5 Email Marketing Techniques that Really Work!

We all know that email marketing can be super lucrative. Here are 5 email marketing strategies that actually work in the real world.

1) Aim for maximum exposure:

Aim for maximum exposure

You need people to send emails to. So go all out to create a high-quality subscriber list. How to achieve this on a limited budget? Simple, start by posting extremely high-quality content on your website, make viral videos, be furiously active on forums, take part in contests, write guest posts, collaborate with non-competing businesses that are related to your niche. The beginning is the most difficult part – things get a lot easier once you gain momentum.

2) Give people a reason to give out their email:

Give people a reason to give out their email

Even if people think that your content is good, they are still hesitant about giving out their emails. Virtually every website asks visitors for their email and hence, people have their guard up. You have to make a very compelling offer if you want to convert mere visitors into subscribers (and ultimately into customers). Of course, you can take the ubiquitous approach of sending them a free report or eBook in exchange for their email. However, this method has gotten old and people don’t respond to it as well as they did before. You have to come across as fun, original and engaging.

For example: The renowned fitness blogger has used a very innovative and cool technique to get people to subscribe to his newsletter. He asked his visitors to sign up to learn how they can lose 7 lbs in 7 days without dieting or working out. Do you think people would be chomping at the bit for that free information?  They sure do!

3) Hold contests:

Hold contests

Nothing drives user engagement as well as a contest. Humans like to compete by nature and respond very well to contests.

For example: Say you have a website about healthy recipes. You can hold a contest on Facebook along with your email list asking your visitors/subscribers to send in their best healthy recipes in exchange for a small gift. The gift does not have to be too expensive. A knife set or a featured interview on your website/channel will do. Similarly, if you have a fitness channel, you can hold a contest where people document and submit their body transformations. Contests are fun – they give people an excellent reason to sign up. If you already have subscribers, contests help to ‘wake them up’.

4) Focus on building a relationship with your subscribers:

Focus on building a relationship with your subscribers

You need to put yourself in the position of your subscribers. Why have they signed up to your email list? Because they think you are cool. They like your content! They probably don’t care about the number of sales you make. They just want your awesome content. If your content is impactful, your subscribers will automatically see the life-changing capability of your product/service and will buy it. You don’t need to tell people to buy, you just have to give them what they want – unique content. Once you do this – the rest takes care of itself.

Like Inbox Blueprint teaches it’s students, you need to treat your subscribers like friends – answer their questions, give them confidence, send them motivational content and success stories, congratulate them on their achievements, wish them well on their birthdays and other festivals, offer them great deals. Try to have a positive effect on their lives. Really try to help them with your experiences, knowledge, and expertise – provide tangible, high solutions to problems.

5) Collaborate with a non-competing business:

Collaborate with a non-competing business

Here is an example: John has a website about the law of attraction. Jessica has a website about building lucrative income streams. The both do not compete directly with each other but they complement each other very well. It is highly likely that people who are interested in the law of attraction would want to learn about wealth creation and vice versa. Say both John and Jessica have five thousand subscribers each. If they both decide to collaborate – they can expand their reach to ten thousand people. How? Simple – John sends an email to his subscribers recommending Jessica’s channel/website/product and Jessica does the same for John. This technique can help achieve massive success over a very short period of time. You can collaborate with just one or two high-quality businesses in a year and send profits through the roof!

5 Email Marketing Techniques that Really Work! - conclusion

Email marketing is incredibly effective in the long run. You need to be willing to put in the hard work during the initial phase and then you can reap humongous rewards later. Once you have a good number of loyal subscribers – you’ll find that your conversion rates improve significantly.  You can send emails to them with new products, offers, updates etc, and make a nice chunk of change in the process!

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