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Core values have subtle benefits, yet leave their imprint on many aspects of human life. Core values are those that let us set the guidelines for understanding and acting upon values.

So, what are core values anyway? They are things like freedom of expression, loyalty, truthfulness. When individuals understand what is it that they value, they get clarity in their thoughts and actions.

Core values motivate us and impact our behavior towards others around us. You may not realize it, but when you support a cause or protest a law, you are unconsciously supporting and identifying a core value. You are disturbed when that the thing that you value is violated upon by something or somebody.

When you identify your core values, you take an active interest in even the most boring daily tasks. It reduces stress, alleviates physical wellbeing and mental clarity.

Values App


So, what if we could have a systematic program that lists all core values that an individual or a company desire, and what if it could prioritize them, and suggest activities that they can do based on the core values that they have selected? That’s what the Values App does.

Values App helps align individual values with behavior and actions. It does so by systematic steps which are planned after intensive thought process, industry research, and manual testing. Values app helps to identify the values of an individual and align them with corporate values. Both, employees within an organization, and the organization itself benefit equally. An organization comes to know about employee values, and this helps them realign its values so that it impacts the lives of people in the most profound manner.

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How does this app work?


When users register on the Values App, they have to select from a list of values. Physical wellbeing, social causes, career, transparency are some examples of core values. By dragging and dropping values, they then prioritize the top 5 values from among the ones they have selected. To help them understand the value, they can click on a value and read its definition.

When the user has selected the top 5 values and prioritized them from the list, they are taken to a dashboard where they can keep a track of their values and realign their day-to-day activities. Users can take up challenges that reaffirm the values selected, and they also can use action tips, or adjust their values at any time.

 Companies can also track the values supported by their employees, and this leads them to discover their values and act accordingly. They receive group reports through the Values App, which they can analyze and interpret to prioritize their own goals and values.

 If a company has already identified its values, then the Values app will customize the list of values so that employees can align their activities around with their selected values.

Benefits of Values app to individuals


So how will this Values app help individuals? When they can identify their core values, they may reduce activities that are not in alignment with their values. So, they can now get a clear idea of what activities to cut down, which activities to try to do regularly so that they give more satisfaction to that individual.

Benefits of Values app to corporates


To an organization or corporate entity, Values App, ultimately help in the decision-making process. Companies may identify employees or partners who are in fine-tune to the values they adhere to. Values app helps in recruiting human resources, product development, gain a competitive edge over competitors and achieve more profits and goodwill.

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Final words


Your actions and thought process are powered by your values. More than stress management exercises, relaxation techniques, spiritual practices, it is the core values that you need to stress upon. People need to carefully think about what are the values they admire and write about them. Listing values enable them to get a clearer picture of the top ones that they value the most and leave the least important ones behind. This is exactly where the Values app comes into the picture. It is one of the most unique apps you will find in the Play store. It is worth downloading at any cost. No matter what your profession is, it will definitely add value to your life.

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Values App is one of the most unique apps you will find in the Play store. It is worth downloading at any cost. No matter what your profession is, it will definitely add value to your life.

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