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Social Media is Why Your Digital Marketing Efforts are Failing

When you are trying to rally up your companies marketing efforts, it is easy to see what other companies are doing and try to copy what you see them implementing. It’s easy to look over the shoulder of a competitor and see what they are up to, hoping to catch a glimpse at a suggestion that you should replicate. But when you do not fully understand what it is that they are doing, it is easy to waste a ton … Continue Reading…


Top 5 Mobile Marketing Automation Tools for your Marketing Strategies

A mobile application is your golden ticket to reaching a vast audience. Nowadays, smartphones have gone beyond just being useful tools for communication. They are a valuable source of information and entertainment for their users. So, opening a marketing tap here will generate you an impressive new wave of prospective clients. However, before applying your mobile marketing strategies, you should accessorize them with some intuitive marketing automation features. These will help you collect insights about your mobile users and automate … Continue Reading…


Evaluating A Marketing Automation Solution for your Business

The vastness of the internet has created a separate world and a space full of business marketing opportunities. As more and more digital channels continue to flood the marketplace, the need for a comprehensive approach to omnichannel selling becomes a must for any small business, entity or enterprise. In 2016 it has been heralded the year for marketing automation. The reasons for marketing automation adoption include the following:Companies that invest in marketing automation will benefit on great return on investment (ROI). … Continue Reading…

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