Top 10 WordPress Launch Tips for Best SEO Results (Infographic)

We heard the news that you want to build your presence online. And during the course of your “digital enlightenment”, it is quite impossible for you not to hear a single thing or two about WordPress. Easy to use and flexible, WordPress has truly evolved from just a blogging platform, into a more versatile and content management system (CMS).

WordPress provides its users with the freedom to create any kind of website that they want. And as a business owner, you may want to utilize its robust features to reach the vast majority of people connected to the internet, and provide them with information and at the end, convince them to buy your product.

The beauty about WordPress is that it allows the user to fully create and manage almost everything about their website even without any technical know-how. Having said that, you can say that WordPress allows you to concentrate more on the quality of the content you are planning to post on your site. But there are some other things beyond content that can land your site on the top results of SERPS. Working with your websites’ foundation and tweaking some of its minor components will not only make your site have the best SEO result, it will also deliver optimum user experience in your WordPress website.

Having a strong footing on your WordPress basics such as Web hosting, CDN, theme, etc. ensures that the information in your website is readable, delivered fast, is accessible most of the time. Always remember that one of the Google’s criteria of ranking pages is its responsiveness and site’s speed.

Understanding the importance of cleaning up basic elements of your website (e.g. such as categories) will also help Google to know which content of your website to show for results. Minor adjustment such as improving your meta titles and meta description is also sure way to increase traffic and user engagement on your website. Managing your user’s interaction through CAPTCHA will also help your site to avoid spam comments and guarantee that your users and visitors will always keep on the topic relevant to your post.

These, along with other adjustments, will help your WordPress website to have a boost in SERPS rankings, gaining an improved number of visitors as well as stronger online presence. Take a look at the infographic below and apply the 10 launch tips on your WordPress website to get the best results on the SEO.

Top 10 WordPress Launch Tips for Best SEO Results (Infographic):

Top 10 WordPress Launch Tips for Best SEO Results (Infographic) - 1Top 10 WordPress Launch Tips for Best SEO Results (Infographic) - 2
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