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9 Effective Ways to Protect Your ECommerce Website from Hackers

Consider your security the top priority to protect your customers valuable information. There is always an eye of an identified thief on your Confidential information like social security numbers, credit card numbers and much more. Once leaked can harm you a lot. This online nuisance has many names, shapes and websites have become their soft spot. Poaching your important data is the interest of these cyber criminals. Customers are switching to traditional channels to the internet for shopping which offers … Continue Reading…

Encryption and the Need for Key Management

Encryption and the Need for Key Management

For a number of decades, financial and government sectors used encryption to secure data and sensitive information. Business institutions and companies in less security minded areas have stayed away from encryption due to lack of understanding, implementation issues and reluctance to invest in technology. Over time, hardware acceleration has led to newer devices and processors incorporating built-in technology thus enhancing encryption and improving performance in document protection. Furthermore, to empower encryption at wire speeds, there was a need to evolve … Continue Reading…

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