9 Excellent Ways to Earn Money from your own Blog

I have found an excellent tutorial recently published by Neil Patel where you can learn the step by step process to starting your own money-making blog. In this article, I will not concentrate on the blog creation process that he already explained. Rather than that, here I will try to share some ways by which you can actually earn money from your blog. Knowing the right money-making ways can really increase the chance of earning profit from your blog. But I also believe we all are blessed with different qualities and specialty. So do something in which you are good and confident. Choose the best way that suits you most and you can surely get a good conversion from your blog.

1) Google AdSense:

Earn Money from Blog - Point 1Google AdSense is the first and foremost method that every blogger should try. What you will have to do is to get your website approved by the Google AdSense team. Then you can add some JavaScript code to your blog to display AdSense ads on your website. The commission rate of AdSense is quite good and many bloggers find AdSense as their main income stream. But the policy of Google AdSense is quite sensitive and you have to make sure that your blog does not violate any of their rules. Otherwise, they will disable your website anytime from their system.

2) Amazon Affiliate:

Earn Money from Blog - Point 2Amazon is the world’s largest online shopping website. Everybody knows their name and relies on them. And for this reason, the conversion rate is extremely high for Amazon affiliates. If you have a passion for writing product reviews and promoting products then Amazon affiliate program can be your best choice. Join the Amazon affiliate program and promote Amazon products on your blog using your affiliate link. You can get 4% to 8.5% of commission depending upon your monthly performance.


3) Other Affiliates:

Earn Money from Blog - Point 3If you are good in Amazon affiliate, you can also try your luck in becoming affiliates of many other programs which will bring you revenue in the same way. There are many good and well-known programs like ClickBank, and Commission Junction to name a few.

4) Selling eBooks & other Digital Products:

Earn Money from Blog - Point 4In this digital era, digitally downloadable products are getting more and more popular day by day. If you have the knowledge to create new digital goods, you can easily sell those on your blog and can generate really good revenue. Digital products can be anything like eBooks, Photos, Music, Videos, Website templates, Scripts, Mobile Apps and Games and much more. The revenue will totally depend on the quality of your products.

Online Sale

5) Selling Services:

Earn Money from Blog - Point 5Similar to digital products, online service is another aspect of generating revenue. But for this, you have to be well-experienced on the specific service you are providing.  Also sometimes the service can be to create digital products for your client. Online services can include services like creating websites for your clients, graphic design, website template design, writing articles and eBooks for your client, providing online tuition on any subject, providing online tax consultation and much more. It can be anything as per your knowledge and experience.

6) Direct Advertisements:

Earn Money from Blog - Point 6For a new and unpopular blog getting direct advertisement is quite a tough job. So you should not try this beforehand. Rather you have to concentrate on making your blog more popular. Once your blog is popular you can try to contact advertisers directly to get ads from them. The best part of the direct advertisement is there is no middleman or agent and you do not need to share your revenue with anyone. That’s why the amount of revenue is quite higher.


7) Paid Reviews:

Earn Money from Blog - Point 7A paid review is a process where someone can write a review for a definite product and post them on their blog and get paid for it. Writing a review for products in your blog is a very good idea of earning money online nowadays. Seller will pay you to write reviews about their products and will request to post it on your blog. But make sure to write a genuine review of the product and not the fake one. You should always ask the seller to provide you a sample of the product so you can use it before writing the review. And try to write the review with all genuine information. This will help you to maintain the authority of your blog and increase your blog readers.

8) Selling Membership:

Earn Money from Blog - Point 8If you are providing such valuable content on your blog that your readers are ready to pay you to get access to your content, then you can try to sell membership on your blog. In the case of membership, the readers will pay a monthly or yearly membership to get the service from your blog. Say, you are publishing new eBooks each week in your blog. Then you can start a monthly or yearly membership on your blog and anyone who subscribes to your membership can receive all the eBooks you will publish on their subscription period without paying money for each eBook separately. This is a general idea and this kind of membership can be implemented for selling other digital products as well.

9) Multiple Combination of Above 8:

Earn Money from Blog - Point 9This last point is very interesting and can help you to increase your blog revenue to the next level. The all above ways can be implemented separately in your blog. But it is also possible to implement more than one way simultaneously on your blog. But all depends on your capabilities and experience. If you are good enough for more than one field, you can try all on your blog to generate revenue. You can try any combination of the above ways on your blog and can find multiple revenue streams for your blog.


conclusionI hope the above points may turn useful for you all, especially for those who are eagerly waiting for doing something of their own by starting and utilizing their blogs for getting a regular source of income. But remember, dedication is the key to success in any field. Earning money online from your blog can also need great dedication and focus from you. If you are well-determined and good on your field, then you will surely see the success.

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