How to Use Awario to Monitor Brand Mentions?

It’s a common truth that any business wants to be talked about, and the more people talk about it, the better. But here comes another issue: the more people discuss your brand, the more ambiguous those conversations are, as well as the more sources to search for them.

Would you like to learn what people say about your brand and spend no time plotting the strategy on how to do it? The answer should be immediately positive. Business doers who neglect that constituent tend to see how their business name gets lost in the informational ocean. Henceforth, let us shed light on how significant marque mentions analysis is.

Why is brand monitoring so significant?


A well-designed and programmed app for sentiment monitoring bestows:

  • More control over inquiries that come from your actual and potential audiences.
  • Chances to react to criticism swiftly (and eliminate the issue).
  • Opportunities to gather vital materials for future planning.
  • Comprehending the extent of acceptance of the brand you are promoting.
  • Free time, as business doers hand a lot of work to the AI.
  • Automating principally important processes to get alerts in time.
  • Simplifying data and informational exchange with your team/business partners.
  • Systematizing relevant info and erasing informational noises (like irrelevant comments).
  • Get acquainted with influencers who may boost your product/service presence in the digital plane.
  • And much more.

That’s what social listening is meant for. Social listening tools collect people’s opinions on any topic you choose to track. It can be a brand, person, campaign, event, etc. Most of them have a similar set of functions but emphasize different customer needs tailoring the specific details and features.

Awario is designed to house all the key social listening features and keep it user-friendly and affordable at the same time.

As for Awario brand mentions monitoring, it offers a sufficient number of metrics showing the results for the collected brand mentions that enable you to grasp a truly full view of a business’s reputation and insights into what can be improved.

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The value of brand monitoring


There are a number of benefits to brand monitoring, including:

Improving customer satisfaction

Brand monitoring can help you identify and address customer concerns before they become bigger problems.

Boosting sales

By keeping an eye on your brand reputation, you can make sure that your marketing and sales efforts are aligned with customer sentiment.

Protecting your brand

In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to protect your brand from online attacks and negative publicity. Brand monitoring can help you do just that.

Increasing efficiency

By automating brand monitoring, you can free up time and resources that can be better spent on other tasks.

Generating leads

Brand monitoring can help you identify potential customers and generate leads for your sales team.

What brand elements should you monitor?


When it comes to brand monitoring, there are a few key elements that you should keep an eye on. These include your brand’s name, logos, taglines, and messaging. By keeping track of these elements, you can ensure that your brand is being represented accurately and consistently across all channels.

In addition to monitoring your own brand elements, you should also be aware of how your competitors are branding themselves. This can give you insights into what is working well for them and help you to adapt your own strategy accordingly.

Finally, it is also important to keep an eye on general trends in your industry. By understanding the latest developments, you can ensure that your brand is staying relevant and competitive.

How to monitor brand mentions with Awario?

You’ll need to add a new Alert and put in your brand name and its variations to the keyword field. You can also exclude some keywords from the search if your brand name is a common word and can be easily confused with something unrelated (for example, Apple).


Narrow down the search by choosing the advanced alert settings. They can impact your results a lot, and correct indications will make your search outcomes precise.

As soon as you begin to receive your first online conversation, the Dashboard will be getting filled with analytical data.

Of course, the true brand monitoring process wouldn’t be full without tracking the feedback to your campaigns or marketing activities in your niche. The social listening can work perfectly for Awario hashtag analytics, helping you to research, build, and update your hashtag strategy.

To eliminate results from other sources, create a separate Alert and add only hashtags that you want to analyze for your current or future campaign. Social media are a crucial source of user opinion and will guide you through trends and help create one yourself.

How can you learn from Awario brand mentions analysis?

Here are 6 key metrics to observe:


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1. Mentions and their reach

Go to the Mentions tab in the Awario Dashboard and see their number within a chosen time frame in dynamics.

The Reach tab will demonstrate the peaks when your brand mentions covered the biggest audiences or impacted audiences the lowest. Here you will see the sources and the extent of exposure.

2. Sentiment

The sentiment widget gives you access to the prevailing sentiment around your brand mentions. You can click a Positive or Negative tab and get redirected to the mentions feed where you can read them and respond if necessary.

Mentions, Reach and Sentiment graphs can also offer dynamics analysis suggesting the reason for the spikes and troughs. In case the tool detects some pattern or causal factors it will show you a clickable Insight element.


You can also go to the upper right corner of the Awario Dashboard and click the Insights icon to see these insights aggregated in one place to get a whole picture.

3. Topic cloud

Topic cloud opens up for you which other subjects get discussed together with your brand mentions. The cloud is interactive, just mouse hover on any word within it and see the number and percentage of mentions with it.

Also, you can tap on it and get sent to the mentions feed to see all the posts where your brand gets mentioned accompanied with this word. The feed allows output filtering.

4. Top mentions

In the left part of the Awario Dashboard, you get to see Top mentions. This feed shows you the most popular mention starting from the top. You can click it and go straight to the resource which opens within your Dashboard allowing you to interact with the message.

5. Top influencers

Same as Top mentions, Top influencers display the feed with the most popular influencers, bloggers, or media with the biggest audiences in whose posts or articles you are mentioned.


To learn more details, click on the mention and tap on the Information icon in the upper right corner. You’ll see the details of an author who mentioned your brand, traffic, influence meter, top authors of the source, and more to evaluate its relevance and plan future communication.

6. Sources

In case you picked all sources when creating your Alert, you can benefit from another insightful Sources tab. The graph presenting the percentage of your brand mentions among different sources, including social networks, blogs, and websites is interactive. You can tap on any part of it going to the mentions feed starting with the freshest from the top of it.


The Use of the gathered materials

Do not suppose that you will get rid of all that information as soon as you attain another business goal. We recommend saving the fixed information you prioritize by analyzing the sentiment and other constituents. And there are many reasons for that:

  • Weekly, monthly, and yearly reports are equally significant. Business always means considering things from the long-term perspective. A pro-business doer never neglects to contrast their (un)successful periods. And you will need maximum coverage to get clearer results.
  • Evidence-based decisions. Every business action you/your team venture to take demands profound planning first. And your decisions need maximal diversity and quantity. Only that allows you to consider all potential wins and detriments.
  • Learning from mistakes. Extended reports on the sentiment and other components signify what you do stellarly and where you have stumbled. And even if you believe that an identical mistake is implausible, do not rush to delete that info. And if you stumble again, try contrasting how that went for the first and for the second time.

Some more tools to monitor, analyze and respond to the brand mention


There are a number of other tools available that can help you to monitor, analyze and respond to online mentions of your brand. Here are a few of the most essential:

  1. Google Alerts is a free tool that allows you to track any mention of your brand or keywords across the web. Simply create an alert and Google will send you an email anytime your brand is mentioned online.
  2. Mention is a paid tool that offers similar functionality to Google Alerts, but with more features and integrations. For example, you can use Mention to track competitor mentions, get real-time alerts, and set up automatic responses.
  3. Brand24 is another paid tool that provides similar features to Mention. In addition to tracking brand mentions, Brand24 also offers insights on social media, forums, and blogs.
  4. Hootsuite Insights is a paid tool that offers users the ability to track, analyze, and respond to mentions across multiple social media platforms. It’s particularly useful for businesses with an active social media presence.
  5. Sprout Social is a paid tool that goes beyond simple brand monitoring. In addition to tracking brand mentions, Sprout Social also provides insights on social media analytics, competitor analysis, and more.

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In conclusion


Awario is an intuitive tool for probing analytics of your brand mentions, searching across the whole web, and making prioritizing easy for you. But we must say that it is not a tool you need. That is a necessity if you want your brand to shine at the top of the browser search bar.

Disclosure: Some of our articles may contain affiliate links; this means each time you make a purchase, we get a small commission. However, the input we produce is reliable; we always handpick and review all information before publishing it on our website. We can ensure you will always get genuine as well as valuable knowledge and resources.
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