8 Technologies That are Shaking Up the Transport Industry

Today we’re more connected than ever. The rapid advance of globalization has completely changed the world economy, creating increasingly interconnected trade networks and fueling the production of new services and goods. Pretty much like in many other industries, globalization has also laid its hand on transport and logistic sectors, leading to an increase in international trade with lucrative prospects for businesses to capitalize on. As logistics and transport companies enjoy the dividends of a fruitful marketplace, it’s essential to note that globalization’s effect would not be possible at such a scale without the investment and innovation of these businesses, whose …

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The Top Tech Gadgets You Can Buy Right Now in 2019

Selfie stick and waterproof case seem to be all, but traveling needs more than just them. Among the issues, which are much more severe than the point of a beautiful selfie usually, are how not to lose luggage in the hustle of the airport? What to stay connected on vacation? But what if you are used to drinking good coffee in the morning, and on the beach, you cannot find it for love or money? For all occasions, there are different tech gadgets. They will help you to monitor your luggage and make coffee anywhere in the world (even uninhabited) and …

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Locate Your Child – GPS Devices to Track Your Child with Ease

In the digital age, information is available at our disposal in various forms and from a range of different mediums. For a parent, the most important information of all is the knowledge that their children are safe at any given point in time. Thankfully, advances in technology have made this task far easier than ever before. For instance, many children nowadays have their very own smartphones which parents often use to check up on them. Aside from phones, however, several GPS devices can be used to track a child and ensure their safety even when you do not have eyes on …

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GPS Tracker: A Nightmare or A Savior?

The GPS tracker or Global Positioning System connects the two entities that are miles away. Is it really a nightmare or a ray of hope? Well! It all relies on the usage. If this real-time digital concept is in the right hands, then it can transform the phase of the entire world. On the flip side, it can come up with the disastrous outcomes, if it is used adversely. But, the favorable part is that the pros surpass the cons. Satisfaction! Safety! Straight-up Story! These 3 Ss are straightforwardly congruent to the GPS trackers. How? Simply, a locator will get the appropriate …

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Technology – GPS and Smart Collars to Keep your Pets Safe

There are all kinds of devices out there when it comes to improving your pet’s health. In this day of cutting edge technology, people are turning to wearables and smart devices to:So why not invest in the right kind of technology for your pet as well? By enrolling your furry friend in pet insurance, you can invest in some great financial plans, and you can invest in technology too. Why invest in tech? The unfortunate reality is that pets can go missing at any time. This could either be because the pet has run away or because of someone ‘kidnapping’ …

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Digital Data Technology Cloud Computing

The Revolutionary Applications of Digital Data Technology in Logistics

Ever since humans started to trade, goods have had to be moved from one place to another. In the modern world, this is still the case but the process has become ever more complex and demanding. Logistics is the planning, implementation, and management of moving goods from the point of origin to the point of consumption and it requires a great deal of precision and timing. Clients and consumers expect to receive orders within a given timeframe and logistics service providers must optimize the process in order to maximize efficiency and cut costs. The ‘Real-Time’ Revolution Global logistics providers live …

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Smartphone Tablet

8 Clever Ways to Make Use of Your Old Cell Phone

Our instructor asked us rather an unusual question during Management Information System class one time, “How often do you change your mobile phone?” He conducted a survey and it was found that about 60% of students garner a habit of changing their cell phones every year; 30% favored to use it until the second year while a few belonging to the minority of the result chose to stick with their “old” phone. This statistics really awed me, you know? I went home and did a little research of my own, only to find that 54% of American smartphone users upgrade …

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anti theft

Why Can’t Google Help Android Mobile Owners To Find Their Lost Ones!

I am starting this article by giving some facts of Google: Yeah, the last one is quite strange for anyone who is possessive about Google and its unabated enthusiasm to bring out or take over new innovations, more often than not. It is true that Google did pay some attention towards this topic but the solution, like their other apps that are being offered now, is not reaching to one and all. This tool is limited to enterprises and the paid customers that use commercial Google Apps. Millions of others smart phone users who are hooked onto many of Google’s …

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gps satellite

Road Way Mapping System

For the movement of commuters within the city or cities nearby roads is the best mode. People find very convenient and easy to move within the city or intercity via road. They can use their own car or vehicle or use other modes of transport for the movement. Tourists who travel from other parts of the country or from the world also find it easy to use the same mode of movement within the city or intercity While moving within the city or another city people face difficulty in searching any part of the particular and they ask other local …

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