Workload Management with Employee Monitoring Software: A Complete Guide 2022

Are you bothered by your underworking team? Do you constantly look for ways to make your employees’ time more productive? Well, this blog is the ultimate solution for you. Most businesses indeed fail to figure out the correct way of workload management in the best way. In turn, they overwork or underwork their staff. Both of these situations are not beneficial to the business in any way. 

Keeping your staff underworking will not help you cover the cost and the high-priority projects on time. Also keeping them overworked will result in burnout. But with the help of my guide, you will be able to find the perfect balance for you. I have covered all that you need to know about workload management in 2022.

What does workload management mean?


Good workload management refers to allocating and deliberating tasks to get the maximum productive results. When you strike a good balance in your workplace, every team member will work to the best of their capacity. So many organizations are guilty of putting too much importance on costs, resources, money, etc. In turn, they forget about taking care of the most crucial resource – the employees.

Employing an employee monitoring software will solve all these issues for you related to workload management. An efficient software like this one helps you to understand what task should get assigned to whom. Also, the time management problems get solved without any roadblocks. You can view the employee performance reports – team-wise, individual wise and even department-wise. Once you know who is best at what and the kind of time each project needs, it is a done deal! In the future, you will be able to assign and delegate tasks to your employees with the best time tracking app for employees. This way you won’t be keeping any unnecessary pressure on them!

How does an Employee Monitoring System help in workload management?


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Prioritizes projects as per the urgency

In work allocation, lack of prioritization is one of the major errors. However, having employee monitoring software solves this big problem. With this software, you can simply solve the weight of each task. All you have to do is add, edit, or even delete tasks on your on-site or remote worker’s timesheet, and voila the job is done. You can add as many comments as you want and straighten out the urgent tasks for the day. This way no one is confused and no high-priority tasks are left behind. When you have this aid, there won’t be any more struggles to identify and distribute tasks across several employees.

Calculating the scope of each project

Businesses tend to give an improper timeline for projects. Sometimes you can assign an inappropriate deadline that might lead to a disbalance in maintaining the workload. Taking help from an employee monitoring app will help to identify the scope of each project. You will be able to assign the correct deadline, milestone, or even dependencies with this app. Another important aspect of this app is you can pull out the last reports of similar projects easily. When you have detailed and accurate information with you, it will be easy to understand how long the project will go on.


Checking in with team members

You may have heard the horror stories of evil project managers who do not understand a healthy workload management system. Well, you don’t want to be one of them now, right? For those reasons, it is best if you choose employee monitor software. You can understand the working style of each employee, the kind of time they take to complete projects and so much more. Sometimes, it is difficult for employees to manage the load (if the project requires a lot of careful attention). In those situations, you can delegate or edit tasks as per requirement. This way there will be more happy and productive employees on your team.

Discourages distractions

Distracted employees cost you a lot of valuable working hours. When an employee is distracted, there is no chance that the work assigned to him or her will get done on time. At the end of the day, your employee will try to hurry and complete the projects, and well, we all know what happens then! Haste has always made waste!

You might have noticed your employees indulging in a lot of distractions like social media, office chit-chat, using too much ‘call time’, etc.

This leads to a number of problems like –
  • Incomplete Deadlines,
  • High Priority Tasks left forgotten,
  • Hurrying at the end of the day,
  • Exhaustion of the employee’s mind, and so much more.

All of the above-mentioned situations are not a ‘great’ sign for your business! On average, an employee wastes almost 3 hours a day! Now, imagine the kind of work that would have otherwise been executed to perfection in these 3 hours. Employing time trackers solves this issue. When you make an employee install a good tracker in their system, they are on high alert. They very well understand that you will be keeping a watch on the kind of work done by them. In fact, the best trackers in the market will have a lot of features that allow you to access every second of your employee’s billable hours and give hourly detailed reports too. So, if you find your employee lacking somewhere, going up to them with the report will avoid any transparency issues.

There is another huge benefit of getting this tracker installed. When the distractions are minimized, you will notice that the team member is more charged and productive too. This happens because they start working at the right time, take the appropriate number of breaks, do not engage in trivial gossip and so much more. Getting the trackers will be good to make your employee’s day more productive and they won’t be exhausted at the end of the day. Any practice that makes them keep their eyes on other activities, will get lessened with the efficiency of this high-grade software!


Breaking-up big projects

As a project head, no one knows better than you that managing one big-length project is difficult for one employee. This makes workload management a lot more difficult. In the end, you will have a dissatisfactory project with a grumpy employee! Managing a big-length project is better with a good and trusted group. However, managing them manually is not a joke. There will be several mistakes along the way like communication, understanding each person’s job, completing them with team spirit and so much more.

I got a chance to speak with Ella, the team head of a famous design and development company. She faced something similar while trying to manage a big project with a group, manually. Speaking to me, she said,

“The whole experience was a disaster. Thinking that a group can get managed without any professional help, was a wrong decision on my behalf. All of the employees were bitter with me, there were a lot of clashes between them, and the result was that our client asked us to redo the entire thing!”.

Well, you don’t want to make the same mistake as Ella. It is only obvious that without proper direction and guidance and transparency, employees will be right amongst themselves while doing any project. This will lead to a loss of valuable time and also doing the project with negative emotions in the head.

To solve this, getting help from an employee monitoring software is the best course of action. This software encompasses many great features that boost teamwork productivity and manages workload easily. Every team member will be clear on what his tasks of the day are when the meeting will happen, who will be working with whom, and so much more. Using this is the best course of action to manage big projects with simplicity.

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Identifying productive hours


Let’s be honest, there is no way that your team members are giving 100% productivity of every billable hour. And it is not fair on your part to expect that from them. However, if you know which hours of the day your employee is most productive, it will help you assign more important tasks to them during that time of the day.

There are many demanding and difficult tasks that your team members have to deal with each day. And if you give that task during their most unproductive hours, the result will not be great. They might end up not paying enough attention to it or will land up doing something that is far more perfect.

However, the managers who have employed the employee managing software have admitted that after its use they can manage their employees’ best hours in the best ways. Now they can assign the most difficult work to them in the most productive hours of their day to get it executed to perfection.

All of the above-mentioned ways will help you strike healthy workload management in 2022. Remember that taking the help of this extraordinary app is the one-stop solution to create happy faces and a productive business alive!

This article is written by Chris Philips from KnowYourDay. Chris is an experienced and creative blogger who writes about the benefits of employee monitoring software. Through his work, most companies come to know about the kind of software they should get installed for doing better productive work during billable hours. Follow him: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram.
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