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Know the 6 Crucial Tips to Get a Responsive Website Design

A website plays an essential role in a business where the brand exposure is the very first thing which you can expect with ease. From the consideration of a good development company to optimize the content on your website, everything is vital. However, even with the consideration of all factors, some businesses are not able to go well. Well, this post will help you obtain some of the easy to follow tips for responsive web design and making your website rank better. 1. Learning from Visitors Analytics There is no doubt in the fact that you have hundreds or thousands …

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25 Websites That Look Amazing on Your Smartphone

The information has been classified as probably the most essential asset that one can have. In the past, one had to get information from reading books. However, with the onset of technological advancements such as the internet, one can easily access any information from all over the world by just the click of a button. Websites are easily accessed by the use of computers or smartphones. Websites always have different layouts when viewed on either the laptop or on the phone. Some sites look very good and are well arranged when it comes to the desktop view, but in the …

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What is Mobile-First Indexing and How Does it Affect SEO?

Mobile-first indexing is a term you’ve probably come across recently if you’ve been staying on top of changes to the SEO landscape. Of course, that doesn’t guarantee that you know what it means—or how it can affect your work. Fortunately, it’s a fairly easy concept to grasp. However, it is still extremely important that you learn the details of mobile-first indexing and implement any changes it requires of you as quickly as you can. Doing so could save you a lot of difficulties and make your business much more competitive over the next few years. Indexing 101: What it Is …

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For Universal Reach of Your Business, Design Your Site Right

This is the time of internet and internet has pervaded the world’s combined conscience like it is never done in human history before. There is not a single day which goes by without the majority of us get in touch with the online world.  We are constantly and increasingly flooding the information with every passing day. The significance of the internet for modern societies is unprecedented, but have you ever wonder how does information get online? The answer to this question is by the website design. The website has all the things, information, services one can expect and website design …

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From Search to PWA – The Ultimate Mobile Experience

Mobile internet usage is on the up and as we all turn to our mobiles to buy the latest products, do our weekly shop and search for a company providing a service we need, developers up and down the land are doing their utmost to ensure a smooth, efficient and fast mobile experience. Users don’t want to wait around for a slow loading website, and will immediately be put off by a website that doesn’t work effectively on their mobile device. From ‘search to site’, the user is looking for a seamless experience throughout. Out goes responsive, in comes the …

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Google Web Designer Tool

Design Interactive and Responsive ads with Google’s Web Designer Tool

Google is a tech giant that is known to develop products or software which have created a tremendous impact on the entire World. About a year back it launched an amazing tool called Google Web Designer. With the help of this advanced web application, you will be able to create engaging and stunning HTML content. Google web designer tool has some interesting ad-oriented and animation features that will make the entire process of building innovative and interactive ads an easy one. A few of the features will offer you double-click integrations and deeper AdWords. You will also get an integration …

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How to Make an eCommerce Website Responsive in Nature

This is an era of online shopping. With new mechanisms and technology, physical shopping is getting replaced by online shopping at a rapid rate. The fact that online shopping allows the customers to get access to different products from the comfort of their homes has made this concept so popular. Besides, with timely delivery and attractive discounts, online shopping has become the need of the hour. And as a result, the idea of eCommerce has come a long way in the last couple of years. If you are an owner of an eCommerce site, then you must introduce new methods …

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Power your Mobile Website with WordPress

These days, websites definitely need to be responsive and mobile-friendly, no matter what they may be about or what they contain. With the sheer number of mobile users out there these days, ignoring them would be hamstringing your website quite a bit, especially if a big chunk of your target audience happens are frequent mobile users. WordPress is known to be a very robust content management system (CMS) that has a balance between functionality and ease-of-use. Perhaps it’s no surprise then that WordPress is widely used for mobile-friendly websites all over the Internet, and you too can harness its power. Best …

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PE Cleaning Company WordPress Theme

PE Cleaning Company WordPress Theme – Feature Review

Are you thinking about making a website for your services company? There’s a huge potential in the services category, whether you want to work in people’s homes or on a commercial level. Starting a cleaning business website is like starting this business once more – you’ll need to plan everything from a scratch and prepare a good marketing strategy to be successful. We will show you why the best choice is to create an effective and impressive site using PE Cleaning Company WordPress theme. When considering creating a company website, it’s important to make a research what you want. Perhaps …

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RSMonials FAQ – (Responsive / Mobile-Friendly Scroller Module)

Extension Name: RS-Monials Scroller Module | From: Oliver Leonard Oliver Leonard: Hello, I am using the “RSMonials Scroller” module and wanted to use a percentage for the width so it would be responsive in the template. Is this possible to do? Thanks for your help. Support Team: Thank you for your email. It is possible to make the RSMonials Scroller module responsive by adding some custom css code on your template’s css file. Here we are sending you the sample css code. You just need to adjust the “WIDTH” & “HEIGHT” on the css code as per your template’s requirement. Please …

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