Critical Information on Choosing a Mobile Phone Plan

A mobile phone plan can cause you a lot of stress if you don’t know how to choose the best one that suits your needs. You can sometimes find some information on your carrier’s website, but these are obviously skewed to that particular carrier and therefore you might need to do more research. This article will guide you on how to go about comparing different carrier plans and choosing one that suits your needs.

Mobile phones have such a wide variety of uses unlike in the past when they would mostly be for playing games, calling, and texting. With your current mobile phone, you can navigate through streets and even in the wild, conduct research, call, text, send emails, play games online and offline, and other wider uses based on what contemporary computing would require.

Data is at the core of most of the services and therefore, you will find out that you will need to spend more money for more time or data if you are going to go with an “unlimited” subscription for your services. If you are just learning about mobile phone plan then you will find that unlimited services may not just be the only term that causes some confusion.

Understand your mobile phone behavior


People are not the same and therefore no two people can have exactly the same mobile phone behavior. Make sure you know how much data and talk time you will use on a regular basis before looking for a new mobile phone plan. Consider where you are calling from. And which country you are calling to, and how much money you have available for just your mobile phone spend.

Some people are heavy on browsing and downloading materials and this requires heavy data use. If you are one, then get a mobile phone plan that’s heavy on data at the expense of the rest. Consider this option especially if you don’t have reliable Wi-fi at home or in the office.

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What’s your budget?

Budgeting - Budget - Small Business

Your budget should be your greatest consideration when choosing a mobile phone plan. Getting a brand new phone will attract premium charges and you don’t want to be the one with a brand new phone but can’t do anything with it. Since data is the new king, you should get a plan that prioritizes unlimited data.

For those who don’t prefer to risk a price rise if they exceed their monthly data allocation, unlimited data plans are becoming increasingly popular. To eliminate the unpredictability of changeable pricing, many individuals prefer fixed charges and unlimited data plans.

Locked versus unlocked mobile phone plan


Locked mobile phones are a carrier’s hidden weapon. They get to dictate where you can and can’t use their services. Locked prepaid mobile plans tend to offer better pricing and great insurance on the gadgets. Other users however prefer unlocked mobile plans since it gives them the flexibility to use the mobile phone and the associate’s services in more places and they can swap and use another Sim card on the mobile phone.

What about data-only SIM cards?


There is no way to make or receive phone calls or messages with this type of SIM card in your phone as long as you’ve had one in there. It’s best to sign up for a long-term mobile phone plan because there are several applications and services that require a phone number to call you and establish authentication.

Prepaid vs postpaid mobile phone plan


A prepaid mobile phone plan is one that allows you to pay for services in bundles until their expiry. This means that throughout the month, you will be making bits of payments in accordance with your resource needs. Prepaid mobile phone plans are ideal if you are on the move and expect your mobile needs to fluctuate. They are also great for people who don’t need structured mobile packages and know exactly how much they need per day or per week.

On the other hand, post-paid mobile plans offer bundled offers that are paid monthly. You won’t need to constantly worry about your resources running out if you already understand your monthly spending and can project that there won’t be too many fluctuations. The key to keeping your postpaid resources intact is budgeting and planning your resources.

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Why unlimited data is not always the best choice


Getting an unlimited data plan may sound like a great idea at first, but you will find out that over time, unlimited data is actually an expensive option. With Wi-Fi services practically everywhere, getting unlimited data will likely result in you barely using any and yet having to pay for them.

The best bet is to go for a reduced data allowance plan. Prepaid data options will allow you to only buy data when you need it and even plan for several weeks or months ahead. You can easily switch between a prepaid plan and Wi-Fi because you won’t be wasting any money.

Getting the right minutes plan


Despite having data-based calling services you’ll still need a reliable GSM-based service which is more reliable since it doesn’t require Wi-Fi or data. Most carriers leverage their minute plans by bundling them with data plans, but this creates confusion for new mobile plan users. You should be able to know exactly how many minutes you are getting and whether you have an option to add more minutes in case yours expire. This will prevent you from getting stranded and having to wait for days before you get your new monthly offer.

Before entering into a contract with a carrier for a mobile phone plan, make sure your device isn’t network-locked. If you want to move from your current carrier to another one in the future, an unlocked phone is the best option since it eliminates the inconvenience of having to request the phone be unlocked.

Selecting a phone plan may seem like a minor undertaking, but when done right it can save you a lot of time, stress, and money in the long run.

Generally, the first rule in choosing a great phone plan is knowing that not all phone plans work for everybody the same way. Whereas someone might prefer a plan that allows for more flexibility and freedom, others want structured plans that they can easily predict and project future costs. The following tips can help you narrow down a plan that works best for you.

Conduct quality research on several potential network carriers


As stated, sometimes research can be difficult when you’re being bombarded with advertising left, right, and center. You can get through this maze by simply jotting down the main carriers you see when you begin your online search. Chances are you’ll probably land on AT&T, Verizon, US Cellular, or T-Mobile among others. Check whether these carriers have good network coverage in your area or in the area you will be traveling to.

An online search on the carrier’s website will not give you full, unbiased information. You can search further through independent websites that compare various packages to fully narrow down your search.

Finally, you can ask a few friends about the quality of service they get from their service provider. This type of search will yield far richer research since you can get an independent evaluation from an actual user you trust.

Find an affordable unlimited data plan


An unlimited data plan is a practical savior if you are a heavy data user. Data is king and slowly phasing out traditional messaging and calling platforms. Therefore, having unlimited data will result in greater cost savings and allow you leverage to balance between calls, texting, or getting on a phone plan. However, since data-based calls and texts require similar app platforms, there still remains some limitation on cross-platform texting and calling. Therefore make sure most of your contacts are in a similar app platform like WhatsApp or Duo to make communication easier.

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Ensure you check customer service


Customer service is key for new mobile plan owners as it helps them navigate the sometimes complex costing structure and to understand new offers. Terrible customer service can be detrimental to customer satisfaction, and this will not only affect the customer’s overall outlook on carriers but also reduce confidence in other associated companies such as phone companies.

There are some situations where unintended circumstances might result in poor service and most customers might not understand the rationale behind them. A good customer care platform will allow the carrier to fully contain such a situation and retain their customers enabling them to enjoy quality service once everything goes back to normal.

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