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ScalaCube Minecraft Server Hosting

ScalaCube Minecraft Server Hosting Review – An Affordable Solution for You

Every week a new multiplayer game is being launched in the market but it doesn’t mean gamers are giving up on their old favorite games. Minecraft is one such a masterpiece that has got a loyal player base who doesn’t want to compromise with their online gaming experience. This is where the hosting provider comes into the picture as most of the players willing to opt for their own server. Here we have written a detailed review of a very …

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WebHostingPad Review: A Great WordPress Hosting Provider in Your Budget

Are you planning to start a new website for your blog or business? Then you will definitely need to do a lot of research on domain hosting and several other technical things related to web development. With so many options to choose from, you will definitely get baffled over selecting the right Webhosting platform for your website. If you are looking for a feature-packed web hosting plan at an affordable price then WebHostingPad is an ideal choice. Go through the …

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Kinsta Review – A Managed WordPress Hosting Provider

WordPress Hosting has a vital role to play if you are planning to bring your business online using WordPress. Before choosing the right hosting provider for your business you need to do thorough research of your needs and try to match them with offerings of the company. If you are looking for a perfect WordPress hosting provider that can look after your special requirements then Kinsta is an ideal option. Go through the following review to know what difference Kinsta …

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Reseller Hosting by Host4Geeks

The Review of Reseller Hosting by Host4Geeks – All You Need to Know

Web hosting is extremely vital for the presence of businesses which trade their products or services through online medium. There are several reputed web hosting companies available in the market that offer reseller hosting services and Host4Geeks is one of them. If you want to know all the important highlights of reseller hosting by Host4Geeks then here is a comprehensive review that will cover everything you want to know about this company: Features of reseller hosting plans by Host4Geeks: The …

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Hostinger Business Hosting Review – All You Need to Know

When it comes to web hosting options, there are countless choices available like stars in the sky. Hosting industry has become very competitive. Both small and large hosting companies are taking advantage of it. You can see many leading hosting providers are coming with robust yet affordable hosting solutions to attract their clients. The business hosting service from Hostinger is a good example of it. Already, the company offers a wide range of hosting solutions, ranging from shared hosting to …

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000Webhost Review – A Free but Excellent Website Hosting Provider

Free web hosting is a reality now from A zero-cost website hosting using PHP, cPanel, My SQL and an absolutely ad-free site can be achieved. One can sign up for free and get the services. The free website hosting comes from the leader in the industry that has 11 years of experience in the business. Some features of the services are detailed here: Since 2007, free hosting has been made available by the company that has helped a large …

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Shared Hosting by ResellerClub – A Great Option for Designers & Developers?

With many businesses going online, Web Design and Development is a popular but a challenging business in today’s time. Setting up this business is simple, all you need is skills and the right expertise to make professional websites for your customers, and you’re good to go. ResellerClub is one such platform serving over 200,000 web pros across the world, helping them establish themselves in this industry. In this post, we will cover what is Shared Hosting, its features and how …

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Affordable Web Hosting by Hostinger

Affordable Web Hosting by Hostinger – All you need to know (Review)

Whether you are looking forward to having your own blog or you want to make your own online space for your business. In any of the course, a website is very important, and you need to employ only the reliable sources. The web hosting through the sources like Hostinger is one of the affordable ones. They have hosted lakhs of websites in their span of 10 years in the market. The Hostinger is said to guarantee their performance by providing …

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Top Hosting Companies for ECommerce Business Sites in India

Most web-based services in India don’t bother to do any detailed research on the web hosting services that they hire for developing their web presence. However, it’s natural for these services to look for a web hosting service that’s both reliable and secure. There are a few good service providers that are catering to the requirements of various online business websites, especially to the most eminent e-commerce websites. This article provides an insight into the top 5 reliable web hosting …

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Magento eCommerce Store

6 Best Affordable Magento Hosting (Shared/VPS) for Small Magento Sites

Magento is the most popular eCommerce script. Almost 30% of current eCommerce websites are developed in Magento. And the popularity percentage is increasing day by day. But, we have to admit, this is not the lightweight script that may run smoothly on any hosting. To get the optimum performance from your Magento site, your hosting server needs to be optimized for Magento. In this article, I am going to discuss six good and affordable hosting which you can use for …

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