7 Tips and Apps to Improve Your Android Gaming Experience

From Atari and Nintendo, the gaming industry has come a long way. Mobile gaming is one of the latest revolutions in the gaming industry. In recent times mobile gaming industry has seen massive growth. According to Statista, the revenue of the mobile gaming industry is over 63 billion US dollars, and it will surpass the 100-billion-dollar mark by 2023.

The mobile gaming industry has played an enormous part during the Covid-19 lockdown, as it was one of the primary sources of entertainment for people around the world. Seeing an increase in demand, Android game app development companies have commenced delivering several gaming apps on the google play store.

How to improve your android mobile gaming experience?


Gaming experience and customer satisfaction are the crucial factors that set the games apart from competitors. If you are unsatisfied with your android gaming experience and looking for ways to improve it, you are at the right place. In this blog, you will know how to improve your gaming experience by following the tips and tricks mentioned.

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1. Turn off background services

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Want to improve your gaming experience? You must compromise on the background services running on your android devices. Social media apps act as the biggest hurdle in the smooth running of a gaming application as it drains both the battery of device and RAM. Constant pings on social media applications make the processor slow hence, alleviates the gaming experience.

Go to settings and disable all the background services to improve the overall gaming experience.

2. Clear out your home screen

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You might be unaware that the number of applications on the home screen is also a big reason for your mobile device going slow. To make the processor of your mobile work fast, clear out the home screen. Here are some ways you can make the processor work fast:

  • Only deploy those apps on the home screen which you frequently use.
  • Instead of using animated wallpapers, use static pictures which stay compatible with your mobile.

A clear home screen results in a better gaming experience.

3. Uninstall unwanted apps

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Sometimes people forget to delete the redundant applications. The unnecessary applications affect the storage space. They take a lot of space and slow down the mobile device. So if you are passionate about gaming, you must delete the unused applications to boost the gaming performance on your smartphone.

4. Keep the mobile device updated

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For improving the overall gaming experience, there is an immense need to ensure that games run on the latest and updated software. You must ensure that your device runs to the latest software updates. The updates bring a complete package for mobile devices because new features optimize all the operations. Updates now and then keep your device safe and secure.

5. Boost the battery life of your smartphone

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To have a phenomenal gaming experience, you must look after your battery life. You should ensure you are saving as much battery energy as possible. To save battery life on your android mobile devices, you can access the battery saver and adaptive battery options. These options will help you to restrict the background battery consumption. And hence, ensure you get more time to spend on gaming applications. If you are concerned about your battery life because you are away from home, you can utilize portable battery packs.


6. Clear cache data

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Cache data is the information gathered by your mobile device when you visit any website or use any app. Cache data usually contains information that is not very important, but it consumes a lot of storage space. That slows down the functions of a device. Cleaning the cache data now and then results in having a better gaming experience as all trash files get cleared from your mobile phone. Through this, you can boost your android device for a better gaming experience. You can find the cache data settings in the storage options in your android mobile phone.

7. Disable Bloatware applications

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There are some pre-installed applications that we cant delete. Mobile users do not use these applications. But since they are in the device, they tend to alleviate the battery and storage space. To get the best gaming experience, you can disable these bloatware experiences by disabling them. Disabling these applications will result in better performance of the mobile phone processor.

8. Update gaming applications

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Another thing to look after is the application updates to get an improved gaming experience. You must regularly update your gaming applications as game development companies keep the app updated by fixing bugs and errors frequently. You must go through the reviews of users before updating an application. That ensures that your updates do not have bugs and they are compatible with the operating system.

7 Tips and Apps to improve your android gaming experience

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Furthermore, if you are looking for some more tips and additional applications to improve your gaming experience, we have listed some of the best seven tips and apps to help boost your gaming app performance.

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1. Download the gaming mode application on your android devices


A slight interruption can turn your victory into failure while playing a game on your smartphone. To ensure the best gaming experience, you can download a gaming mode application. That assists you in managing the notifications. When enabled, the application blocks all the notifications, and rejects phone calls, and completely clears the cache of running applications.

Furthermore, the application allows you to adjust the overall volume to a certain degree as soon as you start the application. For your convenience, the application allows you to fix the notification settings by showing alerts from specific and apps and people. The application further enables you to install various games on your device. Another thing that creates the value of the gaming mode application Is allowing you to block alerts while using other applications like Netflix or YouTube.

2. Google play games


Google play games are one of the best applications that improve your gaming experience. It works as a great centerline that allows you to track all your accomplishments without using all the games. Google play games tend to have tabs through which you can look for new and trending games. It also provides tips and tricks for content and videos for the existing games on your mobile devices.

All thanks to the Android instant gameplay feature. Through this highly versatile application, there is no need to download the applications for trying games. That way, you can alter a few details about your profile such as gamer id and display picture.

If you want to change your mobile phones, then do not worry about your progress. By using google play games, you can sync your progress, but only for compatible gaming apps. Furthermore, google play games provides a streaming tool that allows users to broadcast their gameplay live.

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3. Use your smartphone’s Built-in non-disturbance mode


If you want to avoid notifications and third-party applications with your gaming experience, you can deploy the built-in Do Not Disturb mode. Turning on the Do Not Disturb mode, you can accomplish almost the same effects the gaming mode application brings for you. One thing that makes both the built-in Do not disturb option and the gaming mode application is you have to manually enable the built-in option. That gaming mode automatically restricts all the background services once you open the gaming application.

To set the Do not disturb option, click the sound options in the settings and then tap on Do Not Disturb. After tapping the Do Not Disturb option, you can manage your notifications by specifying the notifications you want to avoid while you’re playing games.

Furthermore, you can set the entire time of the mode the way you want. To access the Do Not Disturb mode more quickly, you can also click your notifications bar and find the mode. Hence, have an improved gaming experience.

4. Adjust the settings of game


To improve the mobile gaming experience, you can also dive into the settings of games. If you are going through display issues while playing a game, you can go to the graphics settings to make the game compatible with your screen. Some games like PUBG mobile provides a wide range of options in settings to optimize the gaming display according to the size of mobile screens.

The range of settings in different android mobile games allows you to customize the entire gameplay according to your preference. For example, it assists you to change the colors, controls, aim assists, and much more. While you can manage various audio levels and camera angles, gaming solutions are your ultimate solution.

5. Equip a third-party controller


Despite having an advanced smartphone with well-designed graphics, you still have reliance on the touch screen for playing games. Touch screens are not easy to use by using the keyboard or a console controller. The good news is to improve your mobile gaming experience, a plethora of third-party accessories are available.

Android users can consider the SteelSeries Stratus, which provides you a console-type controller experience on your mobile phones. On the other hand, popular games like Fortnite have built-in compatibility for all such third-party accessories. Comparing third-party controllers and touch screens, controllers can provide you a much better gaming experience.


6. Play on a big-sized screen


Playing games on mobile phones is feasible but, one of the drawbacks of mobile gaming is small screen sizes. Even with a 6-inch display, you will face difficulties. You might unintentionally hit the wrong button that can convert your victory into a loss.

To overcome the drawback of small screen size, you can invest in a Google Chromecast that helps in integrating your mobile phone with large screens. Using google chrome cast can make your gaming experience much better than it before. Apart from games, you can stream all the content from your phones on television and monitor screens.

If your concern is to control the game, then you can pair a third-party controller or a keyboard that will allow you to have an improved gaming experience.

7. Install Octopus


Connecting external computer accessories like a keyboard and mouse does not always work positively. It might result in a poor user experience. To overcome the issue of linking third-party accessories, you can try downloading Octopus. It is a free ad-supported application that allows users to solve problems on the go. Users can easily plug in third-party accessories. For example, controller, keyboard, and mouse without facing any trouble.

One thing that makes Octopus splendid is that it maps all the keys of all the trending games. However, games like PUBG do not allow integration and automatically block Octopus.

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Final thoughts


Android mobile gaming is one of the essential parts of the entire gaming industry. It is dominating the game market by storm. A good gaming experience is crucial for the success of a mobile game which should be given a lot of emphasis by both game development companies and game users. If you are concerned about your gaming, you should implement the tips mentioned earlier., as they have been tried and tested. In simple words applying the above-mentioned tips and tricks will surely improve your gaming experience.

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