37 Degree L18 Smart Bluetooth Wristband Fitness Watch – Features & Specifications Review

In this article, we will learn about one more product which is just stepping into the world of smart wristbands. The product is 37 Degree L18 Smart Bluetooth Wristband Fitness Watch. By the name, it is very much clear that it will be very modern and fully equipped smart wrist watch which will definitely catch the attentions of smart wristwatch lovers. Let’s get into its features and designing sections for knowing the product very well.

1. Display & Design:

It is rectangular in shape, which seems very elegant and smart in looking and viewing as well. It has three beautiful color options, one is black, second one is red and the third one is blue. So both boys and girls can enjoy this watch in their daily life.


The dial thickness and diameter is 1 cm and 2 cm respectively. The width of the band is 1.5 cm and its total wearable length is 14.5 cm to 20.9 cm. The overall product dimension (length, width, and height) is 24.700 x 2.000 x 1.000 cm and the net product weight is just 21 gram. That means the total weight and size are very justified for any good smart watch.

The case material used for this wrist watch is PVC and the band material used is TPSiV.

2. Features & Functions:

The special features of this smart fitness watch are to monitor some of your important daily routine factors which really bother us many times. It can monitor our mood. Like it happens many a time that our mood becomes very sad or we become very upset, at that point it will remind us to stay happy. It will also provide us some valuable tips to correct our mood.


Secondly, it will warn us if our blood pressure becomes irregular due to our unhealthy lifestyle or work style.

Thirdly very importantly it can detect our 24 hours heart rate. As a result, it can detect very early if we will have any sort of problems due to sinus tachycardia or sinus arrhythmia.

Fourthly it will help us in our fitness and sports activity related issues. It can track our walking distances, how many steps we have taken during our walking or how much calorie we have burnt. In short it will help us in achieving our health related goals and strategies.

And fifthly it will help us in monitoring our sleep-related matters. Like it will show us how much time we have a deep sleep or a shallow sleep or when we have wakened up. In this way, we will get a total sleeping graph to develop our good sleeping habit.


This smart fitness watch band is Compatible with Android and IOS. It is also compatible with any Android 4.3 or iOS 7 and above systems. Bluetooth version 4.0 is used in it that is obviously another good factor.

This wristband fitness watch is 100% waterproof with a waterproof rating IP54. That means you can enjoy its features and functionality under water.

3. Battery:

The battery type used in this fitness watch is Polymer lithium battery. It has a capacity of 157mAh with voltage capacity DC 5.0V. That means you can enjoy up to a total 5 days standby time. It’s a quite exciting feature for any heavy users. Because a good battery backup is always needed for any long term purposes or reasons.


Conclusions & Purchase Option:

In the above-mentioned features, it is very much clear that this Bluetooth fitness wristwatch band is a must for any fitness or sports lovers. Because in our daily life we are almost going to forget our daily fitness regime, so it’s a high time when we should start thinking about our health and health related problems. And believe me, this type of gadgets are being introduced to us so that we can solve our health related issues very efficiently.

Gearbest is offering this wristband at just $19.99. As the worth is very much reasonable, you can definitely give it a try.

Review Breakdown

Display & Design

Very Good!

It’s a high time when we should start thinking about our health and health related problems. And believe me, this type of gadgets are being introduced to us so that we can solve our health related issues very efficiently.

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