7 WordPress Design Tips to Enhance Blog Engagement

Blogs; Blogs; and Blogs. You have always been busy creating great contents on your blogs. There is always something new that you can share with your audience. BUT, without people’s engagement in your blog, it is like sharing it for nothing, it is like creating something that nobody likes to talk about. Aside from your contents, you must think of ways on how to make your audience stay on your site and to be involved in your site by providing interactive features on it. Let us see what we can still add up on your site. Here are some blog engagement tips.

Tip #1. Make use of the surveys or chat boxes.

7 WordPress Design Tips to Enhance Blog Engagement - Point 1This is one of the common blog engagement tips. What a better way of making people get involved in your site. May it be a simple survey of what they want to see more on your site, or a survey regarding how their experience with your site, or simply having time to speak with them real-time through chat boxes. It is like a give-and-take thing. You gain ideas from their point of view, and they make your site active with engagements. They get to know you; you get to know your followers and followers can interact with fellow followers. It is like creating a new community.


Tip #2. Allow them to subscribe to a newsletter.

7 WordPress Design Tips to Enhance Blog Engagement - Point 2In this way, you can notify your followers if there is a new post. Or this will make them special for you can have people subscribed to your newsletter to know what you are going up to next. You can give previews and so much more. And through the subscription to your newsletter, you help people revisit your site.

Tip #3. Optimizing social media buttons.

7 WordPress Design Tips to Enhance Blog Engagement - Point 3Most of the people are out there in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. With just one button, your content can become viral in these social media. Broaden your reach by maximizing the use of social media. One person who shared your blog can reach at least another one thousand viewers. As your site become popular in social media shares, the more traffic you create in your blog site.

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Tip #4. Visuals.

7 WordPress Design Tips to Enhance Blog Engagement - Point 4Always bear in mind that people are first pleased with their eyes. Get that catchy meme or GIF to make them stay on your site if it is the first time to open your blog site. Add pictures to emphasize details on your blogs further. Add a few second clips to get them hooked and interested. People are entertained through what they see.

Tip #5. Ease of Access.

7 WordPress Design Tips to Enhance Blog Engagement - Point 5Get your ducks in a row, or rather, get your pages in a row. Make it easy to see, easy to locate, easy to navigate. Make sure they can easily see your “About Us” page, so they can fully understand what your site is all about. Get the “Contact Us” visible so they can further get in touch with you and your work. The more you help people get through your blog site, the more they get interested and stay.

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Tip #6. Personalize.

7 WordPress Design Tips to Enhance Blog Engagement - Point 6Add in your photo, may it be a professional photo or a goofy one, whatever fits your brand or content. You can even use a cartoon version of your picture. Through this, you are like giving a personal contact with your readers or followers. They will know the mastermind behind all those great contents. They will have a picture of who is speaking to them, who is reaching out to them, who is sharing that fantastic blog, who knows a caricature of yourself can gain you more followers.

Tip #7. Click bait titles.

7 WordPress Design Tips to Enhance Blog Engagement - Point 7How to make the guests and your followers get engaged with your posts by having that mind blowing, catchy, trendy, out of the ordinary titles. Remember that the title should still be related to the content of your post. But make it more intriguing and interesting by having those great titles. We all have that curious mind, and that curious mind is always looking for something new to explore, to discover. Develop that skill in creating intriguing titles.

Final Words

7 WordPress Design Tips to Enhance Blog Engagement

There you go! More engagement on your blog, more engagement on your site, the more reached you can have. Blog your way up!

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