Internet Security Tips – Use VPN to Protect Personal Data from Online Thieves?

Modern society is obsessed with monitoring and controlling, so it is no wonder that such a huge amount of spy software, keyloggers, and other malware tools are available on the market. Every computer-savvy teenager with the right knowledge and simple tools can hack a smartphone and get access to personal information stored in there. This is a huge risk for the owner as we tend to keep a lot of sensible and private information on our gadgets and expose them to possible dangers when using unprotected public Wi-Fi. It is worth mentioning common misfortunes that can happen to anyone who often attends public hotspots:

  • Snoopers have access to user’s online activity as Wi-Fi network we use at public places is not encrypted, so the traffic is visible to everyone curious enough. The best advice in this case – never do online banking or use any online payment services like a lot of sensitive information may be lost to third parties.
  • Any device can be exposed to malware, viruses that can be sent out in emails.
  • Skilled hackers can easily get access to the following data: IP address, online browsing history, private correspondence and chats, shared files, passwords and username used to login in social networks.

Attending public places can only be safe with the right choice of VPN provider. You can take help from bestVPNrating to choose the most suitable one for you.


Key advantages offered by reliable VPN service

Any Internet user, business owner, the traveler should guard own private data, and the easiest way to ensure complete safety of personal information is connecting laptops, smartphones, and tablets to reliable VPN service. Apart from solid protection, such service allows to save money:

  • VOIP international calls can become domestic ones if the user changes his IP address.
  • By changing your location, it is also possible booking flights and hotel rooms at the best rates.
As William Litchfield, the Director of the online marketing agency QuikClicks, mentioned recently, “Many features allow reducing expenses but these are not essential options offered by VPN services. In most cases, such services used to establish safe remote access to corporate network and provide all employees to use the company’s sources while working from home or simply by using a mobile.”

Other benefits include:

  1. Trusted VPN services guarantee personal data, location encryption, and safety.
  2. Users are provided with numerous IP addresses.
  3. Unrestricted access to banned or restricted apps and websites.
  4. Strong and fast Internet connection due to a great number of servers located on all continents.
  5. Kill-switch feature.
  6. Safe Wi-Fi in public places, and much more.


Reasons for all of us to start using VPN services

Private web browsing also requires protection as well as online business activity. VPN provider preserves users’ anonymity online by hiding IP addresses and encrypting signals keeping online activity in secret. Other reasons to use VPN for the home network include:

  • Unrestricted access to streaming web content. Such traditional streaming media providers as Netflix, Eurosport, HBO may be restricted in certain areas, especially outside the US, therefore content cannot be broadcasted in other countries. With the help of VPN provider, any user can easily change own IP address and location and access any streaming website.
  • Safe torrenting – uploading and downloading any files in complete privacy. Use of torrent may be illegal as the majority of uploaded files contain illegally copied materials – books, songs, movies. Some files may be infected with viruses and pose a threat to the user’s PC.
  • Sadly, but the majority of public Wi-Fi users are strongly believed, that they are safe while using the unprotected Internet connection. Due to the lack of encryption, any hacker can access a device and steal any data. Regular users of public wireless should invest in VPN.
  • The majority of educational facilities often implement restrictions regarding browsing the web – blocking social networks, streaming websites. VPN connection is ably solving this problem within a minute.
  • We are all annoyed with our search history being logged by search engines. Besides, these search choices are glued to IP address and later used to customize annoying advertisement. VPN will make sure user’s search history will remain private.
  • Evading web censorship and online activity surveillance provided in such countries as Afghanistan, China, Cuba, Syria, Bangladesh and many others.
Internet Security Tips - Use VPN to Protect Personal Data from Online Thieves?

Final Words

Any Internet user should be aware of possible dangers and have a chance to prevent any related misfortunes my means of trusted VPN service.

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