10 Effective Web Design Tips to Propel Small Business

In today’s digital marketplace, website is a key source of business to many organizations. Millions of companies are busy in setting up the website in order to boom their business. But, unfortunately they miss some key tactics for effective website design. This tends to bring down their businesses and revenue.

Now, you all are thinking about those key tactics that most of the business professionals & the webmasters forget or miss. For your convenience, here this blog highlights the 10 most important web design tips that will not only make your website feature-rich, but also propel your business.

Explore Some Important Web Design Tips:

Web Design Tips #1 :: Place Element at Relevant Position

Web Design Tips 01The key elements, like logo, navigation bars, content, footer content and other elements should be implemented at proper position, so that the users can easily understand what website is all about. You should maintain order of precedence to simplify the way for your visitors to read the content.


Here, various things should be taken care of:

  • Color: The color can tell the users that where they should look. Generally, it is better to use the bold colors with the element in order to draw the users’ attention to the desirable content.
  • Size: The bigger size of first content is used to reflect the highlights of the preceding content.
  • Contrast: The difference in contrast of the elements also makes it easy for users to differentiate between the functioning and non functioning contents.

Web Design Tips #2 :: Embed Spacing in Content

Web Design Tips 02Spacing in the website’s content make the web pages simple and aesthetic too. It is not necessary to use all the spaces in the web page, instead use that much space, which can present everything about your organization easily.


While embedding space, the following element should be considered:

  • Padding: The space between images and text or video and text should be embedded in order to give proper view.
  • Line Spacing: The spacing in-between the textual content should be made effective, so that the readers can easily understand the content.

Web Design Tips #3 :: Deploy Cogent Navigation System

Web Design Tips 03The navigation system should be logical and clear to enable the users to go to required web page easily. Most of the webmaster jeopardize their whole website by implementing complex navigation in terms of making the website look cool, but they forget that the navigation plays the most important role in pushing the conversion rate. The text on the navigation button should be clear & concise, so that the visitors have idea about the page where they will be directed after clicking the navigation button.

Web Design Tips #4 :: Use Suitable Typography

Web Design Tips 04Proper typography can make the website design impressive. Therefore, make use of text format that reflects the correct meaning of the content and at the same time beautifies the design of the website.


Web Design Tips #5 :: Define Call to Action

Web Design Tips 05Focus on effective implementation of Call To Action feature. The Call To Action is the best approach to convert the user into customers. With the help of enticing content, proper button & navigation process, the webmaster can make the call to action successful. Moreover, it should be ensured that there is no broken link.


Web Design Tips #6 :: Showcase Clear Message on Home Page

Web Design Tips 06The home page should depict clear message so as to make the users understand the content at a first sight. Basically, the message comprises the answer of simple questions, like how can you help them, what is purpose, how are you unique as compared to others, etc.

Web Design Tips #7 :: Integrate Social Media Button

Web Design Tips 07Nowadays, millions of people are connected with social media. Therefore, it is good to reap off the potential of social media in order to promote your brand digitally. This is possible by integrating social media button with the content so that the users can share, like and can give +1 to the content on the website. All these things will automatically make your website popular in social media world.


Web Design Tips #8 :: Maintain Consistency in different Pages

Web Design Tips 08Consistency in design and content should be well-maintained. While designing different webpages, it is very imperative that every webpage possesses the consistency in all the attributes. The web pages should not be far different from each other in term of design and content, so that the users will not face any difficulty.

Web Design Tips #9 :: Draft Crystal Clear Resolution

Web Design Tips 09The webmaster should draft crystal clear pixel in the design. This means the layout of webpage possesses the sharpness to stun the visitors. The sharp design gives clear view. The cross browser compatibility should also be considered in order to enable the user to access the website from any browsers.

Web Design Tips #10 :: Identify Your Audience Very Well

Web Design Tips 10During the development of content, awareness about the audience is very important. Therefore, give your time to research about the audience and then prepare the content for your website. This will definitely target the potential audience.



Website designing should be done systematically. Here, every element & component should be consistently and clearly deployed. If you find anything difficult to understand or you have anymore idea related to this blog, then you can share with us by using the comment section given below.

This article is written by the Williams Heilmann. He is an development and blogging expert at HTMLPanda, an esteemed web & mobile app development company. He has written various blogs sharing innovative ideas and informative knowledge associated with the domain of website and mobile app development technique. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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