How to Pass the AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam?

In 2020, the AZ-104 test replaced the old Microsoft AZ-103 exam. This Microsoft certification has targeted those people who want to land their first job in information technology and will provide you with the specific skills you need for the position.

To achieve the Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate certification, you only need one exam to take which is the az-104 exam.

Skills this test measures:
  • Manage governance and identities in Azure.
  • Implement and oversee storage.
  • Azure computing resource deployment and management.
  • Management and configuration of virtual networking.
  • Azure resource maintenance and monitoring.

After the az-104 exam, you might want to consider the AZ-400 exam – Azure DevOps Solutions if you have earned the Associate-level AZ-104 certification and passed the Microsoft Certified Azure Developer exam (AZ-204). To understand more about the role-based learning paths, please visit the Microsoft exam information center to learn about the new role-based certification paths.

To obtain the Microsoft Azure administrator certification you need to complete the AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate exam. Your capacity to manage, deploy, and monitor inside Azure environments will be assessed by the test. You also need to comprehend the skills being assessed, the requirements you need to meet, and the top efficient study techniques if you want to pass the exam.

Eligibility criteria for the AZ-104 Azure Administrator certification


Microsoft has stated that the performance-based lab questions have been paused due to the pandemic scenario. This choice was taken to limit access to Azure’s capacity to paying customers exclusively. So, take the test as soon as you can if you want to benefit from this. Your study indicates that networking and storage are the two key topics covered in the test. Expect to read and analyze a lot of tables as a consequence. If you’re not very good at this, start making plans now to prevent any surprises.

Your understanding of the Azure portal will be put to the test by the configuration questions. If you are knowledgeable about the subject, you will have the solution at hand right away. If not, you could have to struggle with these issues.

The new Azure test includes a lot of actual Microsoft Azure scenarios. The following prerequisites must be satisfied before receiving the AZ-104 certification:

  • It’s necessary to have at least six months of relevant experience working in an Azure environment, as well as a solid grasp of the basic Azure services and workloads.
  • It’s necessary to have a solid foundation in Microsoft as well as practical experience with technologies like PowerShell, Office 365, CLI, and ARM templates.
  • working knowledge of the concepts of networking, virtualization, and other IT technologies.
  • deep grasp of the Active Directory’s core concepts knowledge of programming languages including JavaScript and SQL working familiarity with ASP.NET.

When you are prepared for the test, schedule it at

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What subjects are covered in the AZ 104 certification?

Microsoft Azure Logo

The AZ 104 certification test assesses the following skills, and a variable weight is given to each ability when calculating the final result.

Computing resource deployment and management in Azure.

Your understanding of deploying containers, setting up virtual machines and others for scalability, and managing and deploying Azure computing resources will be tested in this subject.

Microsoft’s identity and access management (IAM) system is in charge of managing and directing the 15% to 20% of Azure IDs that make up the whole Azure AD -Active Directory. This module considers combining multi-factor authentication with an active directory to restrict access to essential resources – MFA.

Creating and operating storage

This is a test of your ability to use Azure File Sync to set up and manage file shares. With the Recovery Services vault, data backups should also be possible. 10% to 15% of Azure resources are backed up and monitored.

Resource usage optimization is a talent that you must possess as an administrator. Role-based access control (RBAC), which enables you to make sure that users only have access to the resources they need, is another idea you should be aware of.

Administration and design of virtual networks Weight: 35%–45%

Virtual networks need to be set up and maintained on the Azure cloud. Network gateways, DNS architecture, and protecting Azure Virtual Networks are all topics covered in the course (VNets). Additional skills include scaling, managing VM infrastructure, and troubleshooting.

Practice tests:


The most crucial element in passing any cloud certification test is this. Even if you are an expert in Azure, you go to have the confidence that you can foresee their inquiries, the details they will use to attempt to deceive you, and the particular nuances of Azure that you may not have thought about.

In my opinion, the practice examinations teach you just as much as the actual courses do, particularly if you go through the explanations they provide for each question.

I found that Examsdocs provided a fair variety of the questions I saw on my test. You ought to start by taking the Az-104 dumps and practice tests there, it has also most of the relevant case studies.

Test experiences

There are around 70 questions on the test, and you have two hours to do it.

My specific test included four parts, the first four of which were case studies with multiple-choice questions. Beware; you’ll start to feel afraid of them right away. The hardest case study, in my opinion, was Question 1. You instantly felt powerless. Inhale deeply, then continue. I took a while to finish them, and when I did, there were just five minutes remaining (largely because these took me longer than expected).

You will be able to review and amend them at the end of the case study phase of the examination, but after you go on, you won’t be able to.

Most of the remaining test was multiple-choice. Again, only at this phase may you note questions to come back to later.

As quickly as you can, take the exam. Prevent studying. Give your ideas entire freedom.


I needed a few days to recover since the practice exams had left me so exhausted. Throughout the exam, you need to think coherently.

Take your time with the case studies. Keep an eye on the timing as you move on to the multiple-choice phase of the exam after completing that one. if you only have fifty minutes.

There are 30 questions left; attempt to answer them all in under a minute. Make careful you move at the right rate.

When marking questions for further replies, DO NOT LEAVE ANY QUESTIONS UNANSWERED. If you must flag it, make an educated assumption before continuing. This is because, if you reach the last question with just a minute left in the exam, you won’t have enough time to go back and finish those highlighted questions, which will lead you to answer them erroneously. Therefore, make the best assumption you can if you don’t have time to go back. If you have more time, you may consider it once more.

The AZ-104 examination is categorized as Intermediate when compared to other Microsoft role-based tests. This exam will assess your understanding of complicated technology difficulties via case studies and questions from the five modules listed in the exam outline.

We may infer from the exam’s content and approach that it will need work and planning to get the certification. Your chances will be better if you are well-prepared. For this, you’ll also require study materials. On the other hand, selecting authentic materials is a crucial action. As a consequence, we have compiled a list of resources that you may use to successfully prepare for and take the test in order to make your work simpler.

Microsoft’s learning pathways are always increasing and changing to guarantee that you keep up to date in the challenging IT industry of today. The examination code to become a Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate is AZ-104. Implementing, administering, and monitoring an organization’s Azure infrastructure are among the duties of an Azure administrator. Azure’s computing, storage, identity management, and networking resources are all managed by the azure administrator.

There are certain weights and modules for each test. It is crucial that you fully know the test objectives. You can find out all the details on the weighting of the test’s various modules on the official exam website. Once you have a strong understanding of each module and domain, you may start your preparation. With this knowledge, you may focus on the exam’s most crucial areas.

The last stage of your preparation should be practice. Exam preparation can boost your self-assurance and make you mentally and physically ready for the AZ-104 test. When you feel that you have finished all of your planning, focus on a few reliable simulators. These AZ-104 simulators are designed to replicate the environment of writing an actual test. This exercise may assist you in identifying your weaknesses so that you can strengthen them.

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Why is a certification for Azure necessary?


The potential for increased pay is one of the main motivations for earning an Azure certificate. In the US, a typical Azure Administrator makes around $121,000 a year.

Having an Azure certification shows your knowledge of the cloud computing industry and your dedication to remaining up-to-date with its improvements. A reputable Azure Administrator certification might help you stand out from the competition in the competitive employment market.

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