Here’s Why Small Businesses Are Ideal Targets for Hackers!

For decades, small businesses were unlikely targets for hacking attacks and data breaches by hackers. Hackers were less interested in attacking low-profile small businesses and relatively unknown brands with fewer financial resources. And this is why, whenever you think about sophisticated cyberattacks on companies, the first thing that comes to your mind is the large-scale breaches against huge corporations like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Equifax, and T-Mobile. Massive breaches make headlines, but when they happen against small businesses, it rarely makes …

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How to Successfully Relaunch a Business?

For many ambitious entrepreneurs, success can prove elusive –– at least at first. Indeed, a huge number of small businesses fail to survive for even five years. And some businesses with initial promise may be forced to close their doors due to circumstances beyond their control. As such, it’s not unheard of for business leaders to resurrect old plans and relaunch a company from time to time. The first thing you really need to do is to go back to …

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5 Things Ed-tech Companies Can Learn from BYJU’S Success

Technology has changed the modes and means of education. From regular to distance education courses, online education has impacted every facet of learning. And with the rise in virtual education, we also see more and more ed-tech companies entering the competition. Ed-tech companies are basically platforms that offer learning services to students. And BYJU’S is a household name, controlling more than half the market share. And if you want to achieve the same success as BYJU’S then these are some …

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7 Tips to Help Your Business Adapt Following COVID-19

COVID-19 has forced businesses to shift and adapt. The measures that the pandemic has brought include lock-down and social distancing, both of which directly impact businesses. It is important to adapt to these measures to make sure that your business stays afloat and safe. Here are 6 tips to help your business to thrive following COVID-19. Go Digital Lockdown and social distancing have meant that your consumers are spending more time at home than in shops. There are curfews that …

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How Software & IT Businesses are Surviving in the COVID-19 Pandemic?

COVID-19 pandemic crisis has hit almost everyone in society across the world today. Surely the humanitarians and health crises are at peak currently. There is no denial of the fact that software and IT businesses have also got a pretty bad hit. But in the COVID-19 pandemic situation, they have been rapidly adjusting themselves. Since the crisis is unfolding itself, the leaders need to prepare themselves for what shall be coming in the future. There is surely the new ‘Normal’ …

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How the Prosperity of Business Depends on Enterprise Application Integration?

In the hyper-competitive world, enterprise application integration (EAI) has become a critical concern. According to the RightScale survey, application integration solutions are getting adopted rapidly. As a business owner, you might be thinking about how enterprise integration will help your business prosper. Thus, roll out the curtains; let’s explore the benefits of it. However, before diving into the benefits of enterprise application integration, let’s quickly understand what is EAI, the different approaches, the importance and the benefits of EAI for …

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11 Ways to Cut the Cost of Starting Your Small Business

When first starting out, businesses often have to face a range of unavoidable costs that can be tricky to deal with while you are still building your customer base and trying to market your products. The good news is that no matter what type of business you have started or are thinking about starting in the near future, there are several options to consider if you want to keep your costs low. From shopping around for equipment, trading services with …

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8 Noteworthy Reasons Why MLM Business Plan is Important

Business plans are like road maps; you can drive without them, but they will only increase the risk of failure. Any entrepreneur also takes business plans to help guide you rather than putting you in a position to stop and ask for directions or even go back and start. An MLM software provider is crucial to the success of any business strategy. It allows company owners to see the larger picture, to plan, to make important decisions, and to increase …

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10 Businesses That Are Booming in Covid-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus is reshaping our world; it is forcing people to spend more time with their families, forcing people to clean themselves constantly and be more considerate about their intimate relationships. It has closed all the restaurants, pubs, hotels, casinos, theatres, and everything where a large no of people used to gather and eventually quarantining people in their houses with no physical contact with the outside world. The pandemic has unbelievably disrupted the whole world. From business to lifestyle and …

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6 Key Metrics to Measure the Effectiveness of Online Events (Infographic)

Since the COVID-19 crisis, there has been a sharp increase in the number of online events. But just like offline events, it’s not enough to just host these events. You also need to put in the hard work to promote your virtual event and create buzz around it. While you are at it, it’s also important to keep an eye on key metrics to assess whether or not your marketing efforts are paying off. If you’re lagging behind, you can …

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