Stolen Content


8 Common Queries with Answers That Briefly Describe Content Plagiarism

You may have heard about the term ‘content plagiarism’ while working on the assignments during your school or university life. Plagiarism doesn’t vanish once you graduate. It doesn’t lose its importance irrespective of the field you are in. Whether you are a researcher or a content marketer, Plagiarism is something you must always stay away from. What’s the big deal with Content Plagiarism? Image source: Well, Plagiarism is nothing but theft. When you use someone else’s content without attributing to the original source, it is Plagiarism. Do you remember what your professors did when they figured out that you …

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Tools & Tips to Deal with your Stolen Content (Plagiarism)

The internet space is ruled by content, and hence the quote “Content is King”. It typically attracts a large number of people, which in turn establishes and popularises brands, increases visibility, engagement, and organic and social leads. That is the power of written words. No wonder then many unscrupulous entities rob high ranking and lucrative content for their own benefits. This form of thievery is also called “Plagiarism” where text-based information, graphics, infographics, and ideas are simply copied and passed off as one’s own. Content-theft has turned into an epidemic. You need to make sure you protect your rights, rank, …

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