X-Cart Framework – Did You Know These?

Time and again, we have heard the name X-Cart whenever the question of eCommerce and online shopping is chimed in. But the actual condition is such that a vast majority of us who claim to know everything under the sun is still unaware of what exactly X-Cart is. It’s high time someone explained what X-Cart is and what are it’s features in detail, giving a hint at what it’s positive aspects are, alongside with a comparison to other similar products. Well, considering this escalating need as a top priority, this blog is dedicated to the purpose of spilling the beans, even the minute one about X-Cart framework and it’s features.

What is X-Cart?

Coming straight away to the point of description, X-Cart is nothing but a secure shopping cart software (a shopping cart software is a software online, which allows customers shopping on an e-commerce site to select items for purchase. It is kind of a virtual version of the term shopping cart. The British people prefer to call it as a shopping basket or simply basket. Such software allows online shoppers to place a list of items which they intend to purchase, and upon completion, it calculates the total amount of the order, which includes shipping, handling, and taxes as applicable in the situation. The process of placing items on a shopping cart is known as adding to cart.)which is based on PHP/MySQL. It uses Smarty template engine so that easy and unlimited design creation is made possible to millions of clients across the globe. The software which supports PayPal is a paid software. It is developed, tested, designed and supported by a highly talented team of expert developers, QA engineers, designers and technicians who are well versed in their respective arts. With a view at enhancing the customer experience to the maximum, X-Cart gives a guarantee to all its clients. The guarantee is that in the case of any bug problems in X-Cart, the client can just send in a ticket and avail a free bug fix at the earliest. The bug fix service is free, as it is a guarantee which you earn while you buy the product with an immense amount of trust. On the part of the company, the in –house experts take utter care testing the software again and again before releasing it to the public so that as many bugs as possible can be eliminated in the production stage itself, giving full value to the customers’ money.

Why X-Cart?

X-Cart offers four different package options to customers so as to suit individual business needs. The packages are:

  • Gold mobile, which is for businesses targeting mobile buyers and has all the essential features along with a feature set for mobile shopping.
  • Gold, which aims at small and newly set up businesses. This is an entry level product and includes all the essential features required to start one’s own online store.
  • Gold Plus, which has it focuses on growing as well as midsize businesses. It offers the potential and feature for larger shops.
  • Platinum, which has a prime focus on multi-vendor stores and large businesses. This is one thing which you will find the right to it’s worth when embarking upon creating an online marketplace.
Some of the well-known shopping cart software in the market which tends to offer some competition to X-Cart are Avactis, Batavi, Drupal Commerce, KonaKart, IzzoNet, LemonStand, Magento, nopCommerce, osCommerce, pimcore, Zen Cart, etc., among a wide range of others. X-Cart framework gains paramount importance in the context where your site has to be quick to respond as well as load (speed being a factor for search engine ranking) since the quality standards of X-Cart maintains to scale in terms of speed and quality with each new update.


X-Cart uses Smarty which is written in PHP and is a free open-source template engine. It is used to provide X-Cart Store owners with unlimited options for customization of look and layout. And by the end of the da, if you have decided to purchase X-Cart, You can access the files section from the X-Cart website Helpdesk. It has the latest releases of X-Cart and will allow you to access all future updates of X-Cart.

Know more about X-Cart

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