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Lead Generation for Small Business Owners During Coronavirus Outbreak

As of now, significant changes are occurring in the world, one of which is the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s no secret that it will leave some long-term impacts on the global economy and businesses. During this time of uncertainty, it’s a struggle to stay calm and focused. However, we must remember that we will come out of this test, stronger and wiser than ever. It’s crucial to remain vigilant and driven so that businesses cannot just survive but thrive in non-favorable conditions. A few modifications and tweaks in your business strategy can go a long way as long as you’re ready …

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How to Turn a Small Business into a Big Business?

Learning how to grow your business? It should be a goal for any entrepreneur. Making your business grow, requires a lot of hard work and many hours spent outside your working hours. What benefits can you bring? Your economic well-being and your business brand will increase significantly. However, growing a small business isn’t easy. You’re going to face many challenges if you are looking to get rid of the 9-5 daily schedule. The success of your business depends on how much effort you are going to put, using different procedures. Every characteristic of your business requires a lot of attention. …

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Key Factors to Add to Your Website Design to Generate More Leads

Nowadays, businesses must promote their products and services online so they can reach customers. Most consumers rely heavily on the Internet, especially Google, to find solutions for their everyday needs. That’s why, as an entrepreneur, you must optimize your website so you can get the attention of your target audience. A poorly-designed site can put off potential customers. It can lead them to abandon your business for another that looks more credible and reliable. To ensure your website aids in boosting your sales, here are the key factors you should add to your design to generate more leads: 1. Responsive …

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Design Trends You Should Follow to Increase Conversion & Gain More Leads

So, you’ve taken a leap and finally created your own website. You’ve uploaded a bunch of material and written blogs to attract potential customers but you still feel like your conversion rates are not where they should be in order to build your brand further. If that is indeed the case, then you should look into some tried and tested trends in web design that will help you gain more leads. Many top websites in the world employ such trends in their own designs, and it’s time for you to start doing so too. Ditch Designing for Various Devices There …

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Optimize SEO for Greater Organic Lead Generation and Conversion

Just imagine, you are cozy and comfortable on your sofa with your favorite movie playing in front of you and also delicious delicacies along with it. But suddenly, someone causes a hindrance in your ongoing mood just because they wanted to promote their business at that time. Your reaction was just natural. So, by ignoring all these things, why we don’t do this in the right way with the SEO? Just think for a second, how it feels when someone comes to your way implicitly? This is what, we are going to discuss in today’s article. The main focus of …

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6 Reasons to Integrate Your Website Contact Form With CRM

You may have established your startup after the initial struggle of curating the customer journey. You might be starting out fresh with your startup. Or, the idea to have your own startup has not transformed into a business plan. You are an entrepreneur, who requires the help of a smart sales and contact management solution. And for you, CRM is the best sales management tool. I won’t be pressing on the need of having a CRM in this article simply because, in this fast-paced and competitive market, you cannot cope with various business pressures if you are doing the tasks …

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Video Marketing Generating Leads

How Does Video Marketing Help in Generating Leads?

Video marketing is becoming an indispensable part in B2B lead generation according to a survey in 2017. Web page Call-To-Actions (CTA), videos and live product demonstrations were most cited as the types of content producing a high volume of quality leads as per this survey. The grail of any marketing operation, in the long run, is to generate more leads and drive new sales. A video is far more engaging than a 700+ words document. I know many of you might be using video as a part of your marketing toolkit. But are you using to its fullest potential? Since …

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5 Effective Tips & Tricks for Homepage Lead Generation!

Generally speaking, the homepage is seen as the portal through which you attract website traffic and funnel readers through other pages. However, successful companies find that homepages are also good for directly generating leads. Is your homepage optimized in a manner that allows it to produce leads? 5 Ways to Optimize Your Homepage Lead Generation Your homepage should be more than a placeholder or facilitator. In other words, it should do more than just drive visitors to product pages, blog posts, and opt-in forms. In order to be truly effective, it needs to generate leads. Here are some specific suggestions: …

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7 Cost-Free Lead Generation Techniques for Startups

Every business requires fresh leads. Even business owners who are confident that they can do well without attracting new leads need fresh leads. Counting on an existing client database is unwise unless you are a well-established company. If you are not yet well-established, but eager to ensure your business’ sustainability and reach higher heights, in the long run, you need to get serious about lead generation. If you are the owner of a startup business, you may not have a large enough budget for doing all of the necessary search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing, analytics, or even social media marketing, …

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Does Your Web D and D Get an A for Lead Generation? (Infographic)

Web design and development have an extraordinary role in an effective online lead generation. Many companies go astray by failing to appreciate the interconnectivity, taking (or not taking) design and development decisions without taking into account the impact on their lead pipeline. The Lead Generation Ecosystem infographic was created by Straight North, an SEO agency in Chicago to help online marketers, designers and developers see the whole picture. Two aspects of the infographic designers and developers should take special note of: 1) UX & CRO: Regardless of their source, all inquiries tracked through Internet marketing campaigns flow through the company …

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