The 5 Best Programs for Blogging

Did you know around 32-million people in the US are pursuing blogging as a full-time job? Well, don’t let anyone tell you blogging is a dying field! In the present times, blogging is the fastest growing industry. More people are selecting it as a career choice. But why?

The reasons are simple; blogging doesn’t require much investment. All you must possess is a laptop/tablet and a stable internet connection. Plus, blogging can help make a decent figure every month.

On average, a blogger earns $300 to $500. You can make this blog revenue from page views, ad clicks, and affiliate programs. However, if you upgrade your blogging skills using specific programs and work more on the site, then you can even earn up to $20,000+!

So, are you ready to level up your blogging site and take the monthly revenues soaring through the skies?! Well, then continue reading to unravel the 5 best programs for blogging!

Best for Hosting: CMS HUB


CMS, also called content management system, is a website-making tool for the non-tech population. With CMS, you don’t need to learn coding or web development. It provides a complete website creating an interface where you can drag and drop things to create a personalized look.

The CMS also features page speed, content publishing tools, security, and SEO features to begin. While most bloggers opt for a traditional CMS like WordPress, we highly recommend the latest CMS Hub.

Released in 2020, HubSpot Content Management System integrates all the features of a traditional CMS with several customer-centric tools. So, you get the HubSpot CRM, marketing, customer service, and sales tools all in one place. And, altogether, these tools enable you to increase customer conversion rate. You would be able to provide your readers with an optimized browsing experience that guides them through the sales funnel to the customer stage.

Apart from this, HubSpot CMS comes with design and media tools. But, if you aren’t much of a creative head, you can use the HubSpot Asset Marketplace for custom templates. It also includes advanced optimization and content strategy tools to make your content marketer-friendly.

What’s more, you get world-class hosting for security and speed. So, your blogging site won’t lag and buffer whenever a reader visits. Another praiseworthy aspect of the CMS Hub is that it offers chatbots. Until recently, it is the only CMS platform to provide a chatbot feature to engage with your site viewers.

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Best for Image Editing: PhotoWorks


The human brain processes image 60,000-times faster than text. And so, an average individual would respond better to images-filled content when compared to blocks of text. So, for the sake of this world, do add high-quality images to your blog posts if you wish to see an increase in revenues.

But, well, here’s the problem. Not every picture you take from your iPhone or DSLR is pitch-perfect. There’s always something unwanted in the background or dull colors. After all, you aren’t a professional photographer with the knowledge to play with the dynamics of light and create stunning, flawless images. So, what to do?

The solution is simple; get a pro-level photo editor that converts those raw images into finished, ready-to-publish masterpieces. PhotoWorks is just the right software for that. It is multi-functional desktop software released by

The powerful tool lets you delete all unwanted objects from the image using a few clicks. Select the Healing Brush to vanish the items or Clone Stamp to replicate one item and fill the image. You can even alter the entire background using the Change Background tool!

What’s more, if you want to post simple product photos on your blog, you can remove the background using the tool and make it transparent. Now, there’s no need to invest in backdrops and other professional equipment.

In portrait editing, you can use a diverse collection of tools to sculpt the face as per your preferences. Make the lips plum, change the brows, thin the face, and much more. Also, you can correct the perspective and distortions in an image. Some other pro-level tools include curves, noise reducer, tone mapping, etc.

At times, when you’re feeling doubtful about edits, use the Automatic Photo Editor to enhance the image with a single click. There is a separate, intelligent module for portrait enhancement called Portrait Magic. So, you’ll get the best results possible. There are also 200+ photo effects, along with 3D LUT presets, for quick editing.

Furthermore, let’s not forget that this feature-rich tool enables you to add professional watermarks easily. Using it, you can ensure no one steals your work or misuses it!


Best for Content Planning: SEMrush


There is no point in content creation that doesn’t answer the queries of your intended audience. You could be blogging about the beautiful lunch you ate in Bali while your readers want to know the best restaurants to dine out there.

Such directionless and unplanned content will do nothing for your blog. There will be no ranking, no page views, and no revenues. We don’t want this, right? So, you need to have access to the best blogging platform for content planning that is SEMrush.

Founded back in 2008, SEMrush is the largest database existing in the industry. The platform crawls millions of search results and sites every second to provide customer-centric data. It offers you access to 20+ billion keywords for 130-countries.

You can create content using these keywords and increase the chances of getting organic traffic to your site. The platform also allows you to run an in-depth website audit. So, you can know the site’s weak points and work on them accordingly.

Moreover, SEMrush’s advanced tracking feature lets you analyze the competitor’s website and marketing strategies. You will have their data in your hands to create better strategies for your blogging site. There’s also a feature to create and maintain your PPC campaigns for improved revenues.

However, to benefit the most from these features, you need to have a decent understanding of content planning and marketing. If you’re an absolute beginner, we would recommend you go to the SEMrush site and try their free courses to gain insights!

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Best for Content Editing: Grammarly


While creating planned content is crucial, making it flawless is equally important. Google algorithms consider error-filled text non-worthy of ranking. And, without ranking, you won’t have any traffic to your blog.

So, does this mean you must hire an editor and proofreader? Certainly not. There is a much cost and time-effective solution available today – Grammarly.

Grammarly is an easy-to-access text editing software. It checks your content for grammatical mistakes, readability, tone, and clarity. These metrics ensure your written blog posts, articles, and even social media copies are flawless.

It also checks your work for any plagiarized content. Well, you may not have copied text from another website or blog. But, Google algorithms flag content as plagiarized even when they contain common phrases!

What’s more, you can download the Grammarly extension and integrate it with various other programs. These include Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and much more. So, you don’t have to dedicate specific time to editing. You can do it all in a single go!


Best for Social Media Marketing Strategy: BuzzSumo


High-quality, targeted, and optimized content yields a good response on its own. But why not give it an extra push to the top using social media handles? From Facebook to Twitter, millions of people log into these social media platforms every day. And so, much of your potential audience can be existing over there.

Share your content on the blog profiles, build a following, interact with people, and get them reading on your site. However, social media marketing is not at all as easy as it seems. At first, you need a proper strategy, and BuzzSumo can help you efficiently with that!

BuzzSumo is an emerging top-rated tool for blog marketing and promotion. You can use their advanced analytic tools to find the performance of your published blogs. Using this data, you can easily determine the idealistic time and days to post content on social media. In this particular way, you can ensure the best possible response from the audience. Moreover, the intuitive interface of the online tool lets you find the metrics of other websites too.

Simple, search the topic or niche on the bar and gain detailed social media analytics. You can find which topics are trending and their share counts across different social media platforms. Hence, you can create content accordingly and benefit from the overwhelming response to your site.

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Final Words


Summing it all up, blogging is indeed a profitable and fast-growing field. However, success in blogging is only guaranteed if you optimize the blogs around what your audience wants. And so, having access to the best programs for blogging is an utmost necessity.

We hope that this article has helped you find the gems for your blogging career. If you have any queries or suggestions, do let us know in the comments below. Happy blogging!

Disclosure: Some of our articles may contain affiliate links; this means each time you make a purchase, we get a small commission. However, the input we produce is reliable; we always handpick and review all information before publishing it on our website. We can ensure you will always get genuine as well as valuable knowledge and resources.
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