6 Actionable Online Advertising Strategies to Drive Shoppers to your Store

Driving sales to the online store is never a difficult one by performing some tactics that boost up the sales. If you are not well versed with the basic knowledge regarding the integration of your website and business strategies, then it will highly difficult to stand up in this competitive world. Apart from this, it is not only enough to bring visitors to your landing page; it is must to turn that traffic into customers. There are ample of ways to enhance the conversions, let’s have a brief look at it.

1. Exploit Social Media

Exploit Social Media

Social Media seems to be the most excellent source to pull the customers to your product or services. If you have the ability to get followers on your Facebook, Twitter and more, then success is in your hand to convert their reaction into achievement. Be ready to avail social logins in your website as most of the people using the internet don’t wish to perform new registration, which will make you stand out from others. In addition, using flash and graphics may make your website look good, but content takes the major role in making the visitors come again.

2. Make use of Email Marketing

Make use of Email Marketing

Email Marketing acts as the best tool to provide the best return on investment for your business. If you are willing to do Email marketing, then make sure that you are avoiding the spam words of an Email list in your content and as well make sure that your content is brief.

3. Cross Promote your Products

Cross Promote your Products

Don’t concentrate only on a stand-alone product, instead, make sure to advertise different products as most of the successful sellers have just described that it is not meant for a single product. Adding many products may start working together to drive traffic to your website and, in turn, convert those visitors into consumers. If your target is just to sell only through online, then be sure in making that URL branded ready to think about it, make your URL easily remember.

4. Search Engine Visibility – Get expert help

Search Engine Visibility - Get expert help

Almost 80% of the people, who are using the internet in the world, usually seem to websites, products and services through the help of search engines. Typically, most of them think that top results in the search engines are considered to be most trustworthy, so it will always be better to get the help from digital marketing experts to make your website to be top rated and as well to place the link in the top of the search engine result page. The things to be concentrated are SEO, PPC, social networking, referral marketing, web analytics and more.

5. Go ahead using affiliate networks

Go ahead using affiliate networks

The main motive of the affiliate marketer should not be the selling of the product; rather it should be about creating sales pages that convert the visiting person of a website into a loyal customer, which means that the website should contain useful information that is needed for the customer. Helping customers will widely help to increase the sales in the affiliate marketing.

6. Post contents often – use images

Post contents often - use images

The best way to double the traffic from the social media is to post the related or interesting contents often on your social media sites. It acts as the best way to build a number of audiences. If any of the content seems to be popular, then it’s sure shares it repeatedly to reach everyone. Make use of the high-quality images to make the product describe on its own.


At last, it is sure that you will succeed in exposing your brand to the outside world by making use of these tactics. Remember that always well-written content and product descriptions are very important to showcase your search visibility in top search engines.

Sri Divya is an online marketing expert and also a trainer offering digital marketing courses in Chennai. She loves to share tips and tricks on digital advertising, social media and eCommerce marketing and optimization strategies.
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