The Advantages and Disadvantages of Laptops You Must Know

Article Note: This article “The Advantages and Disadvantages of Laptops You Must Know” was first published on 9th June 2018. We last updated this article on 19th June 2021 with fresh information.

Information technology has deeply penetrated many areas of our lives. Almost any modern person can hardly imagine himself without such devices as a smartphone, a computer, a laptop, etc. And if only recently, a stationary computer was the limit of dreams, now this area has expanded enormously. The era of portable devices, such as laptops, has come and it’s absolutely not surprising. If you look at the statistics, then the notebook market is developing much faster than the computer and technology, and with the filling of modern models, and the demand for them, the market is being improved very quickly.

However, life in modern cities simply boils down to the key, and most people become more active and are striving to receive new relevant information. Be aware of the latest developments in public and political life, have a source of new impressions, the opportunity to communicate with friends, and maintain business ties in a chronic lack of time. Therefore, laptops are the best innovative tool to accomplish all their requirements. In addition, there are several pros but also a few cons of laptops, some are mentioned below:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Laptops (In General)

Every technology product of today’s time is excelling in some of the key parameters while showing limitations in other parameters. The same is the case with laptops that come with strengths as well as weaknesses. So before start shopping for any of your favorite laptop models available in the market, it is necessary to make yourself well versed with its unique features and limitations. Here we have made a list of the advantages and disadvantages of laptops that will allow you to make a better comparison.

Advantages of Laptops

Advantages of Laptops

1. Mobility

The first and main advantage of a laptop, in comparison with a stationary computer, is its mobility. The lightweight, compact size, and built-in battery in the laptop allow it to easily move from one place to another. Many models can be worn at all times, used in a park, or cafe, or carted in a car. Thanks to this mobility, you can quickly access the necessary data wherever you are.

2. Finished product

The laptop is easy to use without any additional devices. It has everything such as its own keyboard, built-in mouse (touchpad), built-in speakers, and built-in microphone, many laptops have a built-in camera, and even there are options with 2 built-in cameras on both sides of the laptop cover.

3. Internet access

Internet access is the second advantage of the rise in demand for the laptop because it provides the ability to access the Internet through wireless technology Wi-Fi. However, this possibility can be on a stationary computer, but you can only connect to the network at home. The laptop can be taken with you to any cafe, restaurant, park, or other public places, where there is Wi-Fi coverage, and to connect to the Internet. Moreover, some laptops allow you to install SIM cards for access to the mobile Internet 3G or 4G.

4. Offline operation

The laptop is also convenient to use for all kinds of presentations. In this case, you do not depend on the technical equipment of the venue. Even the connection to the mains is not necessary since the laptop can work offline from its battery (with proper use). True, batteries have their lifespan; they are not eternal.

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Disadvantages of Laptops

Disadvantages of Laptops

1. Sensitivity

Laptops are easier to damage as compared to ordinary computers. For example, it is not uncommon for a laptop to drop, fall with rain, sit on it, etc. All this leads to a breakdown of the device. And the repair of portable computers is much more expensive than an ordinary computer.

2. Unpredictable battery

Often, the battery pack built into the laptop breaks down because it is not eternal, and it needs to be operated according to strict rules. In addition, many users have a habit of operating a laptop in exactly the same way as a stationary PC by enacting with power while using that is the foremost reason for damaging the battery.

3. Reinstalling the native operating system

A very important point is that laptops really do not like reinstalling the operating system. The native system that comes with the laptop works with it in the best possible way. However, it is necessary to switch to another operating system, and problems with function keys, device drivers of the laptop, etc., can begin.

Laptops Vs. Desktop Computers

When it comes to making a choice between a laptop and a desktop computer, you need to consider several important factors and make a decision according to your needs. Here we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of the laptop over the desktop computer that will allow you to make an informed decision.

Advantages of Laptop Over Desktop Computer

Advantages of Laptop Over Desktop Computer

1. Portability:

Laptops are highly portable on the virtue of their compact size. They can be easily taken from one place to another in a carrying case or backpack. This is what makes them a highly convenient device that you can carry even while traveling. You don’t need to worry about delays in submitting your work reports or sending an important file from your system as you can very much do it using laptops while on the go.

On the other hand, desktop computers come in large sizes and they are assembled from multiple components. Though it is possible to take desktop computers from one place to another, the overall process is quite burdensome. They are specially designed to be used in one location rather than constantly moving from one place to another.

2. The convenience of assembly:

The laptop is extremely user-friendly as it needs only a few minutes to start running. You can simply take it out of your bag and press the power key to start the system. Within only a few minutes, your system is good to go. On the other hand, desktop computers require a bit of time to install and begin use. They also require a larger space to set up as compared to laptops. The laptop allows you to do your work while keeping them on your lap, while desktop computers require a formal table or specific furniture to complete the setup.

3. Power usage:

A laptop consumes less power as compared to a desktop computer on the virtue of its smaller components that require minimal power to keep running. Laptop computers also feature batteries which means there is no work loss because of fluctuations in power or accidentally shutting down of the system. In the case of desktop computers, power fluctuations can cause a risk of losing your current work files if they are not saved properly.

4. Dimensions & Weight:

The laptop contains similar components that desktop components have but they weigh only around 2-3 kgs thereby making it easy for you to carry it even in one hand. While desktop computers are known for their bulky appearance and you can’t even carry them in both hands. Laptops are slimmer than desktop computers and you can keep them even in a highly congested place.

5. Information at your fingertips:

Another key benefit of laptops over desktop computers is that they give you access to unlimited information at your fingertips. If you are traveling or away from your home or office then you will require a laptop to get hold of all your vital information from a place of your choice. No matter where you are, you can switch on your system and get access to your data or even try the internet using laptops.

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Advantages of Desktop Computer over Laptop

Advantages of Desktop Computer over Laptop

1. Cost:

Desktop computers offer you a wide variety of options when choosing different components that make a device highly powerful. On the other hand, laptops come with a few limitations when choosing the components and sometimes you need to compromise with an average device. In order to achieve the ideal configuration of your desktop, you don’t need to pay a very high price. In the case of the laptop, you need to create a big hole in your pocket to avail a highly powerful system that is equipped with massive storage space, outstanding graphics, and higher speed.

2. Processor:

Desktop computers have the luxury of installing more powerful processors than laptop computers. In fact, any of the recently launched processors you will find in the market, are more compatible with desktop computers than laptops. You can easily run high graphics games on desktop computers, while laptops may face a few performance issues when running powerful games.

3. Screen size:

Desktop computers are available in a wide range of sizes and you even have the flexibility to enjoy the high-user experience that you can avail yourself with your home theatre or TVs.  You also have an option to connect your CPU to a projector or larger screen to enjoy a better viewing experience. This is not the optimal case with laptops as they are manufactured considering the portability aspect in mind and you rarely get a screen size of more than 19 inches in laptops. Although, you can connect your laptop to external monitors or projectors if you are willing to do so.

4. Keyboard:

Desktop computers feature full-size keyboards that also include a number pad and you don’t have any limitations while accessing specific keys offering unique functionality. On the other hand, laptops with larger sizes also struggle to offer you an all-inclusive keyboard and you have limitations on accessing the functionality directly through shortcut keys.

5. Convenience in upgrading:

Most of the key components of desktop computers can be removed easily and they are very convenient to upgrade. Desktop cases also come in a large size that facilitates easy upgrading. In the case of laptops, you will find hard drive and memory are the only components that can be upgraded easily. The rest of the components in the laptop are either non-removable or built-in which makes upgrading almost impossible. If you need to upgrade any specific component of your laptop other than the hard drive and memory, then you need to purchase a laptop with the latest configuration.

6. Easy maintenance:

Repairing your desktop computer is quite easy as most of the replacement parts are easily available in local computer shops. In the case of laptops, opening your device for repair is quite a cumbersome task. Besides this, some of the replacement parts of laptops can be purchased only from the manufacturer or any other online platform that demands a significant amount of money and time from your side. As each of the laptop models has its unique design and structure, they are quite hard to upgrade and incur a high cost for maintenance purposes.

7. Video cards:

Desktop computers can easily run video cards that demand efficiency in heat dissipation and require higher power. Most desktop computers are capable of managing extreme power supply which means you can easily run multiple video cards on your device at the same time. In the case of laptops, you face a lot of limitations when it comes to graphics capabilities. The heat reduction efficiency is also quite less on laptops when compared with desktop computers.

8. Health issues:

The elongated use of laptops on a user’s lap can cause health issues as the device becomes warm after prolonged use. The integrated display of the laptop also persuades users to search for the perfect view which may cause spinal or neck injuries in the long term.

While using desktop computers, you need to achieve a perfect sitting position on a chair which means you will be facing fewer body issues. When you are using desktop computers, a distance of more than 2ft is automatically maintained between your eyes and screen.

While in the case of laptops, this distance is less than 2ft which means you have a higher risk of damaging your eyesight with laptops as compared to desktop computers.

2-in-1 Laptops Vs. Traditional Laptops

2-in-1 laptops have continued to gain a lot of popularity as they possess features of both computer and tablet. Companies have been using a lot of innovation in order to make 2-in-1 laptops or hybrid devices lighter, thinner, and highly portable than ever before. These devices have a lot of advantages and disadvantages over traditional laptops and you need to be aware of all these differences before making a buying decision. The final verdict depends on your priorities and you need to make sure you list down all your preferences carefully before finalizing on any device.

Advantages of 2-in-1 Laptop over Traditional Laptop

Advantages of 2-in-1 Laptop over Traditional Laptop

1. Portability:

The compact and small size 2-in-1 laptops offer an ideal solution when it comes to traveling. Your back and shoulder will say thank you as they don’t need to feel the burden of carrying the heavy device from one place to another. Flip screen 2-in-1 laptops are slimmer than traditional laptops which makes them much more convenient to carry in the palm of your hand.

2. Versatility:

The 2-in-1 laptop provides four ways of versatility and you can easily switch them from one mode to another – laptop mode, tablet mode, tent mode, and stand mode. Traditional laptops fail to offer you such flexibility to serve your specific working purpose. The soft-touch exterior of the 2-in-1 laptop also comes with high durability which is difficult to match with traditional laptops. With 2-in-1 laptops, you can enjoy dual functionality as you can easily access tablet applications and desktop software at the same time with total ease.

3. Power:

2-in-1 laptops come with a highly energy-efficient battery that makes them extremely powerful over conventional laptops. You can easily run it for more than 9 hours after a full charge which is difficult to achieve using traditional laptops. You can observe a significant difference in your power consumption once you start using 2-in-1 laptops as they consume minimal power to keep running.

4. Price:

The price of 2-in-1 laptops has also fallen swiftly over the last few years. What it means is that you can purchase a 2-in-1 laptop of the same screen size and similar technical specifications at a lower rate than a traditional laptop. If users are getting features of both laptops and tablets in a single device at an affordable price then they prefer to choose 2-in-1 laptops over traditional computers.

5. Adaptability at work:

When it comes to adaptability, 2-in-1 laptops are the preferred choice over traditional laptops. For instance, if you are a construction engineer and need to constantly move from site to office, you will realize the importance of 2-in-1 laptops. When you are in the office, you will choose a laptop to get your job done. But when you are at a construction site, you will require a tablet to capture images, do estimations or even do video calling. There are more such professions where you will find 2-in-1 laptops quite handy over traditional laptops.

6. Digital Pen:

Though most traditional laptops come with a feature of digital pen usage, the overall experience won’t match that of 2-in-1 laptops. Whether it is drawing, designing, or formulating creative documents, everything is possible with a touch-screen of 2-in-1 laptops that traditional laptops with bulky keyboards fail to deliver.

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Advantages of Traditional Laptop Over 2-in-1 Laptop

Advantages of Traditional Laptop Over 2-in-1 Laptop

1. Performance:

If you are buying a laptop computer for gaming purposes that demands high performance then you will find traditional laptops a more preferred choice over a 2-in-1 laptop. This is because hybrid devices are only designed for work purposes and they are slightly good at handling multimedia tasks. Traditional laptops feature a highly powerful CPU that is equipped with multiple graphics cards which makes them a perfect gaming device over a 2-in-1 laptop.

2. Screen size:

Though the compact size is considered a strong selling point of 2-in-1 laptops, it is also considered one of the limitations. The big screen of traditional laptops offers a better viewing experience which is difficult to achieve using 2-in-1 laptops. So, if you are planning to spend several hours on your device, you will find traditional laptops quite handy over 2-in-1 laptops.

3. Size of Keyboard:

Because of their small size, the keyboard of the 2-in-1 laptop is not as big as traditional laptops. It means there will be no numeric keypad available and you have to compromise with the low functionality of conventional laptops. Most of the time, you will find handling the keyboard of a hybrid laptop quite tiresome as you face several typos while typing the keys that lead to total discomfort. This is not the case with traditional laptops that offer sufficient space on keyboards for all the function keys and you can easily manage them without creating any typing errors.

4. Processor:

Traditional laptops are considered more powerful devices than any other hybrid device available in the market. Most of them come with bigger processors that can launch all widgets and applications instantly without creating any effect on battery life. This is not the case with 2-in-1 laptops that have limitations in terms of processors.

When it comes to graphics power and speed, the conventional laptop also has an edge over other devices. They can handle intensive tasks like 3-D graphics management quite effectively which is not the case with 2-in-1 laptops. Besides, traditional laptops are known for their multitasking purpose whereas 2-in-1 laptops struggle a bit.

5. When you need Ports:

By virtue of their large size, you will find more space for ports on traditional laptops as compared to 2-in-1 laptops. You can easily hook up with other docks and dongles when you have the luxury of accessing multiple ports. When required, you can also connect an external display using one of the ports offered by the traditional laptop.

Apple Laptops Vs. Other Laptops

There can be endless debate over the topic of whether Apple laptops are better than other laptops. There are reasonable arguments both supporting and against this question. If you are ready to compromise over some of the components in case you are getting what you want then it becomes quite easy to make a choice. So eventually the idea lies in listing down your specific requirements and trying to match them with the features of your chosen laptops. The system that gets you maximum points clicked should be your ideal device. Let’s find out the advantages and disadvantages of the Apple Laptop over other laptops.

Advantages of Apple Laptop Over Other Laptops

Advantages of Apple Laptop Over Other Laptops

1. Higher educational discounts:

Education is a segment you will find Apple computers have large users over other laptops. This is because of the fact that students get a significant discount on the purchase of laptops from online stores Apple. In some of the models, the discount can be as high as $250 on Apple computers which is not the case with other laptops. As a part of the promotion, students also get free iPod Touch or iPod Nano on the purchase of an Apple laptop. Other laptop companies don’t offer such attractive offers and this is the reason why the Apple laptop has become the preferred choice of students over the laptop of other companies.

2. Compatibility:

In recent times, Mac has made sure that its content is compatible with Windows, however, windows are impossible to install on Apple computers. As far as other peripherals are concerned, you don’t have the necessity to download specific drivers for Apple computers as most of the scanners, printers, and digital cameras easily work with them. Apple also lets you install Windows OS through its Boot Camp but this is not the case with other laptops.

3. Powerful OS:

Powerful OS is another reason that pursued customers to choose Apple laptops over other laptops. The soul of the Mac is powered by several unique features. It has a unique user interface that is smooth and easy to navigate. Nowadays, most Apple laptops come with iLife suite, iMovie, and iPhoto. They are not only referred to as a media manager but also have the ability to create content.

4. Industrial Design:

One more selling point of Apple’s computer is its industrial design and each of the machines comes with a smooth and elegant design. They look more professional when compared with other laptops. In fact, the versatile design of Apple computers makes them suitable for both home and office purposes.

Apple computers have got high-end looks and they give an extraordinary feel to the user which is difficult to experience with other laptops for sure. Apple laptops are also recognized for their outstanding build quality, standard components, and high-end support thereby making them one of the premium electronic products available in the technology world.

5. Virus issues:

When we talk about malware, spyware, and viruses, Apple laptop users definitely feel safer than Windows laptop users. Though Apple machines are not completely free from these kinds of problems, they have lesser chances of facing any of such issues on Mac as compared to other laptop users. Apple computers have a history of facing fewer virus attacks as compared to other laptops.

6. Software updates:

Apple computers face lesser problems regarding software updates and they can squash the bugs more easily. Whereas other laptops need to deal with different components in order to do regular software updates. When you start the Mac computer, you will get an amazing collection of highly useful applications including FaceTime, Keynote, Maps, iTunes, and many more. Besides, you will get unlimited access to the App store of Apple which gives you the luxury to download your favorite apps within a few seconds.

7. Outstanding customer support:

Apple computers are blessed with amazing after-sales service and highly dedicated customer support which other companies fail to deliver on their products. For many years, Apple has been leading in the list of technology companies offering the best customer support.

Some of the Apple laptops also come with 3 months of dedicated phone support and a warranty of one year. If you face any issues related to your Apple laptops then you can seek their telephonic support or engage in a chat conversation. You also get the luxury of visiting the nearest Apple store to register your complaint.

Most of the other laptop manufacturers find it quite difficult to resolve the technical queries of customers within a quick time. With apple laptops, customers don’t face any long delays in resolving their queries.

8. Customer satisfaction:

When it comes to customer satisfaction, Apple laptops always have an edge over other laptops. According to the survey, Mac has been always in the top position when it comes to customer satisfaction and other laptop manufacturers are not even close to the kind of user experience that the Apple laptop offers. Customers who purchase Apple laptops have few regrets as compared to other laptop owners which clearly demonstrates the reputation of the Mac.

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Advantages of Other Laptops over Apple Laptop

Advantages of Other Laptops over Apple Laptop

1. Hardware:

When it comes to choosing computer hardware, Apple laptops have a slight disadvantage over other laptops. Users can select from different choices of Windows-based laptops and notebooks of different companies which is not the case with Apple laptop users. You also have a much wider choice of laptop models available for purchase from other manufacturers that offer a diverse range of features.

2. Price:

Apple laptops are considered more expensive than other laptops. Though this comparison doesn’t take into account the technical parameters, you have several economical options when purchasing a laptop from other companies over Apple.

3. Storage capacity:

Most Apple computers come with a limited storage capacity which is not the case with other laptop manufacturers. Low storage capacity means you have to be more cautious while storing your data on Mac computers. In the case of other laptops, you have the luxury to store your bulky media files and work data in the same system.

4. Availability of Limited models:

When you visit the online Apple store you will find only limited options to purchase as Apple offers only Mac laptops. When it comes to browsing through a basket of laptop models offered by other companies, you have the luxury of selecting out of numerous models.

5. Gaming:

When it comes to gaming software, Windows-based laptops always have an upper hand as compared to Mac laptops. You will find the latest video games having a wider release on laptops having Windows-based OS. Most of the recent video games released on Xbox360 and PlayStation 3 are also compatible with Windows. Though few games are only released for Mac, they are usually launched much later than released on PCs.

6. Applications & software:

Most of the small as well as big app manufacturing companies prefer to make their software or application for windows to achieve a bigger reach. There are several gaming applications that are available only in the Windows versions but not for Mac OS. This is an area where Apple laptops find a challenge and they have been trying extremely hard to change the trend in the last few years.

Laptops Vs. Chromebooks

Laptops are ideal for users who want to deal with several high-performing software and applications. While Chromebook is perfect for users who want to track an email, browse social media accounts, stream media files and do web surfing. The choice totally depends upon what you want to achieve with these devices and once you make an informed decision, you can definitely get the best out of them. Here is a comparison between Chromebooks and traditional laptops on the basis of different parameters to find out all the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Laptop Over Chromebook

Advantages of Laptop Over Chromebook

1. Display:

When we talk about the size of the display, Laptops always have an advantage over Chromebooks which come in compact sizes. The biggest size Chromebook is available in 15 inches while laptops are even available in the size of 17 and 19 inches. Screen resolution is another parameter that influences the way images will look on your device. Most mid-range and high-end laptops offer a sharper image viewing experience that Chromebook fails to offer. The Chromebooks of 12-inch sizes will feature lower screen resolution and you need to purchase a higher-end Chromebook to get even close to the clarity and display size offered by laptops.

2. Storage:

You will definitely get what you expect in terms of storage from a laptop. This is not the case with Chromebooks which have huge limitations when it comes to storage capacity. Chromebook is developed in such a way that they mostly depend upon cloud-based storage. The storage capacity of some of the high-end laptops is as high as 2 TB which is more than sufficient to store your media files and important work data.

Most modern Chromebooks even take the help of web sources such as Netflix, Spotify, and Pandora to lower the need for storage on the device. In the near future, Chromebooks will start supporting Android applications which means they will require higher storage to accommodate your favorite apps on the device. Chromebooks require an uninterrupted internet connection in order to keep saving your data in the cloud. In the case of laptops, you have the flexibility to save your important data even if you are working offline.

3. Software support:

Windows laptop is compatible with a wide range of software and third-party applications which is not the case with Chromebook. The laptop can easily run Microsoft office, gaming applications, and several 3D animation software. This allows you to use it for both home and office purposes. Chromebook is heavily dependent upon web apps and Chrome browsers. This puts limitations on running specific software on Chrome OS. Laptops can easily run demanding software and you can open several browser tabs without facing any speed problems. This is not the case with Chromebooks; they are not an ideal choice for running high-performance software or even gaming apps.

4. Battery Life:

Laptops boast a battery life of more than 10 hours and even average laptops have an extended battery life than high-end Chromebooks. Though high graphics-oriented apps and heavy software may drain the battery of any device, in the long run, laptops tend to deliver better battery life than Chromebooks.

5. Optical Drive:

Though DVD/CD drive has started to become a thing of the past, you must aware that you won’t find any optical drive in Chromebook. What it means is that if you are in a business that requires you to get the help of CDs or DVDs then you should opt for a laptop rather than a Chromebook.

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Advantages of Chromebook Over Laptop

Advantages of Chromebook Over Laptop

1. Size & weight:

Chromebooks are compact and light-weighted devices that makes them highly portable device. You can easily carry Chromebooks to the place of your choice and they can right-fit any workplace. On the other hand, laptops become a bit cumbersome because of their big size and additional weight.

2. Price:

Most Chromebooks come with a price tag significantly lower than conventional laptops. They are also available for purchase for a price of as low as $200. High-end models are available at a price within a range of $300-350. This is not the case with laptops; you need to pay more than $400 in order to purchase a laptop even with an average configuration. For budget-conscious users, Chromebook is considered a more lucrative proposition.

3. Security:

Chrome OS comes with built-in malware and virus protection which can be updated to the latest version. So, users don’t need to be extra cautious while using a Chromebook. You are less vulnerable to viruses on Chromebook as compared to a laptop that succumbs very easily to malware attacks and tends to get shut down occasionally.

In the case of a laptop, you need to purchase virus protection software from a third-party provider. This may cost you a few dollars to keep your device running in a safe condition. Chromebooks also allow you to produce supervised accounts in order to keep track of your kids online. All these features let Chromebook become a family-friendly device over a conventional laptop.

4. Processor:

The operating system of the Chromebook is extremely light-touch and you can run it easily with the basic processor. Chromebooks are ready to run only in a few seconds. This is not the case with a laptop. It requires a higher processor thereby increasing the cost of the device significantly. Some of the laptops even demand an advanced processor to run the device smoothly. Using the average processor in laptops may affect their speed and you will face interruptions in work on a frequent basis.

5. Simplicity:

Chromebooks are known for their simplicity and there is hardly anything that can go wrong when you are working on Google Chrome OS. All the features of the Chromebook are easy to understand and you don’t require any technical knowledge to get going. On the other hand, you may face some difficulty while using some of the high-end laptops for the first time. This is exactly where Chromebooks have an edge over traditional laptops on the virtue of their user-friendly nature and simplicity.

6. Performance:

As Chromebooks are compromising a bit overpower and storage, they are excelling over laptops in terms of speed. They boast about fast load time and you can get going with lesser wait time. It is one of the key factors that make them extremely suitable for outdoor work purposes. With the feature of streamlined operation, Chromebooks are preferred over laptops in the educational circle. Most schools have adopted them for learning purposes.

Chromebooks are often used in primary and high school where specialized software or customized tools are not required. They are also popular over laptops in the business world where users want a highly economical, sleek, and streaming-focused device.

Laptops Vs. iPads/Tablets

When it comes to purchasing a portable computer, you are not limited to only laptops. Tablets have also become a feasible alternative. Today, several reputed companies such as Apple have started manufacturing high-end tablets. They come with several key features that you find in laptops. Whether tablets are the preferred choice over laptops; let’s go a step ahead and find it out all the advantages and disadvantages in the following guide:

Advantages of Laptop Over iPad and Tablet

Advantages of Laptop Over iPad and Tablet

1. Performance:

Laptops definitely offer far better performance than tablets as they have a large case that can occupy larger hardware. If you are into multitasking then you will find laptops offering better solutions as compared to tablets. When it comes to doing intensive tasks or running high-performing apps, there is no tablet that can beat the laptops. Talking about hardware, laptops do have superior specifications to tablets.

2. Software:

As far as software is concerned, laptops definitely have a lot of advantages over tablets. Laptops provide an all-in-one desktop experience while tablets are more focused on applications. If you are looking to use high-performing software such as Logic or Photoshop, it requires more than just tapping or touching the screen. In this scenario, you will find a laptop quite handy over tablets.

A similar fact applies when you are doing web browsing as a laptop offers an ideal user experience. Laptops are blessed with a fully-featured OS such as macOS and Windows. It offers outstanding control over the way you manage your internal files. If you are heavily relying on a specific app or program, you need to check its compatibility with the tablet.

3. Gaming experience:

If you are in the habit of playing highly demanding games then you will find laptops more convenient than tablets. The processing power of laptops is unmatched by tablets that allow you to get a superior gaming experience. No matter what type of game you are playing, you will always find laptops offering effortless performance over tablets.

4. Storage:

Without any doubt, you are going to get higher storage with laptops than with tablets or iPad. In the case of laptops, 128 GB of storage is the minimum offering. Most of the models even give you the luxury of using 512 GB of memory space or higher. If you are dealing with multiple files that you always want to keep in your system then laptops are the preferred choice over tablets and iPad. The laptop is a self-contained device that can be used to load data or take backups. On the other hand, tablets demand an additional system or internet connectivity to access cloud storage and upload your data.

5. Connectivity & accessories:

Laptops offer you a variety of connectors and ports that you can utilize. On the other hand, tablets only provide a headphone jack, USB, and a charging port. Laptops come with USB-C and USB 3.0 ports along with an extra aperture for SD cards, headphones, HDMI, and Ethernet. You can easily connect additional hard drives, monitors, mini controllers, and webcams to a laptop which is not the case with iPad & tablets.

6. Keyboard:

If you are in the office or at any other workplace, you need a device that can get your job done efficiently without consuming much time. When you have a lot of documents to type or reports to make, you definitely need a formal keyboard to finish your work within the deadline. This is exactly where laptops have an advantage over tablets. You can achieve optimum speed in typing without doing any errors. This is not the case with tablets; it will take a longer time over laptops to type a similar amount of text.

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Advantages of iPad/Tablet over Laptop

Advantages of iPad/Tablet over Laptop

1. Price:

It is quite simple to compare a tablet with a laptop on the price factor. You can get a high-end tablet at a price of $700-$1000. At this cost, you can only get a mid-range laptop offering an average configuration. Certainly, you will be paying more to purchase a decent laptop than a tablet. There are few budget models available for a tablet that even cost less than the price of a Smartphone. They come with limited functionality but are ideal for doing simple tasks. The advantage is sure with tablets as they are more competitive over laptops when it comes to price.

2. Security:

Tablets are less vulnerable to virus or malware attacks on the virtue of their closed system which makes it extremely difficult to search for a way into your device. On the other hand, laptops require dedicated security software to avoid virus attacks. There is hardly any device that is 100% safe from phishing, fake emails, or virus infections. But tablet and iPad is a safer bet than laptops.

3. Portability:

Tablets and laptops both are considered portable devices. But tablets offer a higher convenience due to their lightweight property. Tablets can easily fit into a magazine-size bag. But laptops can be the only carrier in specially designed padded bags. If you are carrying any device for a whole day then a weight of 1 pound and 4 pounds can make a great difference to your energy. You can even carry a tablet-like picking your wallet or sunglasses and take it from one place to another with total ease.

4. Flexibility:

A tablet is a perfect blend of smartphones and laptops thereby offering you amazing flexibility that you can’t achieve with both of these devices. Though a tablet can’t offer you similar functionality that you get with a laptop, it can play the role of multiple devices by allowing you to get a job done through a single device. Tablets can easily capture outdoor photos, record videos, and even allow you to do video conferencing with your colleagues. You can even have a complete library of books on your tablet which you can read during your leisure time. This kind of multitasking is only possible with tablets even if you are traveling or away from home. It is possible to get your work done through a tablet even if you are sitting in a taxi or flight.

In the case of a laptop, you need to find a flat surface to place it on.  Besides, it needs to be flipped to view the display and access the keyboard functionality. A tablet needs only a few seconds to turn on and get you going. This is not the case with laptops that take a few minutes to get going.

Final Words

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Laptops You Should Know - Conclusion

Every individual has a different style of using technology. Most users choose to compromise with a few features if they get unique functionality in their device.  The days of laptops have definitely not gone. You will still find several parameters where laptops have many strong advantages and fewer disadvantages over desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.

When it comes to computing, laptops offer a high level of flexibility that other devices fail to offer.  Though they don’t have a similar level of portability that tablets or Chromebooks offer but in the long term, they are extremely handy over any other portable device. If you are already using a desktop computer then you can opt for a tablet to add more convenience to your life. However, the laptop is surely a way to go if it is your primary computer.

If you are on a mission of concluding your important work on time, you will need a powerful device like a laptop. Whether it is multitasking or storage, you will not find any replacement for laptops. Tablets or Chromebook can fulfill some of your basic requirements at times. But when it comes to getting things done efficiently, laptops definitely prevail.

The laptop is always the winner!

Though there are a few obvious reasons that will persuade you to favor one device over others, the comparison between laptops and any other technology device can be a tricky one. In today’s highly innovative world, it is hard to rely on a device that can allow you to finish your work in a stipulated time. You need to consider different scenarios and search for an option that will be best suitable for the situation. At times, you may have to think about using a companion device with a laptop that will allow you to complement the functionality of your primary device.

So, the idea clearly lies in the fact of your priorities. Have you found the right functionality in the device you have finalized for your project? Before making any final decision, you need to ensure that all your specific requirements will be fulfilled by the device you are going to choose.

Whether it is a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or Smartphone, each of these devices has its own strengths and weaknesses. So, it is the job of the user to do some research before making opting for a specific device. Other factors such as budget, area of work, time constraints, and age of users are also going to play a crucial role in finalizing your decision.

This article is written by us in association with Eva Vosper. She is a lecturer at the most eminent University in the United Kingdom. She is the most experienced and acknowledged lady in her profession. However, in this DissertationsHub, she illuminates the positive and negative aspects of modern technology for the betterment of the new generation.

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  1. Every individual has a different style of using technology. Most users compromise with few features if they get unique functionality in their devices.

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