Collidu Review: Design Your Next Presentations to Win the Heart

Bring life to your presentations with Collidu, where there is a wide range of ready-to-use templates for users. There is no need to make a presentation from scratch and no need for any design knowledge too. Collidu is here with a wide range of pre-designed templates, icon sets, table designs, organizational charts, and Google Slides templates to choose from. Users can now create killer presentations and amaze everyone with their design skills.

Functional features

Collidu comes with feature-rich slides and other visual elements that empower the users to use them without any design knowledge.

Variety of color themes

If users are tired and bored of using the same color schemes, they can get a variety of color schemes from Collidu. Every color scheme is customized with the perfect match of colors. These colors will make your presentations and graphics visually appealing to viewers. What’s more, users do not need to understand color theory or have any designing skills to be able to use customized color schemes.


Professional typography

Every pre-designed slide in Collidu comes with professional typography which makes the presentation stand out from among the rest. Every font is designed to give better readability and better text views. Text positioning and text weight are given special care to give freedom to the power of expression and make the presentation visually rich.


All the slides and PowerPoint presentations are made with intense research and an in-depth understanding of the corporate world and its diverse needs. Text is placed at strategic viewpoints, and it immediately attracts the attention of the viewers. The space between text and characters is also made to make the presentation impactful.

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Fully editable slides

All the PowerPoint slides, PowerPoint diagrams, and tables are freely editable and no need for the users to have prior knowledge of design software. Users can freely move the graphics, text, and tables, and choose the color, text, and other visual elements in their presentations.

Instant Access

Users have just to sign in and they get instant access to the PowerPoint slides and Google Slides. They can log in and use them wherever they are – in the office, at home, or wherever they have access to the computer and internet.

New Templates

New temples are added every week to Collidu. Almost 40 to 50 new templates are added every week and users can also freely access these templates to make their presentations.

Perfect compatibility

Users can make their presentations and use the ready-to-use slides in their presentations. The slides that users get in Collidu are compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides.

Animated templates

Users can add more animation to their presentations with the help of the animated templates in Collidu. They can animate their PowerPoint presentations and hook their audiences to their presentations.

Designed by experts

Expert designers design all the graphics, slides, and tables in Collidu. They have added years of experience and design expertise in designing slides, graphics, tables, icons, and other visual elements in Collidu.

No hidden fees

Users can own the slides forever for a lifetime by paying for them only once. The prices are very competitive and include no hidden charges. The prices are transparent and open for everyone to see.

Excellent customer support

If customers face any issues regarding the use of slides, customer support at Collidu helps them out. They can solve their issues and offer technical support. Queries are also solved within the shortest possible time.

Cancel any time

Customers can cancel their subscriptions at any time and there will be no further billing after the cancellation of their subscriptions.

Lifetime usage

Customers can use the slides and other visual elements in Collidu even after they cancel their subscription. This enables them to use the templates for a very long time.

PowerPoint templates


Collidu PowerPoint templates are a rich way of creating graphic-rich presentations. They are visually attractive, are simple to understand, engage complex themes very seamlessly into the slides, and can deliver the correct message to the audience. Fonts, text, graphics, and colors are editable and are designed by industry experts who know the demands of the corporate world. The PowerPoint templates are modern and aesthetic at the same time.

Variety of topics

Whether the user is a marketing professional, a human resource manager, or an educator, the PowerPoint templates are free and easy to use. Collidu has PowerPoint templates that serve the need of every industry and professional. From the education field to a marketing professional, from health and fitness to environment-related industries, Collidu has every PowerPoint template in its armory. Every presenter can use the freely editable PowerPoint template to create a presentation.

  • Business
  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • E-Commerce
  • Environment
  • Agenda
  • Manufacturing
  • Project Management
  • Health and Fitness
  • Roadmap
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Leadership
  • Information Technology
  • Timeline
  • Recruitment
  • Customer Journey
  • Executive Summary

Users in mind

Every PowerPoint template or Google Slides theme is made with aesthetic sense and use of rich compatible colors. They are created to make the maximum impact on the audience. Users can speak fluently while delivering the presentation to the audience. Vivid colors, gripping graphics, impactful typography, and interactive elements will enliven the presentation and create the desired effect on the audience.

Effortless and time-saving

The PowerPoint templates are made to reduce the design burden on the presenter. All the PowerPoint templates are created with intense research and quality content. Enough space is there in the templates to include and input the desired text. You can customize the template with your content, and this saves a lot of time making a presentation with graphics and other visual elements from scratch. Users can move the graphics and input the graphs, tables, and charts to make them even more customizable.

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Google Slides templates and themes


Users can choose from a wide array of Google Slides templates and themes to make their presentations more effective. The graphics are made from scratch and are free from copyright issues. The templates are made after in-depth research and input from industry experts. Color schemes, typography, graphics, and objects are all well-placed to give a clear message to the audience. The Google Slides templates are pleasing to the eyes, and have aesthetic beauty, yet will make the presenter confident in his presentation.

Create value

The in-built Google Slides themes are very well structured and compelling and concise. They help the flow of complex messages and ideas more fluently and easily. Every of these Google Slides themes is designed by expert designers, who have a vast field of expertise behind them. They have given their understanding of colors, typography, and graphics to make these slides visually striking. They will eventually help save a lot of time while creating a presentation.

Easy customization

Right from adding color to moving graphics, users can customize the Google Slides templates and themes. They can change the fonts, and color of the text, resize visuals, and recolor them, with the help of fully customizable slides and themes. They do not need to have any designing knowledge of any kind and need to do just copy and paste kind of jobs when creating presentations.

Versatile Google Slides themes

Any professional can use each of the Google Slides templates. Persons from any background and any profession can freely use the templates to create the presentation they want to create. Students, researchers, teachers, business professionals, and educators can use these slides and themes. They can use the slides for presenting at the time of events, webinars, meetings, lectures, office meetings, etc. They can do product promotions, trade show displays, sales pitches, and many other purposes. Slides are created to suit all requirements and deliver the desired message to the target audience.

PowerPoint Diagrams

Users can use PowerPoint Diagrams in their presentations. Collidu has a variety of diagram templates from linear, cycle, process, and many other types for a range of uses. Shapes have been included and users can make use of the pyramids, triangles, squares, matric charts, timelines, puzzles, milestones, and other types of PowerPoint Diagrams to maximum and effective use.


Collidu has a wide range of text and table templates. These can deliver complex information in a lucid and easy-to-understand manner. Users can make use of them in seminars and meetings. All the table slides and templates have attractive shapes, text, and boxes. Graphics are available in different shapes and dimensions like spherical, circular, square, round, 10X5 matrix, 2X2 matrix, etc. These are fully customizable and do not require any technical expertise on the part of the user.

Pricing structure


Collidu has two plans that users can use to subscribe and use the PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes.

Monthly Plan: It costs $24.99 per month. Users can make 25 downloads per month with this plan. They get instant access to all the themes and templates on the website.

Annual Plan: It costs $149.99 per year. Subscribers can make unlimited downloads and also can cancel their subscriptions at any time.

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We can conclude that Collidu has the best PowerPoint templates, Google Slide templates, and customizable themes that can make your presentation vibrant in content. Leading designers have offered their expertise in making these stunning templates. All the templates and graphics are free to customize and change. With great customer support and effective subscription plans, users can use these templates for extended use and even after canceling their subscriptions.

Collidu is a one-stop platform for creating content-rich PowerPoint presentations, Google Slides templates, tables, diagrams, and many more. Users can save a lot of time while creating PowerPoint slides and can use the templates for the best presentations.

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