Top 7 Web Development Trends to Focus On in 2019

The Internet involves our lives since 1990. Today we can’t imagine business and market without the sites. Like any other technology, Internet evolves and changes every moment. You’re to stay tuned and be aware of the trends in case you want your business and website be viable. Here we are to help you to stay on top of the web development innovations and solutions that are must-have to focus on in 2019.

The Top 7 Web Development Trends That Will Dominate in 2019

Nowadays there are over 1.5 billion of websites over the world and the number grow every second. Therefore, you should understand that you’re to change as well. In this article, you’ll find top 7 web development trends to implement for improving your users’ experience and increasing conversion, sales, and revenue.


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1. Motion UI

Web Development Trends 2019 - Point 1According to research, the human’s attention span lasts 8 seconds only. Therefore, you have so little time to engage your users. Images always are ahead of the text. Thus, it’s a well-known fact that graphics and animation engage users better than static content. That’s the reason to use Motion UI technologies to your website to make flexible transitions, interactive charts to improve the customer experience. But don’t overdo it, find your sweet spot.

2. Progressive Web Apps

Web Development Trends 2019 - Point 2According to the sats in 2018 the number of mobile Internet users has achieved 3.7 billion, and the number grows constantly. Nobody wants to wait long and eager to get the highest quality whatever device he/she uses. That’s the very reason to make your website progressive. The Progressive Web Apps are more secure, much faster and easy to use. The PWA brings together the best of website, browser and native mobile applications. All that promises the better experience and engagement of your customers.

3. Voice Search Optimization

Web Development Trends 2019 - Point 3Voice search has gained popularity among the users recently thanks to such technologies as Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant. According to the marketing reports, 58% of consumers find information about the local business using technology.

That’s the very reason to think about how people will search the info and optimize the website for the keywords users use in the speech, not in writing. The solution is must-have for e-commerce companies and virtual shopping.

4. AI-Powered Virtual Agents

Web Development Trends 2019 - Point 4AI technologies are the future of lots of industries. They can easily replace humans to do some routine operations faster and cheaper and just automate some tasks. Though, for now, only 15% of enterprises have already implemented the tech, and 31% are going to build-in AI solutions in 2019.

AI-powered virtual agents can replace live agents to carry on the repetitive conversations with the interactive voice response (IVR) or chatbots integrated to improve your customers experience offering extensive personalization, predict and give more accurate answers using the data from the previous consumers’ conversations recorded.


5. API-First Development

Web Development Trends 2019 - Point 5API-First Development is bound to save your time and budget allowing to parallel all the processes from idea, design and up to releasing of your website, mobile application or SaaS software. It’s a strategy where you develop an Application Program Interface first and only then build the product on top of it. And if any changes, new features or bug fixes are needed, all teams (designers, developers, backend, frontend, and Q&A) can work simultaneously.

6. Push Notifications

Web Development Trends 2019 - Point 6Push Notifications are not only for mobile applications but for websites as well. More and more sites use pop-ups instead of the newsletters to increase the users’ engagement and leverage online marketing benefits. Push Notifications are easier to manage both for consumers and business. In such a way you can notify users about new content, special promotion, personalized offers much faster.

7. Biometric Security Growth

Web Development Trends 2019 - Point 7Just think about that over 90,000 websites are hacked every day. That’s the very reason for cybersecurity to remain a dominant trend in web development in 2019. Passwords are going away, and biometrics is the more secure alternatives to them.

Fingerprint recognition is a common thing for smartphone users already, and that’s a future of the banking systems as well. The experts expect that it’ll be 2.6 billion biometric payment users by 2023 that is going to change the way consumers check out on e-commerce websites and in retail stores. Voice, palm and behavioral biometrics, facial recognition, gait analysis are the cybersecurity web trends to pay attention to in the nearest future.

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Bottom line: Are you ready to incorporate all or some of these web development trends in your business?


All these technology trends are going to change the market and your strategy in the short term. Apart from the technologies mentioned above, there are some solutions like AR/VR, Blockchain, Single Page Applications (SPAs) and other trends appeared on the net will shape the business, website and application strategies in 2019. They are to be integrated today to make your business viable tomorrow.

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