Why Google Identity Program is a Must for Mobile App Developers

Mobile app development companies have played a huge role in the eCommerce industry that is fueled by mobile applications development. Every smartphone user uses specific applications that suit their personal interests and purposes.

As a result, it has become really important for mobile app developers to consider the aspect of security other than giving these end users a highly efficient experience with the products.

The security concern

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The trend of using mobile applications for buying products or booking services is increasing day by day and there arises a situation where customers cannot remember their passwords. Therefore, the focus should also be on establishing a highly authentic security system. This system shall develop in parallel to the business to provide customers with a secure experience.

The aspect of security and the act of preventing customers from overloading themselves with the complex process of registering must be addressed. Asking same details to the customers every time is not a feasible thing. The element of brand reliability must be communicated effectively through a mobile app itself.

To overcome these obstacles, Google has come up with a highly authentic system. It incorporates the set of identity tools to eradicate friction out of each and every activity involved in the process of registering or signing in. We are talking about the Google Identity Program.

What is Google Identity Program?

Google Identity Program enables end users to log in with their Google accounts, which is what they use to access G-mail. It is also a secure way to connect with people who use Google and its services. End users can be given an opportunity to pay using Android pay, save files on Google Drive, and the list of its advantages goes on.

How the entire program works?

The end users have to register or sign in automatically with the help of Smart Lock for Passwords.

It enables end users to sign in automatically and sign up into mobile applications on Android devices and websites in Google Chrome. End users would get logged in across devices without making any efforts. It also helps in reducing the very likely risk of forgetting passwords and missing conversion chances when customers try to sign in but then get distracted due to unexpected complexity.

Once the password is saved to Smart Lock, your user does not have to enter the relevant details again on their Android devices and Chrome devices. It acts as a password manager which is associated with your Google account.

Various companies like Netflix, Instacart, and New York Times have started using this feature to provide their customers with an exceptional experience.

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The Idea Behind the entire concept

The concept has been expected to extend itself as an API to publishers and mobile app developers. It also boosts the process of signing up and increases the rate at which new customers sign up as it is just a matter of few seconds.

When your user buys a new device, they can download and get signed in automatically using the same account. It also becomes easy for customers to keep track of their daily activities on a particular mobile application as they do not have to sign in each and every time they want to have access to it.

Customers must have a highly reliable registration protocol with Google Sign in.

Signing in with your Google account is the way of connecting with Google users in a more secure way. It decreased the pressure of login for end users as it enables them to log in with their Google account.

Firebase Authentication, and Identity Toolkit, i.e. identity platform for employees.

It delivers backend services to authenticate customers, and they are combined with client SDKs that are incredibly easy to use. With this, it authenticates end users by using federated identity credentials and passwords. It makes the process of creating a highly secure authenticated system easy as it provides a sign in and on board services for all the users on all the devices. It also offers UI libraries to help you in incorporating a full-fledged authentic experience in your mobile application.

An extra blend of benefits

  • Even developers who are not involved in the technical department can use these sign in options and transform end users with few configuration alterations.
  • The identity toolkit provides the process of authenticating email and password with support. However, starting with identity kit allows end users to share the authentic system as they go ahead with it across different platforms.
  • There are various methods that users can use the kind of mobile application they have access to. These mobile applications are also classified in different categories, such as IT applications, SAAS applications, SAAS mobile applications, and mobile IT applications.
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One can conclude that customers deserve to get a smooth experience when they are checking out a particular mobile application, and it becomes the responsibility of mobile app developers and mobile app development companies to reduce the burden on customers.

They should not be bothered about complex processes, like signing up and restoring the forgotten password. Such processes should be automated to provide them with a satisfying experience.

Therefore, Google Identity Platform should be used in order to come up with a highly authentic system to avoid such distracting issues.

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