Review of Bitdefender Small Office Security Software for Small Business

Are you a small business owner who has just started accumulating a chunk of loyal customers? Then simply imagine losing financial data or personal information of your customers may create the level of damage to your business. Your security software may be efficient in detecting viruses but it can’t handle malware, ransomware, rootkits, keyloggers, spyware, and other critical pieces of viruses. This is where the next generation product like Bitdefender Small Office Security Software comes for your rescue. Go through the following review to know all the unique features of this product that separates it from other security tools available in the market:

Why Small Businesses Need Bitdefender Small Office Security Software?


A recent analysis has demonstrated that around half of the companies lose their businesses because of constant cyber attacks. With the advent of high-end technology, small as well as medium organizations have become a very easy target for most of the hackers. The only thing these businesses need is the right product deployed in the system that can prevent different types of attacks. Bitdefender Small Office Security Software employs multiple layers and several advanced techniques to protect your business so that you can focus on growth rather than other factors. Whether those are computer devices, mailboxes, servers, or workstations, everything is made secured using this amazing tool.

Advantages of Bitdefender Small Office Security Software:


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1. Protection from Data Breach

number-rank-rating-point-order-1Whether you are running a large business that involves the management of an immense volume of customers or you are dealing with a small business that asks you to look after a small customer base, you need to secure your business from any potential fraud. This is exactly where Bitdefender Small Office Security Software comes into the picture which protects the financial and personal information of your customers without any risk of a data breach.

2. Smooth Installation

number-rank-rating-point-order-2Bitdefender is recognized for the most user-friendly interface that facilitates smooth installation. You can configure things very easily and different options of customization make navigation very quick. The amazing thing about this tool is that you don’t need any technical know-how to get going. You don’t even need to seek advice from IT specialists to install and run this software. You can do it on your own and get going within a matter of a few minutes. Even for a non-IT person, it takes only 5 minutes to install this tool and start exploring all its features.

3. Ease in Management

number-rank-rating-point-order-3The management console is one of the highly accolade features of Bitdefender that offers centralized control for iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows devices.  The centralized control offered by this product makes sure that the user can manage things with their own comfort without facing any disruption.

4. No Hindrance in Performance

number-rank-rating-point-order-4Most of the security software available in the market is extremely heavy and they consume a lot of space in your system. This is not the case with Bitdefender as it is extremely light and easy to install. Within only a matter of a few seconds, you can start using this software. It doesn’t create any performance issues in your system and you can experience a similar level of efficiency in your system that you were achieving before. Unlike other tools, Bitdefender Small Office Security Software doesn’t consume your system resources thereby allowing your computer to perform at best speed.

The performance of your PC is looked after by different modes available under Bitdefender. These mainly include OneClick Optimizer, Game, work, movie, or battery mode. Bitdefender Photon and Autopilot mode of this tool make sure that the efficiency of your system is not affected at any cost.

5. Highly Secured Payment System

number-rank-rating-point-order-5When it comes to making or receiving payments, safety is the most important concern for any business. Bitdefender is very well aware of this factor and this is the reason why it has kept payment safety on the top priority. Users can take help of dedicated browser to avoid financial fraud or data theft which is the major reason why most of the business is relying on Bitdefender for the safety of financial transactions.

6. Online Activity with Total Safety

number-rank-rating-point-order-6Users can get use a VPN connection for quick, safe, and anonymous online activities. This way they can keep all the transactions relate to their business highly secure. You can protect your bank details such as account numbers and passwords while using unsecured connections such as public networks. Bitdefender makes sure that there will be no unethical downloads form hackers by keeping the connection highly secured.

7. Multilayer Protection

number-rank-rating-point-order-7Bitdefender Small Office Security comes with a ransomware protection module that features multiple levels of security which protects your system from highly Cryptoware. The high-end technology created by developers and coders of this software helps to protect your system from ransomware as well. The program gets automatic updates multiple times a day. It also safeguards your PC from the latest threats that arise on an everyday basis.

8. Total Flexibility

number-rank-rating-point-order-8Bitdefender is so powerful that even if you are thinking about scaling your business from a small organization to a big one; you can easily deploy all the features of the tool in your system without any hassle.  It offers you all the flexibility when selecting an ideal option out of on-premise and hosted that suits your business. The on-premise option lets you choose and control components through your company’s servers. This way you can keep a check on your business costs.

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9. Incredible Customer Support

number-rank-rating-point-order-9When it comes to customer support, Bitdefender has not left any stone unturned. It has a team of experienced and educated professionals who are capable of offering a resolution to customer queries within a quick time. Users can get in touch with customer personnel through chat, phone or email support to convey their issue.

System Requirements:

Bitdefender Small Office Security System Requirements

Bitdefender supports a variety of Operating systems from Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Each of the OS has its own criteria when it comes to RAM, processor, hard disk space, and browser. So make sure you check the compatibility of your system before planning to install this efficient yet lightweight software in your system.

Plans & Pricing:

Bitdefender Small Office Security Plans and Pricing

Bitdefender Small Office Security Software comes with several customization options. You have the luxury to choose a plan according to the number of devices you want to protect. This economical plan offers protection for up to 20 devices. Buyers can choose the duration from one year to three years depending upon their requirements.

Bitdefender Small Office Security comes with cloud-based management console but doesn’t offer Add-on protection and File Server protection. If you want to avail of all these highly advanced features then you need to opt for Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security.

Other Unique Features Offered:


  • The software detects new workstations automatically that facilitates easy deployment in the system.
  • It also looks after user control and privacy for different workstations as well as file servers.
  • The software features firewall, antispam, anti-phishing, antivirus, anti-spyware, and anti-rootkit thereby making it a truly versatile product.
  • The smooth user-interface and simplistic navigation tools of this software control the workload of your business significantly.
  • Users can share their files and documents without any technical interruption or virus threat.
  • The enhanced network visibility and security offered by this software make it a highly compatible product for the business environment.
  • Peerless threat detection technology that prevents cyber attackers and hackers from interfering with your business.
  • The ransomware protection offered by Bitdefender helps businesses to keep their data extremely safe.
  • The highly advanced web filtering model of Bitdefender makes sure that employees of the company are not landed on any harmful websites that are affected by the virus. The tool even notifies you when you are landed on any of the blacklisted or dangerous websites.
  • The Antispam features of Bitdefender make sure that any irrelevant or spam messages are filtered and do not reach your inbox.
  • Bitdefender makes sure that all the critical data and important files of your business are stored properly. There is no unauthorized access. You can take a complete sigh of relief while copying files from one folder to another.
  • Most of the advanced viruses such as rootkits can be removed only at the start of windows. Bitdefender looks after such threats and it reboots your system in rescue mode for the purpose of cleaning up.
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The Bottom Line:

Bitdefender Small Office Security

Bitdefender Small Office Security Software has honored with the ‘Product of the Year’ award from AV-Comparatives in the year 2017. The credit goes to its high-end features and incredible customer support which is available 24/7 to provide quick response to users. With such an extraordinary tool in hand, you can protect multiple devices such as desktop, laptop, tablet, and Smartphone at a price which is truly unbelievable. With Bitdefender in hand, you don’t need to purchase multiple products for different Operating Systems. It supports diverse kinds of OS in a similar version.

Download Bitdefender Small Office Security

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