What Is the Difference Between WordPress Themes and HTML Templates?

Would you like to set up a cool, powerful and fully responsive online project but have no idea how to make the right decision about its building process? Well, today we are going to discuss some differences between the most popular sources for website creation, called WordPress and HTML. All in all, this article was written in order to show you the main characteristics of these services and help to make the right choice, which will be suitable for launching your own website! In order to get closer to the understanding of these terms, you should enjoy the collections of Web Templates from TemplateMonster and WordPress themes from TemplateMonster. Are you ready to get this piece of info? Thus, let’s start!

The main definition of WordPress and HTML

Let’s start from the beginning in order to find out the truth! As you may know from our previous posts, WordPress is an open Content Management System (CMS) that allows web audience to launch their online project based on its structure. In a word, you can easily get a cool forum, blog, web store, gallery, portfolio, advertisement page or any other kind of a strong and nice-looking website with an eCommerce integration that will clearly represent your items or services in the most inspiring way!

I mean, using WordPress website themes one gets an easy chance to build the desired site with the help of easy-to-use and ready-made templates that were thoroughly pre-packed for your convenience by the team of professional web developers and designers. Thus, you don’t have to work with a source code or do other hard actions that require some special programming skills. As a result, everything was already made for you, so today you may set up your site just out of the box, working with various website themes, based on WordPress platform.


Monstroid 2 Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Well, now, when you have a colorful picture of the provided services in your mind, let’s move to HTML templates. Basically, HTML means Hypertext Markup Language what already sounds quite smart… Ok, jokes aside! First of all, it means a programming code that lets one display some info on a page in question. Naturally, there are a lot of different things that you have to use for a successful website creation. Such as, various HTML tags – headings, images, paragraphs and others – that help one to format some pieces of a future online project.

Needless to say, if everything is done properly, you will quickly become a glad owner of your online child as well, but the thing is that in order to do it one certainly should know how to write or edit such HTML code. I wouldn’t say that it is a very hard task for IT-worker or anyone who is interested in today’s technologies. Still, the fact is that you have to learn how do work with this language.

By the way, not every person that would like to build a site with HTML has the time or desire for such studying. In this case, they usually take assistance from various HTML editors (for example, Dreamweaver) but it still needs some attention and time! All in all, the most comfortable way to get a site in HTML is to use the same ready-made website templates that are always ready to serve you.


Modicate Responsive HTML Website Template

To summarize this part of the article, keep in mind that WordPress makes an open source platform that is quite popular among all the people, so everyone is able to take, use and modify the CMS in question using a huge variety of different WordPress website themes, ready-made plugins, and other additional features or functions. That is how people usually create online projects, powered by WP. On the other hand, HTML is a completely closed source, so the only way to perform some changes for the project is to work with its code.

The main difference between website themes and templates

To make things easier, WordPress pre-packed and pre-featured files are called themes, because they mean sets of ready-made pages that one is able to manage with no effort using WordPress admin panel. Originally, situated in a single database, such files are linked with each other that provides you with a possibility to perform any changes to your site with the help of several clicks of your mouse.


Addison – Bright and Creative WordPress Photographer Theme

Talking about the products made with the use of HTML, they may be edited only with the help of some HTML editors and are called website templates. Thus, such type of template can’t be used for an online project, powered by WordPress because there is no platform’s Content Management System in the construction of HTML files.

Anyway, there are the endless opportunities for the online project based both on WordPress or HTML. As all the good things do, WP provides its users with a lot of new, modern and stylish features and regular updates that one can easily use to customize their site. Surely, HTML also allows you to get all of this, but the result of your project’s appearance truly depends on the creativity level of your programming skills or the knowledge of the website developer, which works with your site.


Vector Design Studio Cool HTML Template

About Search Engine Optimization for WP and HTML based websites

Needless to say, Search Engine Optimization is one of the most vital things for the creating of a popular and perspective online project, so don’t forget about it while building your future site! As it has already been mentioned, the themes that are made with WordPress are pre-packed with all the needed and useful items, so they are always the SEO-friendly ones. That is why you don’t need to worry about the prosperity of your online business as WP sites are provided with a helpful search exposure, which seems to be really conformable! The difference is that the templates made with HTML are not SEO-optimized ones and you have to be careful with the using of some tags, names and other elements for your website’s code.

As you can see, although WordPress and HTML are strong, popular and useful sources, they are completely different. What is more, this difference is not about the final look or work of your website, but about the very process of its creation. All in all, you know about your skills and your needs more than anyone else, so it’s up to you!

P.S. All the shown pictures were provided by well-known website templates developer, TemplateMonster, so don’t hesitate to visit their gallery, (which now has over 60 thousands of inimitable themes) if you would like to see more bright examples of WP or HTML templates! Still, have any questions? Also feel free to visit TM’s Service Center and get more detailed information regarding the building of your desired online project!

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