How Cloud Computing Strengthens Mobile and Big Data

The emergence of cloud computing has brought about numerous changes across the industrial landscape. From tech arenas to the business world, the Cloud has successfully revolutionized innumerable sectors bringing about a dual blend of cost savings as well as a productivity boost. Enterprises of all sizes now have the opportunity to execute critical business operations on the cloud with great convenience. And it’s here that we come across the two other important aspects.

Unraveling the Factors

If you take a close look at the tech market, mobile innovations and Big Data analytics are two other IT streams that have gained traction with the cloud. The rapid and widespread proliferation of mobile devices have led to significant changes in human behavior, thus affecting both the digital and business landscape.

The Rise of Mobility

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With innumerable Smartphones, tablets, and laptops emerging into the market, users have the greatest opportunity to stay connected. These mobile devices have been beneficial in the following ways:

  1. Operations on the go: Whether it’s booking a cab ride or ordering food from your favorite eatery, you can do all of it with your Smartphone. Strong internet connection and an appropriate mobile application are all you need.
  2. BYOD preferences: Present-day enterprises and companies have embraced workforce mobility with open arms. As the result, you will come across the unsurpassed popularity of BYOD or Bring-Your-Own-Device in the business arena. Employees today have the liberty of working from various locations on different devices. And there’s no denying the fact that BYOD plays a pivotal role in enhancing enterprise productivity.
  3. Data Storage: Apart from these aspects, mobile devices have unique data storage properties. Businesses can now store chunks of data in them. With numerous mobile devices in the market, companies are slowly bidding goodbye to physical storage systems.

The Rise of Big Data

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If mobility is one-half of the story, big data is the other significant half. The ever-increasing popularity of data analytics has led to quite a few notable changes in the business world. By analyzing crucial data, companies of all sizes are gaining valuable insights into customer preferences.

Data analytics is helping them identify consumers’ purchase behavior along with the reasons that are driving them to take buying decisions. The two most significant segments of big data analytics include:

  1. Predictive analytics: With the help of processes such as data mining, predictive analytics helps business leaders make meaningful predictions about the future. And it’s big data playing a vital role here.
  2. Social media analytics: In this process, marketers get unstructured data from social media networks and consequently develop it into a structured format. Business owners get knowledgeable about customer preferences and thoughts. How their products are being received on social media platforms, and what are the aspects consumers are discussing about?

On that note, it’s high time to take a look at how the world and its people are going through the metamorphosis.

The Changing World

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While delving deep into the nuances of cloud computing, big data, and mobility, there’s a crucial question you need to ask. Why are these concepts gaining huge mileage now? Data analytics has been around for quite some time, and the advent of mobile devices is also not that new. So, what are the possible reasons leading to these massive changes in the business and tech arena?

The answer is not that tough. It is the rapidly changing world that’s highly contributing to the evolution of cloud across numerous sectors and channels. Users want to create personalized experiences today. They want to live the moment and share it instantly with dear ones.

And that’s not all; they want to talk about events remotely and even discuss them with people who didn’t even attend them.

And Where do we Place the Cloud?

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With mobile devices offering an entryway into the digital arena, social apps encouraging content sharing and distribution, along with big data taking care of data analytics, the Cloud has a significant role to play. Cloud happens to be the cornerstone of information management. Cloud storage solutions ensure perfect data storage solution for the humongous volume, variety, velocity and veracity of Big Data. It also presents tremendous flexibility in accessing, retrieving, and sharing the data. That way, cloud indeed strengthens both mobile and big data.

Final Thoughts

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By integrating every important technology and connecting critical operations, the cloud enables secure storage and instantaneous access to crucial data that is spewed by Big Data and mobility.

Cloud Computing - Mobility - Big Data - Author-Image-Ritesh-PatilThis article is written by Ritesh Patil. He is the co-founder of Mobisoft Infotech that helps startups and enterprises in mobile technology. He loves technology, especially mobile technology. He’s an avid blogger and writes on mobile application. He works in an iPhone app development company.
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