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Nowadays, an e-commerce company can’t go without proper order management. In order to make a profit, orders should be processed efficiently, accurately, and fast. Lagging behind on just one of these components will hurt the success of the company. Moreover, when a company grows, the number of orders will grow exponentially as well. At this point, many companies start to struggle with their order management, since an increase in order means an increase in complexity.

The mistakes to avoid


The trouble with processing orders does not benefit the relationship between the company and its customers. It could lead to ‘lost’ orders, long delivery times, and delivering the wrong order to the customer.

However, an angry customer is what a company should avoid at all times. Giving a customer a bad experience means that you run the risk of losing that customer, but even more important, obtaining a negative review. In today’s digital world, negative reviews have a great impact on the likelihood of potential customers choosing your company.

Next to annoying your customers, a messy warehouse is another mistake a company should avoid. Orders are lost very quickly in a disorganized warehouse, which leads to disturbed order management. Once the warehouse starts messing up, it is a hard job to get everything right again.

The last mistake to avoid is regarding the paperwork of an order. When orders are not processed correctly, it is hard to find them back. This leads to wrong and missing orders.

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Essential components of Triggre order management system


All these mistakes come back to having the right order management system in place. For an example of a proper order management system, you could take a look at

The first essential component of an order management system is that it should be one system for the whole order management process. Mistakes can occur easily when different systems are in place. When the order management system for example is not synced to the inventory system, customers could order a product that is not available at the moment. Or when customer management does not have a connection with the order management system, it is hard to handle customer complaints efficiently.

Next to this component, the order management system should automate as much as possible. We all know it is true that computers do make a lot fewer mistakes than humans. Moreover, automated order management systems require a lot less staff, which enables a cut in personnel costs.

Automation is a requirement for fast-growing businesses as well since it enables scaling up easily. That way, growing will not hurt but benefit the company.

Triggre: A real-life example of successful order management


Having all these components in place in the order management system leads to success, as proven by the case of a medicine dispensing manufacturer. Before implementing the order management system of Triggre, this manufacturer used multiple systems for its order management. The process of order intake and handling involved a lot of double labor-intensive work. Also, data was distributed over various systems and the precision of data was exceptionally low.

After implementing Triggre, data was centralized in a single adaptable and scalable order management system. This system enables automated order handling and allows order managers to have a clear and effortless overview of the order process.

Key features of Triggre order management system


The order management system implemented by Triggre at the medicine dispensing manufacturer consisted of different features that made it a good fit with the business. Firstly, the system contained a product configurator. The aim of this product configurator was to easily manage product-related data, configurations, and assembly techniques using a single tool. Using one tool for these processes improves efficiency and consistency.

Next, the order management system contained an order template builder. This template builder enables end-users to generate re-usable order templates based on products, items, and differentiated value propositions. That way, the next time they want to place an order they can use the template and save time.

The next feature of the order management system of the manufacturer consists of a tool to process order intakes. This feature allows sales back-office and sales managers to register new orders with ease and begin the order handling process. This feature could be called one of the most important components of the order management system since the order handling takes place in this component of the system. Therefore, it is extremely important that this feature works fast and efficiently.

Another feature in the order management system is the order handling workflow. After new orders are placed and received in the order intake feature, the order handling workflow takes it over. This feature consists of automatically built task templates and due dates to carry incoming orders in a proper way. Importantly, this order handling workflow is working over all departments, which eases the interaction between the departments. That way, long handling times are prevented, and the order will move smoothly through the order process.

Next to managing orders, the system also contains supplier management. For the order to be completed correctly, the supply should be in good shape. The supplier management feature of the order management system provides centralized onboarding and an overview of all global suppliers. This onboarding and overview can be divided into supplier types, categories, and products. Because this feature offers a complete overview of all suppliers in one place, it is easy to keep track of all the orders made at suppliers.

The last component of the order management system contains the handling of customer data, also called the CRM. In today’s data age proper data handling is more important than ever. Companies can become a winner when they have access to all of their customer data. It allows them to invest in the right features and serve their customers with what they need.

The CRM functionality of this order management system enables the management of customer data, orders, opportunities, and invoices. Because the data is being updated automatically during the order handling process, the company accesses the most relevant data at all times.

Feedback from the Triggre client


The implementation of the order management system at the medicine dispensing manufacturers can be called extremely successful. The manufacturer wanted to be flexible to scale up service and delivery, which is what the Triggre system enables them to be. As they state it themselves: ‘I think Triggre can mean a lot in simplifying processes.’ They place Triggre as the perfect center between buying a standard market application where no change is possible and having a development center on board in the company.

Triggre offers the advantages of both options, meaning that companies have the ability to work with a market standard tool, but still have the ability to change it according to their wishes. Another advantage mentioned by the company is that Triggre is easy to work with since every employee can learn to work with the system. This gives the ability to the company to change the system when needed, without the need for external assistance. That is why the manufacturer stated: ‘At this point, I cannot imagine a company working without Triggre’.

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Triggre Order Management System - Conclusion

Triggre is technically a very easy-to-use order management system. It’s designed to be used by small businesses and also offers a feature set that can be used by larger businesses.

There is a subset of users who have stayed with Triggre because they find the software very useful. They use it every day because they like the way it works well enough that they don’t want any big changes — they just want things done better. Some users have stated that they really like how Triggre has evolved over time.

However, this suggests that there are still some sections in their implementation that could be improved upon through future updates. You can surely give it a try. They have a free starter plan so you can experience their platform before purchasing any paid subscription. So, you have nothing to lose.

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Triggre is technically a very easy-to-use order management system. It’s designed to be used by small businesses and also offers a feature set that can be used by larger businesses. You can surely give it a try.

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