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Introduction (Xbox One Gaming Console): Who does not love games? All of us would have loved them most in childhood and would be yearning for those days to come back. The days during which hide and seek was being played in any type of neighborhood, rocking with fun and frolic.

Why people love to play games? Because games give pleasure, work as stress busters and more importantly the enormous physical activity that goes in would strengthen the mental agility and physical fitness.

When computer technology took the world by storm, gaming has donned a new appearance. Video games shot in to the lime light as they started offering role-based playing options. People have started identifying themselves with particular characters and thereby idealizing themselves with the heroes or anti-heroes. Plenty of new video games were flooding the market and people were going gung-ho about free video games.

Internet has got the games to go online and be available round the clock and the gamer are able to play video games online whenever they feel like. Different genres of games were developed and none of them were rejected by the enthusiastic gamer. Call of the Duty, Halo, The Sims, StarWars are some of the popular video games that are being played by millions of gamer across the globe.

Gaming Business & Microsoft’s Xbox series:

xbox one xbox series
Ever since the first ever shooting game was created in 1961 computer gaming has taken big steps forward. It gained the wings when Ralph Baer created the first interactive television-based game called Odyssey, gaming started to show its potentiality to become billion dollars business.

Microsoft Inc. has revolutionized the gaming by introducing Xbox console in 2001 and Xbox 360 in 2005. These two gaming consoles were successful in the markets all over the world as the gaming experience offered by them was highly amusing. While more than 24 million Xbox consoles were sold, more than 77 million of Xbox 360 units were sold till April, 2013.

A fortnight back, Microsoft announced the rolling out of a new Xbox console at the end of 2013 and this new console is called as Xbox One. Not only hardcore gamers but the occasional players too are deeply intrigued to know how and what Xbox One offers to them. Here is a sneak peak review of Xbox One. Also you can visit the official site of Xbox One here.

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Xbox One Hardware Specifications:

xbox one hardware
Microsoft felt that its Xbox 360 that was released in 2005 has ran its course and this opinion has unveiled the brand new Xbox One.

Microsoft has displayed the prototype of upcoming console of Xbox One. It looks like a set-top box with Blu-Ray drive instead of the CD, DVD ROM that was present in Xbox and Xbox 360.

It has 8 cores CPU and GPU co-developed by Microsoft and AMD. Xbox One is powered by 8GB RAM and 500GB hard drive. It supports USB and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has been released with an inclusion of a motion sensing device called Kinect and the xbox kinect bundle is being greatly enhanced in Xbox One. It is assumed that Microsoft is trying to improvise the voice commands feature of Kinect which did not take off well in xbox 360 console. Its 1080p sensor is expected to detect user’s gestures better than the previous version.

Xbox One controller has been completely revamped with fresh ergonomics and the most interesting feature is its ‘vibrating triggers.’

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Xbox One Software Specifications:

xbox one software
Xbox One’s User Interface (UI) has been completely revamped to give a fresh look. Additional apps like Skype and Internet Explorer have been included for better user experience. The screen has been greatly improvised to have multiple windows. Users can chat on Skype in one window and open IE in the other. Or they can browse IE and keep playing a game in the other.

Xbox Live, on which the existing users of Xbox 360 can continue their on-going Gold subscriptions, has been modified with new functionality. The ‘Game DVR’ function allows the users to record edit and share their game-play videos. ‘Smart Watch’ feature helps users in estimating how much time would take for them to enter into a multiplayer game.

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Xbox One Games:

xbox one games
Microsoft is promising that the new Xbox One would be filled with new games that are more exciting than xbox 360 games. Microsoft revealed that the new games would include Call of Duty: Ghosts, a new episode of Call of Duty series and others like NBA Live 14, Madden NFL 25, FIFA 14 etc.

But there is one bad news for Xbox 360 users. Microsoft has confirmed that the games cannot be carried forward to Xbox One from Xbox 360. The sources have ascribed a technical reason i.e. the huge difference in the architecture of the processors.

There are few apprehensions about the offline playing and internet connectivity. It is learnt that to setup the used games, users need to pay fees. But Microsoft has not given any confirmation on this.

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Additional Features of Xbox One:

xbox one additional features
Xbox One can not only engage the users with gaming but also with entertaining them with movies and Sports. Netflix and ESPN have been roped in by Microsoft and this feature is being considered as the biggest attraction in Xbox One. It is expected that Spielberg would be stepping in to the Xbox family as an executive producer of Halo: The Television Series which would be going live on Xbox.

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Xbox One is going to be another feather in Microsoft’s cap. By infusing the elements of internet and television based entertainment, Microsoft is surely up to something special with Xbox One. It appears that the company is aiming to conquer the living rooms of Xbox users. Market observers and industry experts are of the opinion that Microsoft should open Xbox to third-party developers so that it can become an ecosystem like Android. Let us see what Microsoft does in time to come.

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