How to Secure your Home?

We all want to make a firm and safe “brick house” and leave behind a fragile paper house. “Man’s home is his castle” because only at home a person can feel almost absolute safety.

But how do we effectively protect our homes when we are not there? In the digital age with the Intercom system, it’s much easier to provide reliable protection, you can open the door with just a phone at hand or you can use IP indoor video entry phones. In the era of technology, more and more options for increasing security are emerging.

Types of intercoms


Intercoms have long since replaced the doorbell and are more than an automatic door opening device. There are many different intercoms available today that will provide the best efficiency. There are common audio door phones and color video door phones; simple devices without memory and video on-door speakerphones with built-in memory; individual solutions for one apartment, and many subscriber ones – for the whole entrance, for example.

The market offers only two types of video intercoms:
  • Analog.
  • Digital.

Ip intercoms can be wired or wireless. Wireless intercoms use Wi-Fi to connect. In order for the system to work correctly, there are many settings, including the access point setting.

If your Wi-Fi has a stable connection, a wireless intercom will be a great choice. If the Internet connection speed is too slow, the wireless intercom will not work. It is better to consider a wired intercom as an alternative.

Analog models handle the basic tasks, but it’s better to use a digital intercom outside if you want the best quality connection.

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What is included in the intercom kit?


It is best to use an intercom and other components in a bundle, as different brands are often incompatible. Here is a list of components that should be present in the kit:

  • video intercom monitor.
  • Intercom with a built-in video camera (sometimes the intercom and video surveillance camera connected to this system is installed).
  • controlled electromagnetic lock.
  • cable, connectors, PW screws, and more.

If you are going to use a wireless intercom, then you will need equipment that supports the Wi-fi signal. There are many intercoms available, differing both in equipment and price. The additional functions of the intercom are not unimportant. These include:

  • Face recognition, through which the door will open automatically.
  • License plate recognition to open the garage door.
  • Voice control.

These functions will only be available if professional software is used.

A modern intercom system, in addition to the basic elements, can be equipped with additional functionality. At the request of the owner of the house, the intercom can be equipped with an unlimited number of monitors and additional CCTV cameras.

What to consider when choosing an intercom?


The main problem for many people is that they choose intercoms with video surveillance not on the characteristics, but on the price.

 The analog intercom is the simplest option. It only has a door opening sensor. The image quality is less than 0.1 megapixels. This is quite sufficient if only the door opener function will be used. If the intercom components are far apart, then you will need to spend more money on cable. If you plan to place the camera up high, then I advise you to consider IP models. They have better quality and allow you to see an intruder from a long distance. Among other things, these models have built-in software that, when purchased, unlocks additional features. You do not need a camera with 5 or 10 megapixels. Two megapixels cameras would be enough. There are many different types of calling panels.

There are three types of intercom panels:
  • Outdoor.
  • Interior.
  • Vandal-resistant.

If you are planning to fix the intercom outside your private home, then the best option would be an outdoor vandal-resistant panel. Such panels often have excellent protective features, such as:

  • protection against water.
  • dust protection.
  • protection against overcooling.
  • strong vandal-proof case.

The best choice of intercom system is made by professionals, specifying the budget, and explaining where you want to install this or that equipment. They will choose the right equipment for a reasonable price. The color of the housing and other visual parameters you can choose among the available intercoms.

The choice of the intercom can be influenced by the area of the site, how many entrances there will be, as well as the ability to unnoticeably stretch the cables and provide power to the entire system. A large selection of equipment now allows you to choose the necessary option both in terms of its functionality and cost.

GSM alarm system


Professional burglars can get into an apartment in any case, regardless of the security systems installed. And even the recorded video does not always help to return the stolen things.

Triggering of the system, which alerts on a burglary by a sound signal and transmits information to security services (and sometimes to the owner), in most cases, scares away intruders. Reliable alarm systems are distinguished by their stealth, as they are installed in an inconspicuous place. The system sends a signal after it detects an intrusion. On average, it takes the task force five minutes to get to the break-in point. Security systems require periodic maintenance. This should be done at least once a month.

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IP cameras

CCTV Cameras - IP Cameras - home-intercoms-safety-security

Installing them so that the monitor shows the house entrance or perimeter, there is a chance to protect yourself from theft before something was stolen. The most reliable way is to install a camera with a built-in motion sensor. Just as with alarm systems, indoor surveillance cameras can alert the task force or the homeowner if there is an intruder. IP cameras do not necessarily have to run continuously. This greatly increases power consumption and requires more memory. There is also an option to use a memory card or built-in storage device to record even if you run out of space (car DVR principle). The most popular option starts recording when an alarm signal is triggered.

Build smart locks into doors


Locking systems can be add-ons to existing locks or a completely self-contained and built-in device that opens with keys, cards, a pin code, or a fingerprint. There are even smartphone-controlled devices: they can be used to get access to guests if the owner is late, or to open doors when driving up to the house.

When choosing smart locks, you should pay attention to such criteria:

  • The power sources. Cordless models are often the easiest to install. Wired models work longer, not requiring replacement or recharging of batteries. But it is more difficult to install them, there will be a problem with the location of the cable, which will constantly bend.
  • The number of ways to access. Depends on the number of people who will use the apartment or house, and the budget you have. Models, that are opened only by card or code, are more profitable in price, multifunctional – more expensive, but more convenient in use.
  • Method of installation. The add-on lock is easy to install but attracts more attention. Built-in and almost indistinguishable from an ordinary door handle. The device looks simpler, and it is not allowing you to determine your home protection level.
  • The possibility of signaling a burglary attempt. The design of the locks themselves usually does not embed alarms and modules to transmit data to the owner.

Other methods

  • Security bars installation of bars. This method is most effective for protection against burglars in private houses and apartments on lower floors.
  • Window armoring with special shockproof tape. This option is quite reliable, but it might be expensive protection for apartments and houses against burglars.
  • Dog. This old and proven way to protect your house or apartment from burglars is supplemented by the possibility to get a reliable and loyal friend. Alternatively, you can use a bell with a signal that imitates a dog barking. Although it will not be wagging its tail to greet you, it can help protect your apartment or house from burglars.

Why is it worth installing an intercom?


“Even such an inconspicuous element as door entry intercom can greatly improve the quality of life of every person on earth” – says Dmitriy Panchenko, the CTO at BAS-IP company.

Many people doubt whether it is worth installing an intercom in the house and whether it has any benefit. It is definitely worth it, those who have already installed such an intercom, and specialists who, directly, are engaged in such an installation, will tell you. An intercom is a multifunctional device that is worth installing for both a private house and multi-story housing.

Here is the reason why: Safety

Gocomma Wireless Smart WiFi IP Bullet Camera - 2

Safety is the second most important need for the famous Maslow Pyramid. The next thing a person needs after food, water, and a roof over his head is a feeling of stability and the absence of anxiety for his own life. In addition to personal inviolability, the safety of our property is important: from the banal concern not to steal the phone from the bag and ending with the fear of breaking into the house. Our home is our fortress. And I really don’t want unexpected guests to come to this fortress. As we said above, using an intercom, it is very likely that you will be able to feel safe due to the fact that no one outside will be able to enter the house.

  • Visit control. In order to open the doors of the house, it is necessary that you press a special button from home. That is, you can open them only when you are sure of who you are opening to.
  • Convenience. There is a special key to open such doors, which is very convenient. And inside a tube is installed through which you can contact guests and other visitors to the house.

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This is just a small list of options to keep your home safe. Any expert will recommend you to apply complex measures because if a burglar chose a particular house for his goal, he would surely try to study all its barriers and obstacles.

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