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Are you a creative web developer? Maybe you are even running a web design studio with a crew of geeks whose hands are itching to build something really innovative…

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But are you entirely happy with your business and the income it brings you? We guess no entrepreneur is completely satisfied with their current lie of the land. Only constant improvement and development keeps a business afloat.

Are you totally certain that you do everything possible to grow your income? We’ve got some tips from experienced web design professionals which actually work. See for yourself.

What is the Solution?

Every IT professional or a newbie faces the following problems: lack of customers, issues with clients who do not know what they want, struggling for getting links from the big blogs with good traffic, and so on.

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We know what can help you take away all your problems. It’s TemplateMonster’s Web Studios Catalog.

Any freelancer or web design and development studio can sign up for the service and create its profile for free. Those smart entrepreneurs will start to receive customers from And that is not the only benefit of Web Studios Catalog. produces the best templates and themes out there for almost 15 years already. They won a rock-solid reputation. Customers got used to trusting them. Millions of websites you see on the web today were built on the basis of company templates. TemplateMonster’s collection of templates is very extensive. It contains nearly 46 000 items. They offer you WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, and a heap of other ready-made designs.

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Naturally, not all of the TemplateMonster’s clients have an extensive technical skill, that’s why they require not only beautiful ready-made design itself, but a bunch of additional services like installation, customization, content support, SEO optimization, website promotion, and many others.

In other words, many of the TemplateMonster’s customers don’t know exactly they do with their new templates after the purchase. They can’t cope this with the website to launch by themselves and need the help of professionals.

So, they start to search the Internet for a decent company or freelance developer who will do the complicated job for a reasonable price instead of them. But hiring a stranger is a leap in the dark. And here is where the catalog pops up. All agencies stated there have been already tested and certified by the company they can fully rely on. With the help of the Web Studios Catalog, the things become quite easier for the customers.

Being a member of the localized list of TemplateMonster’s partners is a win-win opportunity to grow your client base and ensure your well-being.

But that’s not all; the information in the catalog is carefully structured and ordered. That’s why it’s easy to find exactly what you need there. The new template owners don’t generally wish to hire any unknown companies as their first choice. Customers like to feel safe, they need guarantees, and the catalog can be considered a kind of quality service guarantee.

All of us know that customers prefer to deal with the resources that someone recommends them and with the local web studios.
That is why; Web Studios Catalog is provided with advanced filters.

For instance, clients can search the list by country and city to find service providers in their location or nearby.
In fact, customers who want to customize a template or design a project in your city/town will find you in the catalog. The catalog can be the part of your entire promotional attempt for no cost (as enrolling is free for now).

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Let’s go further.

Different agencies work with different CMS. So, the customers will see their CMS specialization. The catalog offers a search by CMS type.

To make it easy, the customers will view a list containing the name of all web design agencies who work on a particular CMS. The option is very user-friendly, especially when they purchase many different templates and wish to launch more than one website at once.
What’s more, every agency on the list has its personal profile page, where they can post web studio description, pricing, contact details, and customers’ feedback. The built-in contact form will be serviceable for those who are ready to place an order or want to ask a question.

Get Free Client Leads With New Web Studio Catalog by TemplateMonster - cms

The profile page also contains TemplateMonster’s rating. The more projects with company templates a web studio has completed, and the more positive feedbacks the customers leave, the higher ranking the profile gets.

Get Free Client Leads With New Web Studio Catalog by TemplateMonster - feedback

This info helps the customers to select the desired agency for their specific needs.

Watch this 1,5 min video about Web Studios Catalog. It will answer the questions that have not been covered above.

The Summary & Final Words

Let’s try to summarize the benefits a freelancer or a web design agency gets from partnering with TemplateMonster.

First of all, Web Studios Catalog is an inexhaustible source of leads for your website. Can you imagine how many people visit TemplateMonster marketplace every day? Can you imagine how many templates do they purchase regularly? You can have your piece of this pie and we bet it will be rather big.

Thanks to this program, freelancers have a wonderful opportunity to join the large community of progressive developers and designers. You can make friends with them, you can learn from them. You won’t even notice how you turn into a web design guru able to cope even with the most complicated tasks. Friendly help and support are very important. They will make your way to success smooth, quick, and enjoyable. And one more thing, you can’t but agree that we feel much more comfortable feeling ourselves a part of the community of the like-minded nerds. Nobody wants to be a lonely freak.


Web Studios Catalog is a part TemplateMonster’s Partner Program that lets you considerably increases your income. Just think about it. You will finally get a steady workflow. Customers will contact you knowing beforehand that you are an expert developer able to set their resources up and running in the short run.

It may sound crazy, but TemplateMonster does not charge neither customer nor freelancer for this awesome service. The admission’s free, so, no doubt, you should be on the list. Doing business without any investments is always great. Finding new customers without any expenses on advertising or other marketing efforts are sounds so sweet.

Are you ready to make a try? Add your Web Studio to Catalog Now!

Disclosure: Some of our articles may contain affiliate links; this means each time you make a purchase, we get a small commission. However, the input we produce is reliable; we always handpick and review all information before publishing it on our website. We can ensure you will always get genuine as well as valuable knowledge and resources.
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