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Do you get frustrated with time-consuming page loading or a slow eCommerce website response? Of course yes! We all have faced slow page loading response several times when we visited internet world, especially online shopping sites. But did you ever give it a thought that it might result to a dip for sales? In the present scenario where eCommerce is taking the front seat with racing speed, slow sites are considered as the silent killer of online businesses. To meet the targeted profits and customers base, faster sites are priorities of every merchant, especially for those big eCommerce stores with large catalogs.

There are various factors that make a site to slow down as well as solutions to boost up your online sales with fast and improved websites. Check them out here with us:

Causes of Slow Loading of eCommerce Websites:

Images: Considered as the main causes of slow loading of pages, images impact about 90% of the Alexa Top 1000.

Poor Server Response: These days’ web pages mainly feature animations, graphics and audios that require more speed to load quickly and if your server doesn’t support that speed then it leads to slow loading and sales response.

Add-ons: Usually add-ons are added to increase browsing but too much of add-ons have adverse effect on the site loading.

Content served without HTTP Compression: With an impact rate of 72%, content served without HTTP compression results in poor loading of site.

Images without Caching Information: If you are using images without caching information then you might slow down the loading speed of your page by around 30%.


According to SEO experts, the faster a page loads, more is its conversion rates. Try these steps to increase the rate of your site.

  • It is better to turn to non-optimized images rather than optimized ones. In more simple words, use those images that can be reduced without having any adverse effect on visualization. Though both PNG and JPEG images are large in size but administrators or designers can reduce them by the use of effective tools like pngcrush and jpegtran. Along with this, never put too many images on a single page.
  • The larger is your catalog; greater is the burden on your server. So if you want to make your site work fast then decrease the size of catalog.
  • Though not an easy task to do but HTTP compression on your web server reduce the size of the downloaded page which in turn improves the rate of page loading.
  • Use your server effectively if Google’s Page Speed Analyzer displays the message of your server problem again and again. This problem can be solved through the group effort of your server maintenance staff and hosting organization.
  • Slow page load time is a silent killer and you will not give it a notice till it hampers your sales. So, for great impact, it is good idea to switch to latest technology and solutions like Magento, osCommerce, OpenCart and many more.

Role of Magento: Considered as the fastest growing open source e-commerce web platform, Magento is the need of today’s online shopping world. It is the most reliable platform that is chosen by most of the renowned brands all across the globe. From promotional sales to coupon codes and from product categorization to mobile templates, Magento caters the need of online shoppers as well as businesses very well. Along with its multiple functionalities, Magento also supports a variety of payment modes, which-in-turn enable customers for multiple transaction options. In addition, because of responsive yet distinct Magento themes, online businesses, whether small or large, can attain remarkable identity with incredible features.

Whether you want custom eCommerce store development, extensions development or template customization, Magento development services cater your every need and help you in increasing your sales or leads. But don’t forget to hire expert Magento programmers for sure success. Either choose its Enterprise Edition or the Community Edition, as per your requirements, one thing is guaranteed and that is your increase sale rate and smooth functionality of website.

Remember, no one ever visit a site again which is slow in response and does not provide visitor friendly features, especially in ecommerce sector. So switching to latest ecommerce platforms is the need of hour and for that boost up your site’s loading time with these steps.

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This article is written by Jason Roiz. He is an eminent online marketer, who researches on search engine optimization efficiency of Drupal, Magento, WordPress and Joomla websites. He is associated with OSSMedia Ltd as an online marketing consultant.

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