed with its ability to help our home with its unique techniques of cleaning.

So those who are not yet still aware of this helping gadget, for them I am reviewing 5 robotic vacuum cleaners by ILIFE. All these 5 products you can purchase from GearBest at a very reasonable price.



The total dimension of the round shaped ILIFE V7S is 13.39 x 13.39 x 3.15 inches. With this robotic vacuum cleaner, you can do both the work of wet and dry cleaning. You will get one dual filter dust box tank. After collecting out the dust particles from the floor it will store it into this dust box. The capacity of this dust tank is 500ml. With this dust tank, there will be one water storage tank for mopping the floors after dusting. The water tank capacity is 450ml.

In this robotic vacuum cleaner, you will get automatic cleaning modes, border cleaning modes, concentration cleaning modes and also the reservation cleaning modes. These are the four cleaning modes which will help you in four different ways. The area coverage for cleaning is from 80 to 220 square centimeters. Not only that, this when stays in the action mode you will not be able to hear any sort of noise because the frequency is less than 60dB. So you can enjoy its cleaning skill while you are sleeping.

With this vacuum cleaner, you will get one remote control. This remote controller can be operated within 4 meters of distances. As per battery life, it has used lithium battery which has the capacity of 2600mAh. So when the charge runs out from this vacuum cleaner it will automatically go to the charging dock. And it takes approx. 5hours for charging itself fully and as a result you will get approximately two and half hours of working time.

The total body weight of this vacuum cleaner is 2.950 KGs and the maximum retail price kept for this robotic vacuum cleaner is approximately around $333.00. But GearBest is selling it under $150.00. Try to find some flash sale offer from GearBest and you can avail it at much cheaper price.

Buy ILIFE V7S from Gearbest

2) ILIFE V7:


ILIFE V7 robotic vacuum cleaner is operated in touch mode. In this vacuum cleaner, you will get 4 operating modes, the auto cleaning mode, spot cleaning mode, edge cleaning mode, and scheduling mode. Along with the 4 operational modes, you will also get 11 multi angles obstacles detection facility. All the features are really essential. You can enjoy its activity in a super silent way because the noise is just 50dB.

The type of battery used in this model is a lithium-ion battery, which has the capacity of 2600mAh. So you will get approximately 2 hours of time to clean approximately 150 square meter area. The cleaning method of this robotic vacuum cleaner is also very easy, just press the button and it is done.

The product weight is 2.950 KGs and the MRP of this vacuum cleaner is approximately around $389.00. But you can avail it on GearBest at a price of just around under $150.00.

Buy ILIFE V7 from Gearbest

3) ILIFE A4:


ILIFE A4 is ideal for both home and office because the area coverage capacity it has is between 180 to 200 square meters. You will get a remote control for easy operation and it also has LCD display in it. With the help of the LED indicator, you can get to know the working status of the cleaner. The remote control can be operated by powering 2 x AAA battery.

It has the cleaning modes like automatic cleaning modes, border cleaning modes, fixed-point function cleaning modes, make an appointment cleaning mode, max cleaning modes, and the cleaning mini-room modes. You will also get features like the anti-collision system, intelligent drop avoidance induction, daily or schedule cleaning plan, OBS Sensors, 1 set wall sensor, and the 5 IR receivers. This robotic vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning the floor, cement, ceramic tile, wooden floor, undercoat carpet, and maybe much more.

The suction quality of this robotic vacuum cleaner is 1000pa which is very good for using it even for the smallest particles. Apart being so powerful you will not get any single noise from it because its noise level is less than 65 decibels. The product dimension is 12.2 x 12.2 x 2.99 inches and its weight is just 2.2 KGs. The MRP of this product is approximately around $197.00, but you can get it on GearBest at around $130.00.

Buy ILIFE A4 from Gearbest

4) ILIFE V5 Pro:


Well, as per its area of coverage given ILIFE V5 Pro is also suitable for cleaning both home and office. The area will cover is between 150 to 180 square meters. You can use it in both dry and wet sweeping modes. This cleaner is also suitable for using on the floor, cement, ceramic tile, wooden floor, undercoat carpet, etc. The displaying section has the LED indicators which will help to see its working status. It also has the LCD touch control panel which will help you to watch it working in the dark also. It has 3 cleaning modes, automatic cleaning mode, spot cleaning mode and the edge cleaning mode.

Its 7mm slim design helps this gadget to work even in a very narrow space, like the bottom of the furniture’s or even in any corner. Other than this it has an anti-collision system, intelligent drop avoidance induction and daily or schedule cleaning plan. The suction capacity is given 850pa which will help you to deal with the smallest particles. The water tank has the capacity to load 300ml in it for mopping and the dust tank has the capacity to load 300ml of dust in it.

The lithium-ion battery is used in it with 2600mAh capacity. So if you charge it for at least 4 and half hours it will give you a total 2 – 2.5 hours of working time.

The overall weight of this cleaner is 2.05 KGs which are very light weight in compare to the above ones. And its dimension is 11.79 x 11.79 x 2.751 inches. The MRP of this cleaner is around $277.00, but on GearBest you can get it just under $110.00.

Buy ILIFE V5 Pro from Gearbest

5) ILIFE X5:


By utilizing the 4 cleaning modes of ILIFE X5 you can very efficiently clean up your house or office mess in a very quick timeframe. It can cover an area for cleaning of 180 square centimeters. You will get 2 frequency suction modes, one is 550Pa super mute modes and the other is 850Pa relative mute mode. Apart from that it also has some more features like anti-collision detection, smart drop avoidance induction, 15mm climbing capacity, auto recharge, and noise level of less than 40dB.

Dust accommodation capacity of the dust box is 300ml with a 300ml of water accommodating tank. The battery type is Lithium-ion battery whose capacity of power is 2600mAh. So if you can charge it for 5hours, it will give you a nonstop 1.5 hours of working time.

The dimension of the product is 11.81 x 11.81 x 3.03 inches with a total weight of 2 KGs. Moving towards the pricing sections, its maximum retail price is around $268.00, but on GearBest you can purchase it at under $140.00.

Buy ILIFE X5 from Gearbest


Robotic Vacuum Cleaners - ILIFE - GearBest

I have handpicked the most beautiful, efficient as well as portable ILIFE smart robotic vacuum cleaner for your references. I know they are very impressive, and of course, a useful one to be a must for our houses as well as for our offices. They can really help us to do our work of our own without depending on our maids for doing that. So you should definitely try them out if you want to remain in peace in your life. Try to keep an eye on the offers and discount available at GeatBest. You can surely grab a super deal.

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