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Top 5 New and Exciting Gadgets of 2015

Top 5 New and Exciting Gadgets of 2015

The world of technology is constantly advancing and evolving, paving the way for a catalogue of new and exciting gadgets. Each year, a whole host of technology-focused gadgets crop up on our radar, opening our eyes to the endless possibilities that come hand in hand with technology – nothing surprises us anymore when it comes to mind-boggling innovation. And in terms of high-performance gadgets, 2015 really was a great year! From the swegway trend that continues to be on the …

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Key Advantages of Bluetooth Speakers - Is it Worth Buying?

Key Advantages of Bluetooth Speakers – Is it Worth Buying?

Laptops, computers, smartphones, and tablets have found diversified uses across all age groups. The machines those were earlier manufactured to make the office job easier have slowly entered the entertainment segment. There are lot many audios and videos available on all these devices that are both entertaining and informative. The displays in these devices have now been designed and upgraded to offer utmost viewing clarity, but one thing that still needs and external support is the speaker. The speakers in …

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Power Banks and its Selection

Power Banks and its Selection – All You May Know

Power banks have revolutionized the concept of charging. The direct charging technology that was till date used for charging the mobile and other gadgets have been slowly replaced by this indirect charging that offer utmost convenience at the time of traveling or commuting. The smartphone owners around the world may have already included this external battery backup device in their wish-list, but here we have listed everything that one might know about the power bank. Recommended reading: 6 Best Portable …

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Electric Scooter

Evolution of Electric Scooter

Now a days, Electric scooter is becoming very popular. But many of us still not know clearly about the concepts and functionality of an electric scooter and also about its various types. The first thing which comes into our mind is that, it is a scooter which might be running through electricity. But, it also has lots of other importance and utility in today’s world. Let’s comes into detailed features and its originality. Basically while searching in Google; it comes …

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K8 3G Smartwatch Phone

K8 3G Smartwatch Phone – Features & Specifications Review

Here comes another smart and beautiful looking watch in the world of wearable electronics gadget, K8 3G Smartwatch Phone. Lots of useful features and technology is inbuilt in this smartwatch phone. This smart watch is not only a watch but also can be a standalone phone. That means, it’s have a SIM card slot. You can use it as a phone and that also without messing with any extra phone for handling. Now without wasting much time lets go into …

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DW360 MTK2502 Smart Watch - Features & Specifications Review

DW360 MTK2502 Smart Watch – Features & Specifications Review

In this new era of smartwatch another beautiful and utility product has been launched. The product name is DW360 MTK2502 Smart Watch. Like the other smartwatches at present available in the market, this watch is also claiming the space of your hand with lots of helpful features & functionality that will undoubtedly dazzle your eyes. Let’s come into detailed specifications of this DW360 MTK2502 Smart Watch. 1. Display & Design: The look of this watch is very simple. The shape of the dial is …

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ZGPAX S79 Bluetooth Smartwatch - Review

ZGPAX S79 Bluetooth Smartwatch – Features & Specifications Review

In the world of Smart watch, one new smart watch has come into the field. The name of this smart watch is ZGPAX S79 Bluetooth Smart watch. This smart watch is very unique in terms of looking’s and pricing. The main highlighting factors are the price. Like other smart watch, this watch is also having lots of exciting features, but the price kept is just $25.74. Is it really a good factor to be considered? To find out, let’s get …

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Beelink R68 TV Box (RK3368) - Android 5.1 - featured

Beelink R68 TV Box (RK3368) – Android 5.1 – Review

Now a day, paying a high amount of cable charges and subscriptions still can’t give you that 100% satisfaction that you must be looking for. But now you can cherish and celebrate. The news is, Beelink have launched a super quality product called Beelink R68 TV Box (RK3368). They are clamming; by using it you can enjoy the whole world from your home. You will enjoy watching Live TV shows, photos, music, sporting events and lots more interesting and your …

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N10 Smart Outdoor Sport Watch

N10 Smart Outdoor Sport Watch – Features & Specifications Review

Here in this article we will review a newly launched smart watch especially for sports lovers – N10 Smart Outdoor Sport Watch. This is a great news for those who are into sports field or those who enjoy playing sports occasionally. But do not get upset if you are not a sports person. Because N10 Smart Outdoor Sport Watch has lots of other interesting inbuilt features which you can also enjoy and cherish in your daily life. N10 Smart Outdoor Sport …

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Ulefone uWear Bluetooth Smart Watch – Featured

Ulefone uWear Bluetooth Smart Watch – Features & Specifications Review

At last after a long wait it is finally launched. We heard the news from Ulefone’s official Facebook fan page about their plan of launching a smart watch. Yes you are right; Ulefone now on this September 2015 finally introduced their brand new Ulefone uWear Bluetooth Smart Watch in the smart watch industry. Ulefone is claiming that they have ornamented their new smart watch with latest technology and designs which is very much equivalent to apple iWatch. So it’s seems …

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