14 Best Graphic Design Software for Windows (Free and Paid)

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Any artistic individual realizes that using the proper resources will make their job simpler and faster. Painters, for example, cannot compose a piece of artwork without using paintbrushes, paints, and canvas or paper.

Nowadays many creative thinkers don’t need all of that because they make their masterpieces on computers and laptops. However, they have a more complex task. They need to choose from a plethora of valuable and helpful programs that can reduce their working time on a project to a minimum. But the choice is so vast that it is necessary to first explore all possible options to choose what will turn out to be a truly effective tool. Moreover, they need to find special programs that will be compatible with the computer’s operating system.

As a graphic designer, you can work more efficiently and quickly if you use the best design software. There are numerous solutions available today, but not all of them are efficient and trustworthy.

By the way, there are also numerous online services, such as Retoucher Online, that allow you to remove the background from photographs, add objects, and retouch graphics. That is why, before you can select the correct tools, you must invest a significant amount of time.

In this regard, we decided to make your job simpler by gathering the most powerful and finest graphic design software available. Below you can get acquainted with the tools for working with editing projects, infographic makers, and other applications.

1. Gravit Designer


This application has a plethora of tools and functions for dealing with vector graphics.  The firm also offers an online service for graphic design, although the application is far more powerful. It is ideal for experts since it allows you to develop complicated projects, but the application has a relatively easy interface, so even inexperienced individuals may start using it.

You are not required to pay anything to utilize any of the tools. However, if you want limitless storage space for your projects, as well as the ability to use the application without an Internet connection and examine earlier versions, you will need to pay. You will need to pay around $50 each year to utilize the professional edition of the application.

Try Gravit Designer

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2. Inkscape


This editor has a large number of tools as well as many handy features. When you initially start working, it will be tough to understand how the software works and where all of the tools are placed, but as you get used to the interface, you will be able to appreciate its powerful features.  There are numerous useful features that you won’t discover on other online services. The major benefit is that the application is free for all users.

Try Inkscape


3. Adobe Illustrator


Many professionals are aware of this company’s products since they offer a wide range of important job instruments. This graphic design software has a comprehensive collection of features and functionality for producing and altering complicated graphics and drawings. When you use the application, you have the option of customizing it for yourself and editing many projects at the same time.

If you are just getting started, you may encounter certain issues, and as a result, you will want a training session to learn each function and feature of the application. You can fully appreciate the usefulness if you are an industry veteran.

If you purchase it for dealing with your tasks, you must pay $21 each month.

Try Adobe Illustrator

4. Adobe Photoshop


From the very beginning, the application established itself as a first-rate tool. Design gurus have been using the application for many years and have not found a suitable alternative. Everyone may modify how the tool looks and which features are displayed upfront. Furthermore, you may utilize everything necessary to alter photos, visuals, fonts, and visual effects. Thanks to the sophisticated tools, you can figure out every element of your project here.

When comparing this application to the previous one, you should realize that Photoshop is mostly used for post-processing products, whereas Illustrator is used for developing projects from the beginning. You must pay $21 each month to utilize the service.

Try Adobe Photoshop

5. Lunacy


Lunacy is a powerful free design software with features that rival some of the top-tier premium programs. It’s an intuitive vector graphic design tool with a native app for Windows, macOS, and Linux, making it one of the most versatile options out there. Working with Lunacy is easy; it has all the tools for creating logos, icons, illustrations, presentations, and even videos.

Not only does Lunacy provide more than five thousand components to choose from in its library but also allows you to create your own designs from scratch using various shapes like curves, lines strokes, and nodes. The program also supports SVG import/export so you can import vectors from other software or export your own designs as SVGs for use elsewhere.

For those who need extra help getting started on their projects or want to learn more about design principles in general Lunacy offers a wide array of tutorials available inside the program itself as well as helpful community tips online through their official website forums and social media accounts dedicated solely to this brand of visual designing software. There’s no doubt that if you’re looking for something better than its competitors yet still remain inside budget range then look no further; give Lunacy a try today!

Try Lunacy


6. Adobe InDesign


Professional people occupied in the printing and publishing industries should take note of this application. You can simply make magazine layouts, magazine and book covers, promotional flyers, and more from here.

This application is the most user-friendly of the company’s offerings. Even inexperienced users will be able to grasp the features and tools. If you only require this program for personal reasons, it will cost you $21 each month.

Try Adobe InDesign

7. Vectr


It is readily evident what the application is used for based on its name. Every user can use the application for free. You may work with visuals here, as well as apply numerous effects, reflections, and other utilities that you may require when developing a design project.

It is also excellent for collaboration. Using links, you will be able to network with your colleagues at the same time. If something in the software does not make sense to you, you may visit the program’s official website to obtain beneficial tips and clarifications. The toolset isn’t exceptionally big, but the application is nonetheless efficient and helpful in a variety of circumstances.

Try Vectr

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If you’re just getting started with raster graphics editors and want to try your hand at image processing, this program is a good place to start. Because you won’t have to pay to use it, this application is great for getting to know all of the editor’s capabilities well.

Furthermore, if you are concerned about how much space the application will take up on your computer’s hard disk, this is the ideal option. When compared to other professional programs, the weight of this program is more than 30 times lower. As a result, you may appreciate the fact that the application performs your every activity promptly.

Many functions and instruments for your work may be found here. Many people believe that this application is unsuitable for professional use. Experts, on the other hand, disagree. They have long been convinced that even advanced projects can be created here.



9. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite


This is another simple-to-use graphic design software. Another benefit is the presence of toolkits often utilized by specialists in their industry. This tool is quite prominent, and Windows users can rejoice because it is only accessible for this operating system.

Beginners will struggle to use it, while pros will appreciate the proper functioning. If you wish to try out the application before buying the licensed version, you may do so with the digital trial, which will be accessible for two weeks.

You will be presented with numerous subscription choices if you choose to continue utilizing the sophisticated vector graphics toolkit. A one-year subscription costs around $400, or you may spend $780 for a one-time purchase.

Try CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

10. Corel PaintShop Pro


You may deal with two different sorts of graphics at the same time here. The application presents numerous benefits, such as the ability to change the size of the brush, utilize unique filters not available in other programs, and employ texture filters. The only disadvantage is the difficulty of dealing with layers.

You may try out the app for free for 30 days to see how it works. If the program meets your requirements, you may buy it for $80.

Try PaintShop Pro

11. Creately


If you’re searching for a tool to help you make infographics, this is one of the greatest options. More than 1000 templates, grouped into categories, may be used to construct projects. In this regard, the work process is greatly facilitated. You may not only work independently, but you can also collaborate with your team to synchronize any updates.

For starters, you may take advantage of the free trial period. After the trial period, they will charge you $7 per month to utilize the application.

Try Creately


12. Krita


This option competes well with other applications for creating projects.  Designers, illustrators, visual effects craftsmen, and artists all utilize this application. It is commonly utilized in the development of video games as well as film production.

You may use layers, can adjust symmetry, and can use a variety of brushes. If you appreciate the application, you can also contribute to the folks who have worked tirelessly to make it available.

Try Krita

13. Affinity Designer


This graphic design software, like Corel PaintShop Pro, is intended to deal with two sorts of graphics. Affinity Designer is one of the best and is frequently used by skilled experts. You may use it to make prints, logos for businesses, and user interfaces.

Once you’ve gotten started here, you won’t have any problem working on enormous projects because the application performs your actions fast and effectively. One advantage is that it is less expensive than other design tools. You may buy the application and use it indefinitely for $50.

Try Affinity Designer

14. Xara Designer Pro+


This program has only been available for a year, yet it has already received high acclaim from many specialists. You can find many multipurpose tools for working with raster and vector graphics here.

It is only accessible for the Windows operating system. You may, however, collaborate with your coworkers by using cloud storage. To have access to all of the instruments, you must subscribe and pay $17 each month.

Try Xara Designer Pro+

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Best Graphic Design Software for Windows (Free and Paid) - Conclusion

These graphic design apps and software will become vital tools in your job. Some of them are free to install, while others ask you to pay once a year or regularly. Each of them possesses a unique collection of efficient instruments.

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