13 Fantastic Ways to Improve Your Website Security

If you’re running a website, especially SaaS it’s key to ensure that the data and information of your users are kept safe. Hackers are always looking for strategies to steal the data of companies and you need to be ahead. This blog post will discuss 13 ways to improve the security of your website. Implementing these strategies will ensure that every detail of your users is kept securely. 1. Use a strong password that is unique to your website Improve …

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A man sitting at a desk with a laptop, a notebook and a pen.

The A to Z of Plagiarism: Everything You Need to Know!

Have you ever thought about what plagiarism means or why it is considered a huge problem? Plagiarism is the practice of taking someone else’s words, ideas, images, or creations and passing them off as one’s own work. It can happen in many different contexts. For example, it’s common for students to plagiarize their term papers or dissertations in school. But it can also occur in the workplace or in professional situations, such as when an artist creates a piece based …

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11 Great Ways to Make Money Through Your Phone

Technology and smartphones have changed the nature of work and have turned employment from an initial tradition of desk work to a digital workspace. If we see a broader picture of society every individual is now addicted to spending hours using mobile devices daily.  Did anyone consider that simply by using your phone you can easily make some handsome amount of money? In the market, there are multiple methods by which money can be earned by using a mobile phone …

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Ultimate Guide to Data Lifecycle

In the current age, data is an indispensable resource to business growth. However, there are several elements and factors involved in maximizing data. All these elements culminate in the concept called data lifecycle. From collection to usage, data requires quality, diligence, reiteration, security, etc. Furthermore, tracking becomes increasingly complicated as companies get more access to (critical) data. Also, as data volume increases, problems in usage, storage, processing, etc., arise. Big data then comes into the picture, blowing the issues and …

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How to Secure your Home?

We all want to make a firm and safe “brick house” and leave behind a fragile paper house. “Man’s home is his castle” because only at home a person can feel almost absolute safety. But how do we effectively protect our homes when we are not there? In the digital age with the Intercom system, it’s much easier to provide reliable protection, you can open the door with just a phone at hand or you can use IP indoor video …

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Data Evaluation in Research: Accuracy, Precision & Types of Errors

When studying or reviewing scientific data, it is essential and of prime importance to carefully study and evaluate the scientific data. Scientific data is a crucial factor in making policies and it also has a profound and far-reaching effect in conducting research. When presented with accurate and precise calculations, data goes a long way in making scientific data evaluation a success. When decisions are backed by accurate scientific data, it gives more credibility to the scientific research. The accuracy of …

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How to Ensure You Get a Stable Footage Through Your Action Camera?

If you are an extreme sports fan with a love for adrenaline and adventure, then chances are that you have a GoPro or quality action camera. The question is, do you know how to use it properly? As the popularity of this type of camera continues to grow, especially in documenting extreme sports adventures, more and more people are seeing the value in owning one while others don’t even know where to start. There’s nothing worse than going on a …

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What Happens During the Discovery Phase of a Project?

So, you have a brilliant startup idea, what’s next? As they say, a well-started product is a half-built product. The best practices show that a good start of work on a web project almost every time involves a product discovery phase. According to a recent McKinsey report, about 17% of all IT projects do not succeed. Only 7% are delivered with a delay, and about 50% exceed the budget. What can prevent these and other possible startup failures? The best …

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ESG in The Light of Major Industries

When we talk about ESG, we first understand what it means. So, it stands for “Environmental, Social, and Governance”, which refers to a stakeholder-focused approach to business. As ESG becomes more prominent in directors’ minds, it’s critical to recognize the global subtleties that drive regional attention. Companies that follow ESG guidelines commit to behaving responsibly in all possible dimensions. The broad classes of environmental, social, and governance encompass a wide range of challenges. Among these are: Environmental Protection for the …

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12 Career Opportunities in the Video Game Industry

There are a plethora of career options in the mushrooming video game industry that donates to great game production quality. From overseeing the making of triple-A (AAA) titles to developing concepts, various gaming industry jobs might be perfect for you. Video gaming is a really competitive zone where professionals are needed to have a solid balance of fun, creativity, and technology. However, the most vital skills needed in this sector are passion and creativity. Individuals can also pursue their career …

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