Privacy, Security & Health Risks of Social Media! How to Avoid Them?

Social media has become an essential component of practically any lifestyle. From Facebook and Twitter to Instagram, LinkedIn, and beyond – these platforms have connected over 100 million people worldwide! So why not take advantage of the opportunities they offer? Join in on the conversation today! Social media is great for connecting with friends, family, and customers but hackers are always lurking in the background. Protect yourself from these predators by gaining an understanding of all potential risks associated with …

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Successful Tricks to Perfect Your Virtual Conference Presentation

Virtual conferences are a fantastic way to connect with peers, colleagues, and clients from around the world. And even though most virtual conference takes place over video conferencing systems like Google Hangouts or Zoom, they’re still just as important as any other type of presentation. After all, you want to make sure that your audience is engaged and entertained (and judging by the number of people who attend virtual conferences), it’s clear that these events can be effective at facilitating …

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A person in a hoodie typing on a laptop.

What is Website Security and Why is it Important?

With the world’s technological advancements and the continuous invention of tools through the internet, many opportunities and ways are developed to achieve growth and success in whichever field is available. New and existing businesses are not an exception. However, these online advancements can also come with undesirable threats that have posed concerns to most of its users. Thus, online protection and security have played a vital role in the internet. As most businesses have their own websites to enhance processes …

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A man sitting on a laptop with a fishing rod.

Types of Phishing Messages That Can Fool Your Email

There is hardly any form of cybercrime that measures up to phishing in terms of its prevalence and global impact. It is front and center in malicious campaigns aimed at obtaining users’ authentication data, bilking organizations of money, or spreading computer viruses through treacherous emails. Security analysts’ recent findings show the big picture. More than 165,772 new phishing sites were spotted in the first quarter of 2020. The FBI says business email compromise (BEC), is an escalating type of phishing focusing …

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Different Types of the Internet – The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Before subscribing to a new internet plan, it is best to understand the different types of internet that are available in the market today. However, before making the big purchase, let’s go basic first. Defining Broadband This is a broad term, which is used to refer to the different kinds of internet connections that are available in the U.S, among which DSL internet, cable internet, satellite, and fiber optic internet service are considered the popular options. For a connection to …

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What is the Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Cybersecurity?

The frequency of cyber-attacks continues to be prevalent – 66% of businesses experienced a cyber-attack in 2021 according to Forbes. As cyber threats and attacks grow more sophisticated, so does the technology that prevents them. Many businesses are turning to AI to build up their defenses against the crimes that their industries face. While there are numerous use cases and benefits for implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning technology for cybersecurity, the very same technologies can also be leveraged by …

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How to Keep Your Business Safe Online? A Detailed Guide!

Just like a big corporate organization, small businesses are equally exposed to malware from hackers at any time. The data held by small businesses is by no means of any lesser value than that collected by major organizations for business growth and operations. The value of the data and laxity in their cyber security measures constantly exposes the business to hackers. A survey conducted by SBA showed that 88% of owners of small businesses believed it was just a matter …

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A black and white photo of a privacy sign hanging on a door.

Online Tracking: 9 Ways to Evade Being Tracked

We’ve never been more aware of our online privacy and the number of websites and apps that track us as we browse the internet. So many websites and apps are using online tracking that it’s become normal, and many users are complacent regarding their data being collected. However, there are risks to being tracked. So, how can you protect yourself and evade these trackers? This article will explore how and why you’re being tracked. We’ll also look at nine different …

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A modern workspace featuring an imac and macbook on a wooden desk, accompanied by a potted plant and a white water bottle, illuminated by a desk lamp.

13 Fantastic Ways to Improve Your Website Security

If you’re running a website, especially SaaS it’s key to ensure that the data and information of your users are kept safe. Hackers are always looking for strategies to steal the data of companies and you need to be ahead. This blog post will discuss 13 ways to improve the security of your website. Implementing these strategies will ensure that every detail of your users is kept securely. 1. Use a strong password that is unique to your website Improve …

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Microsoft Shuts Down the Spear Phishing Scheme of Bohrium Hackers

This is what a run-of-the-mill phishing attack looks like. To succeed, phishing scammers heavily rely on their spoofing ability and, as always, user error. But this cyberthreat goes even deeper. Spear phishing is commonly targeted at people from rising sectors like IT, education, and e-commerce. Microsoft’s Digital Crime Unit (DCU) decided to try and put an end to spear phishing. Let’s see how they approached the problem and what all of us can learn from this whole situation. What is …

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