How to Make Money from Blogging?

Have you ever tried making money from blogging? Or is it your first time using a platform where your chances to earn money better and faster are high? If so, then surely you are going to have the best income source for the rest of your life provided you take the blogging platform seriously.

Being a first-time blogger, you may have tons of questions on your mind. You can always start a blog on Wix or any of the other blogging platforms, which will make your life a lot easier.  If you are wondering how blogging can actually help you earn money and improve your life, then this post is meant for you.

Quick facts about earning money from blogging


The very first thought that may have popped in your head is whether bloggers earn money or not. Well, if the blog reaches more than 10,000 unique visitors a month, then it is quite easy to earn money. However, the real challenge is to earn money from a blog that has less than 1000 visitors per day. This will likely be your situation in the beginning, but there is nothing to be worried about. Creating a strong reader base takes time, but once you have it, you’re pretty much all set.

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How Blogging Can Earn You Money and Improve Your Life


No success story happens overnight. Always keep in mind that it takes time to create a source of income from blogging. First of all, you need to understand which stage you are at and then begin working from there. There are no shortcuts for earning blog traffic. You must maintain consistency and patience and your hard work will pay off.

Bloggers can earn money with ads

Top 10 Platforms to Create your Free Blog

This is one of the most common things that every expert blogger usually does. For this, a blogger will have to sign up with an ad network. Bloggers then place their ads on the site. Usually, ad networks use ads that need to be targeted. This means the ad can change depending on the number of views that a blog gets along with the content that is available on the blog. AdSense,, etc. are some of the known ad networks that bloggers usually belong to. Bloggers can get paid in two ways:

  • Paid per click: Each time a person clicks on the ad, the blogger will get a small amount of money for that click.
  • Paid per impression: With such ads, the viewers will not have to click on the ad for the blogger to get paid. They are paid per impression, meaning the number of times the ad has been seen.

Come up with services to Offer


For this, a blogger doesn’t have to be rich. Selling services can be a great way for bloggers to earn extra money and create a strong reputation as well. Selling the services directly associated with the topic of the blog gives bloggers a good opportunity to make money. For example, a food blogger could offer a catering service.

Bloggers can earn money with affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing is another amazing option for bloggers to earn money. Affiliate marketing is when a blogger creates a connection with a company and starts promoting their services and products. Every affiliate blogger is given a specific URL associated with the website of the company. Every time someone clicks that particular link and buys from the company, the blogger gets a good commission.

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Hosting sponsored contests

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When it comes to hosting sponsored contests, the blogger usually approaches a business in their field and offers the host a giveaway or a contest on their blogging platform. If they have a social media account, they conduct the contest there as well. This improves the business awareness of what the blogger promotes through his or her followers. If it is done right, they start earning better business leads.

Run brands campaign


Another option that bloggers usually opt for is to run the brand’s campaign. This is best for any type of blogger who has a good audience base already set. The blogger can help the brands who want to reach out to a wider audience by running the campaign for them. This way, they will be able to perform a brand collaboration and even run the webinars or come up with videos. Currently, this is the trending way to earn money from a blog.

Have you tried Blogging about your life to earn money?


This is something that is trending right now, and it usually means that a blogger communicates with people about their daily life and tries to build a strong community. This also exists on YouTube in the form of video blogging (vlogging). First, the blogger will choose the niche that he or she wants to write about, be it fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, technology, motivation, or travel. The focus here is to make sure the reader stays engaged, so it helps to write about something you are passionate about. It will surely come out more interesting to the readers!

Things to Consider

  • Traffic and the trend: Bloggers usually want to choose topics to write about that will generate traffic. Checking trends usually gives a blogger a clear idea of whether the topic he has chosen is of interest to readers. There are platforms like Google Trends where a blogger can get an idea of whether the topic will generate traffic or not.
  • Passion: Bloggers also focus on writing about topics they are interested in and passionate about. This doesn’t have to be anything complicated, but it is worth thinking about what will be most interesting for you to write about. If you are passionate about it, your blog will most likely be more interesting for the readers as well.
  • Competition: It is important to consider the competitiveness of your niche. If you have a blog in a competitive niche, you will have to work harder to outrank your competitors and publish better content. It is all about coming up with better content for the readers that will be more entertaining and interesting than the other options.

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Final Words

How Blogs Help to Run Business More Successfully

Earning money through blogging is definitely a great idea, no matter what your profession is. Even using a blend of all of these techniques can help a blogger earn a better audience and thus increase income. However, bloggers need to maintain consistency for around a year before they start making decent money and be able to make a living from blogging.

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