Top Most Popular Free Joomla Templates by JoomForest in 2020

If you are using Joomla CMS, then it will be very difficult to choose the best free Joomla template for your website when there are many templates on the market. A lot of Joomla template designers offer free templates as well as premium ones too.

By figuring out what is the type of your website where your new template will be used – that is the main and the best way to choose the perfect Joomla template. For example, a website may be a business page, a web store, or a forum-blog. There are awesome portfolio, business, blog, webshop, magazine or multi-purpose Joomla templates, and as soon as it becomes clear, for example, if a business design template is needed for the website, then the other template types can be excluded from the search, which is making it easy to find the right Joomla template that is most suitable for your site. Of course, it’s very unlikely that a blog template is good for an eCommerce site, but it’s possible that multi-purpose templates can handle any kind of website.

Joomla Templates & It’s Framework:


Joomla templates are that define the structure, look and feel of your site. While choosing a template you should not rush and install the first template you find attractive, because it may not have the necessary function, something that your site will require later. Therefore, as soon as you start looking for specific types of templates, the next thing that should be important is the actual functions of the template. You have to ask yourself: Does the template offer everything you need right now? Or does it have other special features that currently you do not need, but may be useful in the future? Your choice should be for a template that not only meets the needs of now but offers other features that may be useful in the future.

For example, the template has a very simple layout: the header for the menu, the content section and the footer, which is fine for your needs. But as time goes by and your business grows, you might want to have a nice sidebar next to your content, or maybe new beautiful slide-panel. It may become a problem because the template simply may not have the ability to do this. This problem can be solved easily if you will hire a freelancer, which costs money, but why not look for a template that already offers a sidebar in the first place? Good Joomla templates allow you to not use a specific element without destroying the layout.

It is also crucial that the template be convenient for mobile devices and responsive. A modern trendy design will not hurt anyone, and it would be great if the template will be easily customizable. In general, it should be user-friendly for both to you for your website visitors.

When choosing a Joomla template it is important also to choose a good template framework that will help you easily to make modifications on templates. The most popular Joomla frameworks are:

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1) Gantry Framework


Gantry Framework is a powerful platform for creating websites and templates based on Joomla. For both the back end and the front end, it has superior designs that offer a flexible layout. It has a 960 grid-system and comes with 60 module positions. The documentation is very detailed and accurate for all levels of users, whether a user is beginners, intermediate or professional. The platform provides optimum performance, high-speed load, which compresses JS and CSS source files. It provides all the flexibility to work with this amazing framework, includes particle and module injection, a new and powerful menu manager, makes visual editing very simple.

You can extend the Gantry Framework with the easy-to-use YAML syntax. It comes with a visual menu editor that helps you set up the menu hierarchy of your site you are working with. Functions such as an unlimited number of elements per row, an unlimited number of rows per section, a powerful particle system, simple placement of the widget, and resizing of elements with simple sliders allow you to customize the page layout even more.

  • Theme inheritance.
  • Twig based templating.
  • Off-Canvas panel.
  • Ajax admin.
  • Powerful and efficient layout manager.
  • Visual menu editor.
  • Unlimited undo/redo.
  • SCSS/LESS support.
  • Fast and lightweight.
  • Megamenu support.
  • YAML based configuration.
  • Sophisticated built-in fields.

2) Astroid Framework


Astroid Framework is also one of the best template frameworks in the Joomla market. It has great features for developers and web-designers to create fast, responsive, easy-to-use Joomla CMS sites and templates. About features, Astroyd got all the functions as a responsive layout, drag and drop layout builders, bootstrap 4 compatible, visual mega menu builder, SEO optimized, that allows you to make any kind of Joomla website. The Astroid Framework supports the latest Joomla and features such as header section variations make it better extension than its concurrent are. In this framework, the menus can be configured in the same way as with the two built-in heading styles, for example, stacked or horizontal mode.

3) Helix Ultimate


Helix Ultimate is also one of the standing-out Joomla Framework, which is used by lots of Joomla webmasters. It contains powerful features, such as cross-browser support, user-friendly interface, responsive layout for any device, SEO optimized, which should be in a good template framework. It also needs to be mentioned that Helix Ultimate Framework is multilingual, where you can create Joomla pages in any language you want. This is a fully responsive and mobile device supported framework, which has a visual frontend layout builder, as well as an easily accessible options panel. It also provides your website with the ability to rate publications, products or blogs using Ajax ratings.

4) T3 Framework


T3 Framework is a new, modern, and flexible framework that is also in the race for the best in this field. Built on the latest web technologies such as CSS, CSS3, PHP, and HTML5, providing this platform with a solid start for working. In addition to them, the has a 100% responsive layout and is fully SEO optimized, which not only looks good on all devices and web browsers but also works well on all of them. This framework also allows the user to easily customize the selected template without changing the line of source codes. This can be easily done with the help of a powerful admin side panel, which provides full control over a template.

5) JSN Sun Framework


JSN Sun Framework has many built-in options such as a universal mega menu editor, Google fonts, unlimited undo and redo editor operations, SEO optimized, backup and restore functions, RTL-compatible. In addition, additional tools such as a font or icon selector, margin & padding fields can speed up the work on it. One thing is that the user was always worried about how their site would look when the site has content. In general, the users are always worried about how their site would look when the site will have content. With this framework, you can pre-verify that, with just one-click, you can set up demo data and get an exact initial demo on your website.

To summarize, a person who decides to look for a template for his site should determine the type of website they want to have, consider the possibilities offered by the template and if the relative template framework covers all needs.

Best Free Joomla Templates by JoomForest in 2020

Here below we will show you the best free Joomla templates by JoomForest in 2020, which covers any kind of website or business.

JF Simone

JF Simone is a multi-purpose, attractive free Joomla template, ideal for web designers who want to build a high-quality and modern looking website. It comes with a related layout-building feature that helps it easy to customize a template to suit your needs. It has a variety of different demos such as galleries, portfolios, eCommerce, and forum demos. The template has tons of options to offer web-designers whether they are looking for building an astounding online business or eCommerce website. It uses a Gantry 5 framework layout builder making it easy for you to design your dream website without any coding. With the mega-menu feature, full of documentation resources, this template is the best option for website owners!

JF Connecto

JF Connecto - JoomForest Free Joomla Templates

JF Connecto is one of the extremely flexible free Joomla templates on the market that offers tons of options for site owners. There are endless layout variants for everything from blog posts to product pages, advanced visual features and a wide range of website widget elements. It is also very compatible with extensions, including social networks and blogging. This template is a great option for creating an elegant, attractive, responsive and sleek looking websites.

JF Corporate

JF Corporate - JoomForest Free Joomla Templates

JF Corporate is an ultra-fast, responsive, attractive, and easy-to-use free Joomla template that makes building your website a breeze. You can quickly edit template options, such as colors, headers, images, element effects and much more to quickly launch the site. There are many different layout variations, and the site is extremely mobile and tablet responsive. This template is the hassle-free option to customize your stylish website.

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JF Business

JF Business - JoomForest Free Joomla Templates

If you want to set up a design blog, business, portfolio or forum website, JF Business is a template to consider. It contains high-quality demos, several blog layouts, and two sliders layouts that you can customize easily. With this template, any coding is not required. So you can create a powerful business website with just a few clicks. Template elegant, high quality, modern free Joomla template with many features focused directly on business and other related services. There are a huge number of features, such as responsive images that automatically scale to the screen size. JF Business is ideal for corporate, designing a stunning, perfect pixel website that will amaze your clients.

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