Top 11 B2B eCommerce Platforms for Multi-Vendor Marketplaces in 2022

“Change is the only constant in life.” As soon as the businesses of various industries and types accept this powerful quote, the journey to get to the top becomes a breeze. B2B eCommerce businesses are no exception. What did you expect from the B2B eCommerce marketplace? The B2B eCommerce market is worth $7.72 trillion in 2021 and is projected to grow at 18.7% CAGR to reach $25.65 trillion by 2028 in revenue. It’s clear that B2B eCommerce sales and ROI …

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10 Tips to Improve the Design of an eCommerce Website in 2022

The layout and design of a website is a crucial factor that affects its visibility in search engines. It is so, particularly in eCommerce websites. There are several things that an eCommerce website should incorporate in its designing stages. After all, it focuses only on selling products. The landing page, loading time, product display gallery, navigation design, menu items, easy to operate website structure, all play a key role in making an eCommerce website feature right on top of SERP. …

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9 Best Ways to Create a Successful eCommerce Business Plan

ECommerce is the sale of products or services over the internet. It has become one of the most widespread and fastest-growing marketing strategies and an effective distribution channel for many businesses worldwide. In fact, eCommerce has become a necessary part of doing business in many industries, especially those involving retailing. Therefore, it is almost impossible to imagine any company not using at least some of its principles if they want to succeed in its field. The internet allows businesses to …

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10 Shopify Mistakes that Every Business Owner Should Avoid

Setting up an online startup is a thrilling experience for business owners, isn’t it? For sure it is…! The business launch is a journey that is exciting and anticipatory for people of all norms, yet it comes with a lot of risks. Making mistakes is a huge taboo in our society especially in the business world because everyone expects you to be perfect. Keep in mind mistakes are a necessary aspect of becoming successful because you always learn from them. …

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Know is Laravel Reliable for eCommerce Development?

Ask yourself are you still using the old frameworks and languages to build websites? What about scalability? What about security? You do not need to fret anymore! Laravel services have created a soft corner in the hearts of the developers. The upgraded features in 2022 and the unique features of the Laravel PHP framework have made it the most reliable source for web app development as well as for eCommerce. Businesses have been seen to generate higher revenues when using …

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Off-page SEO: The Game Changer for eCommerce Websites

Today, brands are aware of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It helps to rank a website higher in the search results, improve brand awareness, increase leads and conversions. SEO has become a necessity for the growth of the online business. However, SEO is not an easy task, it requires specialized expertise, and thus you can hire an SEO virtual assistant to create a perfect SEO strategy for your company. For an online business, traffic is very important. Your sales will grow only if …

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Is WordPress Good for eCommerce? Let’s Find Out!

WordPress is one of the most powerful CMS currently available in the market. It has maintained a reputation for being famous among almost 25% of all the webmasters in the world. But now with the arrival of more eCommerce platforms that are specifically made for eCommerce sellers. WordPress is struggling with hefty competition, though it has the WooCommerce plugin to add functionality and eCommerce power. Still, there are people having second thoughts when someone recommends a solution of enhancing their …

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The world is connected by a truck and a plane.

How Smarter Ecommerce Shops are Increasing Supply Chain Visibility?

ECommerce has changed the retail sector. Retailers of all sizes have now moved to omnichannel fulfillment as customers have come to expect online ordering capabilities. The move online has come with challenges, however. Specifically, the supply chain and its visibility have grown more complex. With customers engaging across several platforms and sales channels, and with the shipping crisis showing no sign of letting up, order fulfillment is challenging. Maximizing your supply chain visibility is the need of the hour, as …

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How to Run a Robust Online Bookstore? The Simple Ways!

For centuries, books have been an in-demand product. The Internet has provided each bookstore with new online opportunities. From the start of the internet boom, it was evident that books will occupy a certain niche in eCommerce. The bookselling sector will continue to grow because of its convenient format, limitless shelf life, affordable transportation costs, creative digital reproductions, and bestselling writers who write amazing stories. Aas long as books are in high demand, online entrepreneurs will always have a market …

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Top 6 Essential Security Tips for Magento E-commerce Website

The world is going through a major digital transformation. Almost all of our activities have shifted online, especially after the spread of a deadly pandemic. More specifically, E-Commerce is experiencing an explosive growth rate. Call it laziness, lack of time, or safety concern, most people don’t bother to visit physical shops anymore. However, the online world is not all perfect. With the increase in digital developments, the number of cyber threats has increased as well. Hackers are trying out new …

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